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H2020 EE-20-2017 - Centros de datos más energéticamente eficientes e integrados. Desarrolladores de software de código abierto para centros de datos buscan acuerdos de investigación


Demanda Tecnológica
Una pyme francesa especializada en desarrollo de software, que ofrece soluciones de código abierto para redes privadas y centros de datos, está interesada en unirse a un consorcio europeo para presentar una propuesta a la convocatoria EE-20-2017: Centros de datos más energéticamente eficientes e integrados. La empresa está desarrollando un componente de software que permite un gran ahorro energético en redes de 10 a 100 unidades (servidores/ordenadores) y busca pymes, industrias o laboratorios que gestionen soluciones en la nube, redes y servidores, así como fabricantes de hardware plus, con el fin de establecer acuerdos de cooperación en materia de investigación e innovación.


H2020 EE-20-2017 - more energy efficient and integrated data centres : software developers of open source solutions for datacenters searching for research cooperation agreements
French software developers (SME) are providing open source software solutions for private networks and datacenters. They want to join a European consortium in the making on the EE-20-2017 call: more efficient and integrated data centres. They are working on a software component allowing great energy savings for networks from 10 to 1000 units (servers/computers). They need SME/industry/labs partners managing cloud/networks/servers, plus hardware manufacturers for research -Y- innovation agreements.
A French SME is searching for consortium partners, working on more energy efficient and integrated data centres (EE-20 call of Horizon 2020- Secure Clean and efficient energy WP).

They edit a solution that consists in two parts : an OS (Linux-based distribution) and a management software of virtual machines. They got partnerships with famous industries in different countries especially in USA and France.
They are also doing business with international clients of all types (SMEs, universities, governments, etc) from all around the world (Germany, Canada, Brazil, Middle East, etc.)

Their software is very easy to use for data centres and private cloud networks from 10 to 1000 servers/computers. Currently, the company is working on the development of green components for their software, in order to help servers/private cloud owners to reduce their energy consumption.

In fact, virtualisation processes developed by the company allow IT administrators to manage easily virtual machines via a smart interface that enables multiple commands : run, shut down, move on another server, duplicate, etc.

The module currently under development is based on a 3-steps scheme : data collection (calculation performance, energy consumption, etc.) -> data machining (smart -Y- automatic data treatment, artificial intelligence) -> data visualisation (thanks to smart ergonomy of the user/admin-interface).

Hence, the French SME is willing to join/gather competencies around a global collaborative project for the purpose of :

- testing their current solution, improve it and adapt it to multiple types of datacenters/private cloud networks.

- reaching new partners across Europe involved in multiple activities : datacenters owners, hardware manufacturers, energy grids specialists, cooling experts, etc.

- accelerating the development of sustainable datacenters -Y- private cloud networks prototypes at European level : Future Energy Efficient Data centers (FEED)

To do so, the proposal should focus on :

- defining -Y- electing ideal test/pilot sites (datacenters / private networks - the French SME has already contacts with interested local stakeholders).

- providing innovative energy solutions (production/transmission), smart grids for datacenters -Y- private network sites/zones (from 10 to 1000 units -Y- bigger) : power-to-heat/cooling solutions/heat waste recovery

- fostering development of computer hardware for data centers / private cloud networks infrastructures with performance -Y- low energy consumption objectives

- demonstrating infrastructures -Y- software solutions are safe -Y- secure to use.

- analyzing impacts of such a proposal particularly in regard to social -Y- environmental aspects (urban integration, working conditions, gender equality, energy systems)

EoI deadline : 9 December 2016 17:00:00

Call deadline : 19 January 2017 17:00:00

They are especially looking for partners of the following FP7 projects : RenewIT, DC4Cities, Dolfin, Genic, GreenDataNet and GEYSER.

Please express your interest if :
- you are interested to test the French SME software solutions and participate into further developments / research cooperation
- you are interested in this project proposal (as a partner or a coordinator) and/or motivated to submit a proposal on EE-20 call
- you are already in a consortium for EE-20 call, searching for other partners
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
Primary expertise :

Stakeholders experienced in using private cloud/network computers/servers such as laboratories, universities, industries, public bodies and willing to participate in international R-Y-D collaborative project.

SME/Industries experienced in managing data centres and willing to reduce their energy consumption by different means (heat storage, performance optimization software, computer hardware, electric transmission and storage, etc...). They should have technical abilities to allow pilot experimentation on site for testing solution in the framework of a collaborative R-Y-D project.

SME/Industries providing power-to-heat/electric transmission/smart grids/cooling solutions and willing to adapt/propose/test their solutions in data centers / private cloud networks infrastructures during the R-Y-D project.

SME/Industries manufacturing computer hardware for data centers / private cloud networks infrastructures with performance -Y- low energy consumption objectives, willing to test innovative solution in a collaborative R-Y-D project.

Additional partners :

SME/Industries involved in software -Y- infrastructures security solutions.

Social scientists with experience in energy consumption reduction analysis -Y- environmental/urban integration of data centers (noise pollution/cooling -Y- thermal related topics)

- Field of expertice/experience of the French company :

Software development, especially open source tools for virtual machines management.

The French company do not have enough resources and experience to coordinate such a project. They are looking for a motivated and experienced european project coordinator.

Potentiel partners motivation -Y- matching with the project description is what really matters.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Task to be performed by the partners sought:

All partners must propose their technologies to build/assemble on site what could be a sustainable model of Future Energy Efficient Datacenters (FEED) integrating the French SME software technology :

-> Datacenters/Private cloud owners must provide test/experimentation sites/zones, (if the coordinator could be also an owner it would enforce project coherence)

-> Smart grids/energy heating and cooling industries should provide solutions to optimize energy consumption of servers, also they should propose the use of renewable energy production/reuse/transmission.

-> Hardware manufacturers should focus on proposing high-efficiency components, fast start-Y-shutdown servers

-> Security specialists would insure both software and infrastructures resilience.

-> Social scientist would provide expertise on environmental/urban integration of the test sites and data related to working conditions/gender equality/user experience/etc.

All types of partners are welcome to express their interest (research institutions, university, large industries, SME) but keep in mind the call is an innovation action (Industrial focus with short/mid term go-to-market objectives).


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: