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Empresa escocesa busca un fabricante de mangas de compresión para deporte con tejido de punto con urdimbre/3D y gel protector para establecer acuerdos de fabricación con asistencia técnica


Demanda Tecnológica
Una pyme escocesa que trabaja en el campo de recuperación de lesiones busca un fabricante especialista para realizar los diseños digitales y fabricar mangas de compresión sin costuras mediante tejido de punto con urdimbre/3D, con un bolsillo interno que contenga un gel protector. En principio la empresa necesita un pedido mínimo de 200-500 unidades, con posibilidad de incrementar el número de unidades al mes. La cooperación se establecerá en el marco de un acuerdo de fabricación con asistencia técnica.


Scottish (UK) SME seeks manufacturer for a 3D/ Warp Knit sports compression sleeve with protective gel under a manufacturing agreement with technical assistance
An innovative Scottish (UK) based SME who operate in the field of injury recovery are seeking a specialist manufacturer who can take digital designs and make a seamless compression sleeve through 3D/ warp knitting, with an internal pocket to hold a protective gel. The company seeks cooperation under a manufacturing agreement with technical assistance. The SME are initially seeking a minimum order of 200-500 units but the ability to scale up to a larger monthly order is required.
The company was founded in Scotland (UK) in June 2017 by a team of medical professionals, centralised around the design of a compression recovery cuff targeted towards high performing amateur athletes, injury recovery, amputees and chronic medical conditions.

Market research has shown an increase in search traffic for "sports recovery" and "muscle recovery" over the last ten years. With over 800million unique searches in the UK alone into key phrases such as "faster recovery in sport", "muscle recovery" and "how to reduce muscle soreness after exercise". With that in mind there is a large gap in the market between what is currently available and the items accessible to professional athletes and health care institutions. The SME intends to target this gap in the market.

The SME is seeking a manufacturer who has the ability to take the digital designs and make the seamless compression sleeves through 3D or warp knitting. The cuff has been designed to include an internal pocket for a protective gel, which is similar to silicone. This is to be held in place using heat press/ high frequency press.

Cooperation is envisioned under a manufacturing agreement and the partner must have an understanding of finishing processes for textiles to ensure that the completed item matches the brief. The company seeks consistency in quality of the output, and therefore a partner who would be open to spot checks and sample batch testing is desired. Expertise in 3D or warp knitting manufacturing processes is essential. The company seeks a partner who can provide technical assistance, by highlighting any issues in the design phase, and suggest any relevant changes which could be made.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The company seeks a partner who can take digital designs and make the seamless compression sleeves through 3D knit or warp knit. The partner must also be able to provide technical assistance by advising on any design alterations that need to be made in order to take the product to market. The partner must be able to produce an internal pocket using high frequency press or heat press to hold the protective gel to custom shapes and design.

Initially working to minimum order quantity of 200-500 units per size and design. Once design has been refined and market testing complete, the partner would need to be a able to upscale production to 10,000+ units per month. An ideal lead time of 30-40 days is desired, with an initial cost per unit of -Y-euro;3. As production increases, it is expected that the cost per unit would decrease over time.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
A partner working within the field of manufacturing in a factory setting is required. The partner should work predominantly in textiles but an interest in sport and/ or medical items would be desirable. Previous experience with creating supporting braces or compressive clothing would be beneficial, but is not essential.

The SME are looking to work with a forward thinking company, with an ability to find solutions for problems should they arise. The specific tasks required are:

1. Review designs and advise on any alterations that need to be made
2. Input designs to manufacturing computer systems
3. Able to receive materials from China
4. Sample batch manufacture for design refinement
5. Production and assembly with components from China
6. Training of staff on assembly of each item
7. Shipping to the UK warehouse
8. Disposal/recycling of any packaging


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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