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Empresa china de ingeniería y protección ambiental busca expertos alemanes en calderas de carbón pulverizado


Demanda Tecnológica
Una empresa china de ingeniería y protección ambiental está especializada en investigación, desarrollo y fabricación de una nueva caldera industrial de carbón pulverizado de alto rendimiento. Este tipo de caldera ofrece importantes ventajas: alto rendimiento, alto nivel de control de emisiones contaminantes, inversión moderada, funcionamiento sencillo y bajos costes operativos. La empresa busca socios alemanes con experiencia en calderas de carbón pulverizado para diseñar el sistema completo y establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


A Chinese environmental protection engineering company is looking for German experts who have technology in pulverised coal boiler
A Chinese environmental protection engineering company specialises in research/development/manufacture of new type high efficiency industrial pulverized coal boiler system. It seeks the whole system design of the industrial pulverized coal boiler from Germany for commercial agreement under technical assistance.
This company was established in December 2014, with a registered capital of 1 billion RMB, more than 10, 000 employees, and is among the world´s top 500 enterprises. With Poland, Sweden, Germany and other countries to carry out extensive cooperation in advanced enterprises, the overall size and comprehensive strength ranked the forefront of China´s coal machine manufacturing industry. Relying on excellent brand and advanced technology, their products meet the needs of domestic customers, sold to South Asia, Southeast Asia, West Asia and the Americas, Oceania and other countries.
A period of time in the future, they will vigorously develop the equipment manufacturing, manufacturing and modern service industry, focusing on promoting the development of internationalization, high-end products, to create "billions of enterprises", the construction of the internationalization of the large-scale energy equipment manufacturing group.Efficient industrial system of pulverized coal boiler products comply with the urgent situation of energy saving and emission reduction and policy guidance, is the upgrading of traditional products of high pollution and high energy consumption of industrial coal-fired boiler, gas boiler, oil substitute is ideal.
High efficiency pulverized coal boiler system has the advantages of high efficiency, high level of pollutant emission control, moderate investment, simple operation and low operating cost.
They seeks whole system design of the industrial pulverized coal boiler includes the special shape of the main body of the boiler shell type fire tube boiler from Germany experts and wish to conduct commercial agreement under technical assistance.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Nature of activity requested:
1. The pulverized coal boiler furnace must be based on the characteristics of pulverized coal combustion to design, WNS (horizontal triple-pass fire-tube boiler) or SZS (double drum vertical water tube boiler) type furnace we run for many years after the practice, to prove the existence of certain defects, will to some extent reduce the temperature of the furnace, increasing the ignition difficulty, prolong the ignition flight distance, thus affecting the coal burnout rate. Also increase the amount of dust control and related position, thus affecting the heat exchange, and increase the possibility of Coking (slag). Suitable boiler furnace design, such as Germany´s "special shaped" big pot shell type fire tube boiler, confirmed that it is a mature and reliable engineering technology, it is worth to introduce and learn.
2. Reliable soot blowing technology. 90% of the proportion of pulverized coal boiler slag with fly ash, the ash deposition problem is more prominent. So it is necessary to configure the reliable blowing technology.
3. Combustion air preheating. And the boiler air preheater, to ensure that the air into the boiler combustion to achieve the established temperature, in order to promote the combustion.
4. Boiler tail gas recycling technology. Especially in the shell type fire tube boiler, the boiler exhaust gas recycling, the wall does not affect the thermal efficiency of the boiler, and prevent the possibility of Coking (slag).
Mainly solves the technical process, design and manufacture technology of the whole system of the pulverized coal boiler.
Assignment target:
The levels of nitric oxide: less than 200 mg/Nm3.
The combustion efficiency is expected: the combustion efficiency of 99.2%. ensure that the level of 98.5%.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Assignment target data (start/end),and duration
January 2017, period of two years

Location of assignment
Dongdu Town, Xintai City, Tai´an City, Shandong Province, China

Expert qualification required (professional linguistic, etc)
The whole system design of the industrial pulverized coal boiler includes the expert English exchange of the technology optimization and improvement of the special shaped large hearth shell type fire tube boiler.

Other information
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Type and Size of Client:
Industry >500
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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