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Desalinización de alimentos líquidos mediante electrodiálisis o tecnología similar


Demanda Tecnológica
Una empresa suiza especializada en la producción de proteínas vegetales hidrolizadas y aromas busca una tecnología de desalinización de alimentos líquidos mediante electrodiálisis o un proceso comparable. El objetivo es reducir el contenido de NaCl de alimentos líquidos desde un 20% hasta un valor mínimo absoluto. El alimento será sometido a un proceso de secado en un siguiente paso. La empresa está interesada en establecer un acuerdo de cooperación técnica (y fabricación posterior) para evaluar los parámetros y fabricar las primeras muestras a pequeña escala. El socio buscado debe estar familiarizado con los más altos estándares higiénicos en la producción.


Desalination of liquid foodstuff by means of electrodialysis or similar technology.
A Swiss company, specialized in the production of hydrolysed vegetable protein (HVP) and process flavours, is looking for a technology to desalinate liquid foodstuff using electrodialysis or a comparable process. The product needs subsequent drying.
The company envisages a technical cooperation agreement ( later a manufacturing agreement) to evaluate the parameters and to produce first small scale samples. The approach to the technology must be tested and approved valid but not perfected.
An independent and family owned Swiss company, with a very long experience in the manufacturing of hydrolysed vegetable proteins (HVP) and process flavours, is located in Switzerland and is exporting a substantial percentage of its produce to various markets; mainly to Europe and Asia. The production volume of HVP is more than 1000 t per year.
HVP is produced by means of acid hydrolysation. This process automatically generates a product with a high level of NaCl. The reduced intake of sodium, however, has become a quest that matters to the whole food stuff producing industry. Hence, ways to reduce the NaCl content of the product are sought.
A turnover of NaCl-reduced HVP of several dozen to a hundred tonnes per year can be expected for the next few years; with an increasing tendency.
The company is looking for a plant or equipment that is capable of reducing the NaCl content of liquid foodstuff frotm roughly 20 % to an absolute minimum.
Based on initial research it is feasible to reduce the sodium chloride content by means of membrane technology, electrodialysis in particular, to a residual level of 3 to 4 %.
Partners with experience in desalination of liquid foodstuff are sought, for technical development cooperation and later for manufacturing cooperation. These partners would ideally already have experience with products such as e.g. de-ashed milk and whey or apple-juice, respectively. Due to the reduction of NaCl, which usually acts as a natural preservative, the product must be handled in a facility that is familiar with high hygienic standards.
In a first step the feasibility needs to be evaluated by means of trials. These could be made on lab scale size machines or on a pilot plant. An important aspect of this first evaluation is also the microbiological stability of the desalinated product. This development shall be made in cooperation.
The subsequent production of small quantity batches shall help to get feedback from customers and the market in general. In the medium turn we are looking for a partner for co-manufacturing.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Needed technical requirements of the partner company or institute:
· Lab scale equipment or a small pilot plant to desalinate liquid foodstuff.
· Experience and expertise in the field of desalination by means of membrane separation technologies.
· Experienced to work in a hygienic environment.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The specific area of activity of the partner:
Partner company or institute active in the desalination of liquid foodstuff. Ideally already experienced with products such as e.g. de-ashed milk and whey or apple-juice, respectively. Partners should be familiar with high hygienic production standards.

The tasks to be performed by the partner sought:
Desalination of liquid foodstuff using membrane separation technologies in a lab scale or a small pilot plant equipment.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry >500 MNE
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: