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Empresa sueca especializada en etiquetado busca un subcontratista para ensamblar, probar y empaquetar un dispositivo médico


Demanda Tecnológica
Una pyme sueca especializada en etiquetado gráfico y técnico busca un subcontratista con el fin de ensamblar, probar y empaquetar un dispositivo médico, un parche corporal empleado para medir diferentes señales corporales. El parche se conecta a un dispositivo electrónico que se comunica con el teléfono móvil a través de Bluetooth. La empresa ofrece todos los materiales, accesorios y capas necesarias para construir el dispositivo. En principio el dispositivo puede ensamblarse manualmente, pero el objetivo es utilizar una línea de producción semi o totalmente automática.


A Swedish innovative label company is looking for a subcontractor for assembling, testing and packaging of a medical device.
A Swedish SME in the graphical and technical label business is looking for a subcontracting partner for a medical device called body patch. The tasks for the subcontractor is to assembly, test and complete the packaging of the device. A light version of cleanroom environment is required as well as production according to relevant standards. Initially the device can be assembled manually but a semi-or fully automated production line is envisaged.
The Swedish family owned label company is located in the southern part of Sweden. Their core business is divided into two segments, graphical and technical labels. On technical label business they are chosen by several bigger customers worldwide to produce body patches for measuring different signals from the body. To the body patch an electronical device is connected which communicates with cell phones via Bluetooth.
The Swedish company will supply all the material, fixtures and all layers needed to build this medical device. The build-up of this product is different layers of materials that shall be assembled together in sequential steps, where all steps are using fixtures. For one step a ultra-sonic weld machine is used (the machine is supported by customer) to weld plastic and printed electronics together. The final step in the assembling is testing and packaging. Assembled parts are tested by the assembly team, packaged and shipped to the Swedish company.
They are now looking for a subcontractor who will assemble above mentioned medical device parts/body patch.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
- Customer segment for this type of products are medical device, the products are listed at FDA.
- The environment needed for assembling this product is controlled environment, a light version of a cleanroom. Filter class 9 for the ventilation and with an overpressure in the room where the assembling is done
- Assembling requires a quality mindset according to ISO 9000 from the operator and assembling is repetitive.
- Target cycle time at moment at existing assembly lines (in Sweden and China) is ~15 second per product
- The actual volume moment is 1,4 million, the volume is robust and output each week following a forecast. Estimated yearly volume is 2-3 million.
- The target price for assembling is approximately 0,45 Euro/pc.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The Swedish company is now searching for a subcontractor who can assemble medical device part named body patch. The Swedish label company will supply all the material, fixtures and all layers needed to build a body patch. Assembled parts are tested by the assembly team, packaged and shipped back to the Swedish company. They would like to enter into a subcontracting agreement with a reliable subconstructor and build a long-term relationship. A semi or full automated assembly line is prefered by the Swedish SME


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 50-249
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: