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Inventor italiano busca acuerdos de servicio o joint venture con el fin de completar el desarrollo de un nuevo dispositivo de emergencia para gestionar riesgos informáticos


Demanda Tecnológica
Un inventor italiano ha obtenido la patente de un nuevo dispositivo informático basado en la implementación del proceso "one push button" (pulsación de un solo botón) para gestionar riesgos informáticos. Este dispositivo restaura el estado operativo y guarda los datos cuando el usuario sufre un ataque informático. Actualmente la tecnología ha alcanzado un grado de desarrollo del 50%, por lo que el inventor busca socios para continuar con el desarrollo del software e integración del sistema. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de joint venture o servicio.


An Italian inventor is looking for service or joint venture agreements to complete the development of an innovative emergency device to manage computer risks
An innovative IT device implementing a "one push button" procedure to manage computer risks was patented by an Italian inventor. The device restores the operating state and preserves data when a user suffered a computer attack. Currently, the development of the product is at 50%, a further part of software development and system integration is needed. The inventor is willing to establish a joint venture agreement or a service agreement with partners to complete the development of the technology.
The inventor is a specialized and passionate cybersecurity engineer. He worked as a consultant for important Italian IT and security companies. Knowledge and passion for security coupled with creativity led the inventor to develop a new solution to a common challenge in cybersecurity.

Cyber security is a pervasive topic as anyone is now constantly connected to the Internet. The proposed solution allows any user with limited technical capabilities (i.e., private users as well as freelancers, self-employed workers, SMEs and public administrations) to set up the actions necessary to preserve the information assets against computer attacks and other severe malfunctioning. The patented device is able to simplify the recovery management process with overall reduction in costs.

The architecture is composed of a "cyber box", that is a dedicated device to be integrated into the user´s local network and connected with a Cloud platform, programmed to provide incident response, backup, and quick operational recovery. The box is an Internet of Things device that communicates via Internet, which automates the processes required to manage IT incidents by means of a "one button" emergency procedure.

The device si programmed to face different types of incindent, such as DistributedDoS attack, malware, data loss, partial or total block of systems. When the user presses the "recovery button", the device can autonomously trigger recovery procedures to return to normal work conditions in a timely manner, recovering all the data, to allow users to continue their activities exactly from the point where the interruption occurred.

The solution is an industrial patent filed in 2016 at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office for which the official report has already been announced. By August, a request for international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) extension will be submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

The inventor is looking for an industrial or commercial partners, interested to support and launch the innovative product on the market under a joint venture agreement. The partner is expected to provide funds and/or directly participate in the development of the final product.

The inventor is also willing to collaborate under a service agreement with international partners interested in providing development services in the form of work for equity (as it is made possible, for instance, by the Italian laws regulating innovative startups).
In particular, the following services are specifically required: web based back-end application development and system integration activitie (know-how on Unix/Linux and MS Windows, bacula backup or clonazilla applications).

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The inventor is looking for the following services: web based backend application development, system integration activities. Know-how on Unix/Linux and MS windows operating systems, IT architectures, bacula backup or clonazilla applications are required.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
SME/MNE, manufacturer of information technology devices or security company who is interested to provide funds and/or services to complete development and system integration activities and to place the product on the market in exchange for company shares with management functions.

SME/MNE, manufacturer of information technology devices or security company who is interested to provide the following services in form of work for equity: web based back-end application development and system integration activities. Know-how on Unix/linux and MS Windows, bacula backup or clonazilla applications is required.


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