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Motor ligero para el sector aeronáutico


Demanda Tecnológica
Una pyme francesa que trabaja en el sector aeronáutico busca un motor térmico ligero con un peso inferior a 40 kilos y una potencia máxima de 96 kw para su incorporación en un nuevo tipo de aeronave ecológica. La empresa busca una compañía o laboratorio para diseñar y fabricar el motor bajo un acuerdo de licencia o cooperación técnica.


Light engine for aircraft sector
A French based SME working in the aircraft domain is seeking a light thermal engine with low weight < 40 kg (Dry weight) and 96 Kw maximum power output for an innovative kind of aircraft. Company or laboratory are sought for the design and manufacturing of the engine under license or technical agreement.
A French based SME working in the aircraft sectors needs a light engine for use in an innovative aircraft development.

The light thermal engine will be integrated in a new type of environmentally friendly light plane.

The company has not identified engines with these requirements, that´s why it is looking for company or laboratory that :
- has already developed a technical solution and that is looking for a partner to manufacture it under license agreement,
- has a strong know-how and technical expertise in thermal engines and interested in technical cooperation.

Alternative solutions to thermal engines can be explored provided the invention is industrialisable and can be certified.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The engine sought must answer following specifications :
- maximal continuous power : 96 Kw
- dry weight (without alternator and starter : 40 kg
- weight of Equipment (exhaust system, radiator, vacuum pump, cooling pack, water, oïl, intake manifold, air filter : 15 KG
- consumption at maximal continuous power : 23l/h - 190g/kW.h
- consumption in typical mission : 16l/h - 130g/kW.h
- engine speed at maximal continuous power : higher than 5000 rpm
- engine torque at maximal continuous power : 130-190 N.m
- efficiency : 35 % minimum
- volume : 50 cm Width / 50 cm Height / 50 cm Depth
- noise : the lowest
- fuel : unleaded gasoline or Jet A1
- Turbocharger with intercooler or capacity to incorporate one
- electronic injection and control (ECU)
- monitoring and safety devices to protect against over temperature or overspeed, ...
- CAN interface with other aircraft systems,
- full built-in test with status ouptput on CAN bus,
- electronic ignition (single or dual)
- catalyst and/or particulate filter : not necesary but could be a bonus,
- TBO (time between overhaul) : 2000 h minimum
- cooling : air, water
- provided with CAD step files,
- provided with full data sheet and interface description,
- engine braking capacity to be determined by the supplier
- starter interface in option,
- ECU capability to measure intake air, coolant, oïl and fuel level, pressure, flow and temperatue and to regulate the collant and oïl temperature would be a plus,
- the product must resist to the following environment : flying with ambient temperature between - 10 °C and + 35°C, storage temperature between - 20°C and+ 50°C, flying with relative humidity between 0 and 90 °C, flying under the rain (waterproofing of the electric connection, altitude : 0 to 20000 feet/ 0 to 7000 m)

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partner sought : industry or academic partner

Specific area of activity : designer or manufacturer of thermal engine or alternative technology inventor

Task to be performed : design, development and realisation of trials according to the requirements of the French based SME and production of the thermal engine


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: