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Dosificación intuitiva y controlada de líquidos


Demanda Tecnológica
Una multinacional belga del sector de bienes de consumo busca un sistema de dosificación de líquidos intuitiva y controlada con tamaños comparables a los de un tapón normal y que pueda integrarse en el lenguaje de diseño del paquete de la empresa. El sistema debe ser flexible o ajustable para dosificar diferentes volúmenes y preciso para evitar dosificar cantidades excesivas. Se buscan socios industriales con el fin de suministrar la tecnología y establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica o licencia.


Intuitive and controlled dosing of liquids
A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods looks for intuitive and controlled dosing of liquids which should have comparable sizes against a normal cap and can be integrated in the company´s pack design language. Industrial partners able to provide this kind of dosing solutions are sought for technical cooperation or licence agreement with the large account.
A Belgian multinational based in Brussels and active in consumer goods wishes to increase customers experience by offering them superior products which provide:
- a first impression of delight on the shelf or point of purchase and
- at the second impression when using the liquid product.

This company has 1 ½ century of history in the fast moving consumer goods markets and owns several brands known at global level.

Currently there are many dosing systems in the market, including pumps, trigger sprays, measuring caps, dosing devices etc. There is no single solution that fits for all. The company is looking for different solutions that meet consumer and business needs.

Extensive research has taught the company that the following elements are delighting the consumer:

1. The consumer feels fully in control when using / dosing the product.
- Surprisingly obvious, the system is intuitive to dose the correct amount for the job to be done
- Mess free and easy to handle
- Flexible or adjustable to dose different volumes for varying jobs
- Accurate and in control to avoid overdosing

2. No waste, use the product till the last drop
- No product is left in the package
- Easy to empty
- Minimal packaging waste (no overdesign)

Thanks to the necessary analysis carried out on potential solutions, this company is already aware of the following, concerning different solutions for different amounts of dosing:

- Solutions 1 - Large dosage systems: Consumers want to be aided on their dosage task while maintaining freedom to adjust the dose based on the job to be done. The company is looking for dosing systems for volumes in the range of 20-200ml.

- Solution 2 - Targeted dosing for direct application: Consumers want to use the product directly on the item to be cleaned (a surface, a sponge, a garment, in the hand or on the hair). The company is looking for dosing systems that enable a controlled application and or easy spreading of their products on the target items or surfaces, with 2-20ml dosage.

The pdf file related to this TR provides the range of typical dosages and viscosities for the company´s products.

The company is then looking for collaboration with industrial partners able to provide these kinds of dosing solutions. The purpose would be setting up a long lasting cooperation (technical or licencing) allowing the large account to comply with its internal strategy and for the potential partner interact in a systematic way with the large account so as to have immediate access to forthcoming similar requests
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The proposed systems should have comparable sizes against a normal cap and can be integrated in the company´s pack design language; ideally systems should be ownable or exclusive to the company´s fields of interest.

The proposed solutions have to take into account the following constraints:
· Hazardous or regulation banned material (e.g. PVC) are not in company´s consideration
· Must comply with Toxics in Packaging regulations

As for the intellectual property position, the following has to be taken into account by the player proposing the potential solution:

· Ownership or exclusivity in fields of interest, but at a minimum, must have freedom to practice globally for the intended application.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of Partner sought: SMEs or industry

Area of expertise : dosing systems

Role of Partner Sought: collaborate with the large account and provide the technical solution sought


Type and Size of Client:
Industry >500 MNE
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: