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Búsqueda de socios para trefilado de cables superconductores de la próxima generación a temperaturas elevadas


Demanda Tecnológica
Una pyme suiza especializada en desarrollo industrial de cables superconductores de la próxima generación busca un socio para llevar a cabo el proceso de trefilado de cables a temperaturas elevadas. Las principales aplicaciones se encuentran en el campo de dispositivos médicos de imágenes por resonancia magnética (IRM) y resonancia magnética nuclear (RMN), así como en biotecnología, química y ciencia de materiales. La empresa busca socios industriales con el fin de establecer acuerdos de joint venture, licencia exclusiva, cooperación técnica y fabricación para continuar con el desarrollo del proceso de trefilado.


Partners sought for next generation superconducting wires drawing at elevated temperatures
A Swiss SME involved in the industrial development of the next generation superconducting wires seeks a partnership enabling industrial wire drawing at elevated temperatures. Medical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) devices for life sciences are the most important applications. A joint venture agreement under an exclusive license, including technical cooperation and manufacturing to further develop the drawing process are sought.
A Swiss SME is looking for a technical collaboration for the development of Ternary Molybdenum Chalcogenide (TMC) superconducting wires to generate magnetic fields up to the 40/50 Tesla range, which is more than twice in comparison to conventional superconductors.

After about 15 years of R-Y-D, TMC superconducting wires are now considered to be ready for industrial development. Furthermore, they are economically competitive already at magnetic fields above 10 Tesla.

The most important application of superconducting magnets is medical Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy for life sciences (e.g. proteomics and drug development), as well as biotechnology, chemistry and materials science.

The Swiss company developed a new manufacturing process of TMC wires and is looking for industrial partners for finalizing the wire process as followed:
- Modeling of extrusion and wire drawing at elevated temperatures and its validation.
- Development of extrusion and wire drawing manufacturing at elevated temperatures and on industrial scale.

The Swiss company is looking for an industrial partner with appropriate manufacturing infrastructure for wire drawing at elevated temperatures. Under an exclusive license from the Swiss SME, this partner will conduct the final development of the extrusion and wire drawing process and produce a superconducting TMC wire with typically 1 to 2 mm of diameter and in lengths above 1 km, which can be commercialized. If possible, the wire drawing process at high temperatures should be modeled before practical work starts.

TMC technology
A TMC wire consists of a stainless steel matrix (AISI 316L) and several TMC filaments surrounded by a molybdenum diffusion barrier. Individual TMC filaments are manufactured within a first process step for a monofilamentary TMC wire (extrusion and wire drawing, figure2).

During an earlier R-Y-D program, wire drawing with a stainless steel- molybdenum-TMC composite was successfully carried out. Lengths of up to 1 km were achieved. However damage of the TMC was observed below about 500°C deformation temperature.
The Swiss SME will carry out the manufacturing of TMC bulk material with 100% mass density. It also brings its know-how. Molybdenum (powder and tubes) for the TMC superconducting wire project will be provided by an existing partner.

The Swiss SME has already contact with most of the potential clients and can take over commercialization. However, other scenarios are possible.

Ideally, a joint venture under exclusive license is sought for the final development and production of the superconducting TMC. Other possibilities - technical cooperation and manufacturing agreement to further develop and model the drawing process - for collaboration are also welcome and considered interesting.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The cooperative partner must have the required infrastructure for wire drawing at elevated temperatures or must be willing to adapt its machinery to the needs:

- Starting dimensions of the TMC wire after extrusion: OD = 20 to 40 mm, depending what is possible with the extrusion process, total length up to 6 m.
- Preheating of the TMC wire up to the 1000°C range, presumably under a protective atmosphere, or gas heating under a reducing atmosphere. Temperature control according specification from modeling.
- Preheating of the drawing dies according specifications from modeling.
- Drawing force: not specified.
- At higher diameters, the TMC wire must be drawn on a straight drawing bench. For the production of a mono-filamentary TMC wire the final OD = 22 mm with a hexagonal cross section (key width 19 mm) and a length of about 25 m.
- At smaller diameters, the TMC wire may be bent but specification is not yet available.
- Typical end diameters are in the range between 1 to 2 mm, yield above 1 km (for OD 2 mm).
- During the total drawing process quality must be controlled by appropriate means, e.g. eddy current methods or others.

During the development phase, the manufacturing of three mono-filamentary and multi-filamentary TMC wires are scheduled per year.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The specific area of activity of the partner:

Wire manufacturer with drawing equipment enabling the deformation process at elevated temperatures up to the 1000°C range or ready for upgrading the existing installations.

The tasks to be performed by the partner sought:

- Development of the wire drawing process of a mono-filamentary and multi-filamentary TMC superconducting wire at elevated temperatures. (joint venture under under exclusive license, manufacturing agreement)
- If possible: modeling of the wire drawing process of a TMC superconductor at elevated temperature and validation by experimental means, e.g. stress/strain vs. temperature.(technical cooperation agreement)


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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