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Equipo avanzado de fabricación de plásticos


Demanda Tecnológica
Una empresa albanesa especializada en la fabricación y estampación de productos de plástico flexibles busca un nuevo equipo de fabricación. Su principal producto es una bolsa de plástico que se utiliza para envasar alimentos y productos industriales. También cuenta con una línea de producción de polietileno granulado para tubos de plástico y otras aplicaciones industriales. La empresa es una joint venture presente en varios mercados internacionales, como Alemania, Italia y Turquía, formada por un equipo joven, activo y motivado. Se buscan socios con experiencia en esta industria para establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


An Albanian company seeks modern plastics fabrication equipment
An Albanian Company, located in Tirana, requests new fabrication equipment. The company is engaged in production and stamping of flexible plastic products. Type of collaboration: commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The company is an Albanian-Turkish joint venture, is present in several international markets such as Germany Italy -Y- Turkey. The management is young, energetic, and motivated. Potential partners must have experience in this industry.
Company is located in Mezez in the commune of Kashar. The industrial site accounts 6500 m2 in which a building of 4000 m2 serves for the production and ware-housing operations. The company is engaged in production and stamping of flexible plastic products. The main product of company are plastic bag used for different packages, of different forms, and different dimensions. These plastic bags are to categories a)for packaging different food -Y- b)for industrial products. In addition, there is also a production line which produces polyethylene granules for plastic tubes and different industrial purposes of usage.

The marketing focus of the company is the national and regional market but it also looks beyond to European and wider areas of export.

Company has accomplished various quality certification requirements such as ISO 9001: 2008 and is currently achieving the certificate from ISO 14 001

The management staff of the company have shown persistent commitment to enterprise growth and innovation

Main products

· Plastic shopping bags
· PE packing with or without printing
· Laminated packing made by PE,OPP,CP, ALU
· Shrinkable films (thermos-foil) for drinks and beverages
· Plastic labels for drinks and other bottles
· Garbage bags

The production line consist of following components:
o Line of extruder
o Line of pressing machines
o Line e stamping/printing machines
o Line e recycling
o Warehouse

Technology Request - New investment

The company investment plan incorporates new machinery in recycling industry. This new project requires state of art of new technology. Based on this plan, the company intends to increase the are of operation and build new facility to allocate the new line of recycling machinery.

The new investment will increase capacity of production but also improve the quality and product diversification. The new machinery which are in the investment plan are

· A new line of flexographic stamping in 8 basic colors,
· An auxiliary equipment for recycling machinery
· New machinery for multi-layers film production or co-extrude
· New machinery for division and cutting of film slitter
· New machines for stamp testing
· Mechanical and hydraulic presses for recycling.


Company is a joint venture Albanian and Turkish entrepreneurs with representatives in several international markets such as Germany Italy and Turkey.
Staff employed in management and in operation are young, energetic, and well motivated.
New investment will increase product diversification and better client satisfaction.
The company strategy is based on productivity improvement and cost reduction, qualitative products

Company has established sustainable relationships with export market in Italy and Greece for years

The technology
The technology components already in the operating are originated from different countries such as Italy, Taiwan -Y- Turkey

The enterprise objective are a)maintaining sales growth -Y- b)improve capital utilization that´s why the company require cooperation with potential partners for technology offer, becoming innovative, and support new market segment.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Company needs a cooperation with a potential partner already in work in this specific fields producing flexographic printing machinery with 8 color. Companies producing machines for Extruding polyethylene with some layers (Co-extruding matrix)
Companies producing Slitter for plastic sheet. Companies producing stamping machines for plastic sheet. Companies producing Hydraulic Press machinery for recycling materials

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Company request technology an nowadays one and brand new.

The partner should offer the flexographic machines with 8 color and the technical assistance for it. Company is in the market since 15 years they have experienced staff but in new ones they need to get some more technical explanation.

The other machines is a slitter for this company need and offer accompanied with technical assistance.

The Partner should offer an extrude machine with co-extruding matrix.
Meantime the partner should offer an Hydraulic press for recycling materials.
There will be different partner each one specialize on the specific production of machines.

Type of the partnership will be build in the form of BOT based on Commercial agency agreement, financial agreement with technical assistance


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 50-249
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: