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Búsqueda de un socio para desarrollar un sistema ciber-físico (CPS) integrado y participar en un clúster Eureka


Demanda Tecnológica
Una pyme coreana especializada en fábricas inteligentes y TI industrial está interesada en desarrollar una tecnología de IIiT (Internet Industrial de las Cosas) para recoger datos que integre un sistema CPS (sistema ciber-físico) combinado con servidor. La empresa busca un socio que disponga de tecnologías avanzadas en aprendizaje profundo, inteligencia artificial (AI) y control de procesos. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de investigación o comercialización con asistencia técnica o presentar una propuesta al programa SMART en un clúster Eureka, con fecha límite el 8 de junio de 2017.


[A partner for EUREKA Cluster urgently sought] Development of light integrated CPS (Cyber Physical Systems) for small and medium manufacturer
A Korean SME specialized in smart factory and Industrial IT would like to develop IIOT (the Industrial Internet of Things) for collecting data and integrated CPS combined with server. The company is looking for a partner with advanced technologies in deep learning, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and process control. The company hopes to apply for a EUREKA Cluster program called SMART due by 08, June, 2017. Possible partnership is research and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Korean SME was established in 2010 and has strong strength in large-scale plant control such as combined heat and power plant, various industrial complex and Korean shipyard. Recently, the company has developed IIOT server using OPC UA, which is the international industry standard, for the first time in Korea and delivered it to second largest security company in Korea. Up to now, it has been operated on around 60 large sites such as universities. It is not only the manufacturing using OPC UA but also it is available in many places where the 4th industrial revolution is taking place.

In general manufacturing environment of the manufacturing industry, there is a software connection for supporting and interlocking equipment, but it has a not-flexible structure that is hard to change in the initial physical configuration. Also, this software cannot produce mass customization of many kinds of current and future consumption trends and is difficult to achieve intelligent manufacturing.
The existing solutions as CPS are considerably expensive and take long time to implement, so these solutions are applied to large-scare manufacturing facilities and sites. There are limitations to apply it to small and medium-sized manufacturing facilities.

CPS that the company has been developing to solve this problem needs data collection from all systems, devices, sensors where data is generated vertically and horizontally, both inside and outside the plant. To collect all data using OPC UA, standardized protocols and frameworks are required. And the control-based process diversification by the integrated CPS, the small and medium sized manufacturing site can cope with rapid market change with low cost.
In addition, OPC UA node modelling and CPS modelling will be developed by GUI (Graphical User Interface) modelling tool that can be configured at one time and then, users can use it easy. Some process simulation is possible based on the data collected through the IIOT server.

The goal is to develop a CPS Analyzer with built-in analysis algorithms and intelligence for AI (Artificial Intelligence) analysis and big data analysis. Due to the nature of OPC UA, it has flexible extensibility and also provides UVD (Unified Video Decoder) owned 3D engine-based dashboards for convenient operation.
The concept of CPS has not yet been established and many ideas are realizing through technologies. The company want to collaborate with partner making visible effects with its own technologies on the 4th industry revolution without any technical limitations. There is no regional restriction on the partner, and the R-Y-D project is available in any form. The company hopes the R-Y-D period for time to market is within three years including commercialization. The commercialization is essential since the company is expecting to enter a European market with the newly developed technology by collaborating with the partner company. The project should be submitted by 08, June, 2017. Therefore, deadline of the EOIs (expressions of interest) for this profile will be at May, 2017.

In case of working R-Y-D project together, the company will be in charge of expanding vertical-integrate, and partner is performing in research and development for many type of service according to horizontal expand and tis capability.
The company is expecting to finalize the R-Y-D proposal with the overseas partner after they are done with opinion exchange via online as well as an on-site meeting at EUREKA Day held in Barcelona from 14 to 19, May.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
* Sought Technology
- The company needs analysis technology for AI and big data. Then, this CPS has to be built-in analysis algorithms and intelligence
- The company hopes to provide light-weighted CPS in low price
* The company is looking for a partner who has advanced technology in AI or deep Learning that CPS must have.
* It would be better if the company possesses a technology that is required by the manufacturing industry.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Type of partner sought: Types do not matter. Company, university or institute who would like to collaborate with this Korean company
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Industrial IT field or 4th industrial revolution relevant fields. Also partner specializing in AI or deep learning filed is welcomed.
- Task to be performed: Hope to apply for an R-Y-D project for EUREKA Cluster, Advanced Manufacturing call for projects[SMART]. Under R-Y-D and commercial cooperation, the company would like to develop light integrated CPS including commercialization.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: