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Empresa coreana interesada en desarrollar una máquina portátil de rayos X digital en 3D busca diseñadores y fabricantes de equipos médicos para establecer acuerdos de joint venture y cooperación técnica


Demanda Tecnológica
Una empresa coreana está interesada en desarrollar una máquina portátil de rayos X digital en 3D con pantalla, de funcionamiento seguro y que permita la comunicación inalámbrica. Esta máquina será empleada para el tratamiento de pacientes de forma inmediata en situaciones de emergencia o accidentes. La empresa dispone de experiencia para instalar el dispositivo pero busca la tecnología de proceso para la máquina. Se busca un socio que suministre la tecnología con el fin de establecer un acuerdo de cooperación técnica o joint venture.


A Korean company interested in developing portable 3D digital x-ray machine is looking for medical equipment designing or manufacturing partners for joint venture and technical cooperation
A Korean company is looking to develop a display-mounted, wireless-communication enabled, safe-to-use 3D digital x-ray machine. It is intended to be used in a first-aid scene. The company owns know-how for the device facility but is in search of the process technology for the machine. They are looking for a partner available for technical cooperation who can supply the company the needed technology. Joint venture between the two companies is also a considered option.
A Korean company has been manufacturing a GaN Hydride Vapor Phase Epitaxy (HVPE) system and SiC Ingot grower system for semiconductors and LED since 2004.

The company is looking to expand their field of business to the development and manufacturing of portable x-ray machines for a new source of revenue.

Medical devices with high performance, low price, and low power consumption is in high demand in the developing countries (especially in Southeast Asia) and disaster scenes. In order to treat the patients more quickly in an emergency situation or accidents., the company requests advanced technologies as written below.

1. Display-mounted:
The x-ray devices currently sold has a separate unit of x-ray lamp and sensing, monitoring device. By combining these all together the mobility would be greatly improved. Nurses or first aid team will not have to move the patients around for the x-ray result. Without having to wait to develop the photo, the team can check the image from the display immediately and proceed with the care.

2. Wireless communication function enabled for the equipment
By using communication network, the device can be accessed by remote users and the result can be directly sent to doctors and other caregivers.

3. Safe to use
The radioactivity at the time of x-ray has become an issue. The unharmful x-ray, Terahertz, has been developed but the image is not very clear in the pictures. Such technical flaw must be addressed in the requested x-ray technology.

The company has expertise in machinery and is looking for a partner who provides core technology mentioned above. Joint venture and technical cooperation are considered. For joint venture, the potential partner may invest in the company (financially and technically) and produce x-ray devices together in Korea, utilizing the company´s knowhow in facility manufacturing. For the technical cooperation, a partner can transfer the technology to the company and develop a new product together.
The targeted markets are those in the Southeast Asia, where healthcare market is growing.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Display-mounted, wireless-enabled, safe to use 3D digital x-ray

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
- Healthcare companies which are looking for co-development of x-ray or production of X-ray equipment in Korea

- Companies which want to establish a joint venture with a Korean manufacturer


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: