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Empresa rumana busca socios para introducir su cartera de nuevas tecnologías de la información y unir esfuerzos para desarrollar nuevos servicios de aprendizaje a distancia, gobierno electrónico y comercio electrónico basados en IoT y computación en la nube


Demanda Tecnológica
Una empresa rumana tiene experiencia en programas europeos, especialmente en apoyo empresarial: cursos de formación, asistencia para preparar planes de negocio y asesoramiento en financiación. La empresa busca socios para introducir su cartera de nuevas tecnologías de la información y desarrollar sistemas prácticos de aprendizaje a distancia, gobierno electrónico y comercio electrónico mediante el uso de IoT y computación en la nube, para firmar contratos o participar en proyecto europeos. La empresa está interesada en establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica e investigación.


Romanian company look for partners to introduce in its portofolio new IT tehnologies and join efforts to develop new eLearning, eGov, eCommerce services based on Internet of Things and Cloud computing.
A Romanian RTD company has experience in different EC Programmes, especially as support in business: training courses, assistance in preparing business plans, counseling on funding sources. The company looks for a partner in order to introduce in its portofolio new IT tehnologies to develop practical systems for eLearning, eGov, eCommerce using IOT and Cloud Computing, for different direct contracts or common EC projects. Type of cooperation: technical or research cooperation.

The Romanian IT company has a long experience in implementing various National and European projects mainly for business sectors, offering training courses, management consultancy, assistance in preparing business plans, feasibility studies, assistance in business startup; also, assistance and counseling in preparing the documentation required to access various financial resources present on the market, research and information, all with a vision to support small businesses dedicated to SMEs. It also accomplished manifold studies and programs in order to support the SME sector (conducting studies and research on the situation of SMEs sector, major problems it has to face, surveys, organizing of scientific meetings, symposium, seminars) and coordinates the ongoing projects in various National and international programs. In order to improve these activities, the company has lately interests in eServices and eBusinnes applications improvement, intending to develop together with eLearning, high level methods, using the possibilities offered by Future Internet and Cloud Computing technologies, that will represent beyond the state of the art in client portfolio. These development requirements result, inter alia, from the following assertions:
- one-third of European companies are increasing in last period their budget for learning and development;
- in present only 10 percent of companies are leveraging mobile learning solutions;
- the companies have to provide a new mechanism for learning—one that can adapt to the needs of a changing workforce and align closely with organizational objectives;
- over 30 percents of companies consider as positive to introduce "adaptive learning", as a methodology that breaks traditional models and allows employees to learn at their own place
In this sense, it results the necessity of using eGovernment(mainly eServices and eCommerce) for citizens for developing integrated information systems and services for different eGovernment applications like electronic delivery to European citizens, of government information, programs, and services; electronic payment for goods and services such as taxes and utility bills, etc.
The improving of company IT expertise with the latest information technologies meaning to the above, enable the clients company to address the applications of broad interest such as those mentioned. In the same time the client, based on a signed Partnership Agreement, will decide with the co- signer of the PA, the form of cooperation.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The necessary expertise in order to obtain support for the introduction in its portofolio of new IT technologies so as:
- to develop to a high technical level mobile learning solutions, including adaptive eLearning methodology;
- the using of last generation information technology to develop applications(eGovernment) containing electronic delivery of government information,services as electronic payment for goods and services like taxes and utility bills, etc.;
- developing the One Stop Shop concept for such kind of information;
- using Future internet and Cloud Computing as large spreading and accepted solutions for developing the eLearning and eGovernment practical applications.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
types: - RTD- Research- Technological- Development; possible SME; industry- for direct contracts with different end users.
- with expertise in using IT applications with Future Internet(IOT) and Cloud computing;
- with participating expertise to different European Programmes like H2020, Eureka Initiative, COSME, ERASMUS +, CELTIC;
role: - good expertise in developing tools and systems for RTD EC Programmes or direct applications, containing eLearning, eGovernment(eServices, eCommerce) advanced solutions with strong Future Internet and/or Cloud computing component;
- partnership together with the client, in participation to different practical applications(direct contracts-Industry) or RTD EC projects resulted from such a cooperation, based on technical- scientifically and financial complementarity .


Type and Size of Client:
R&D Institution
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: