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Provisión de recomendaciones personalizadas sobre productos mediante grandes archivos de datos e inteligencia artificial


Demanda Tecnológica
Una multinacional belga especializada en bienes de consumo busca el mejor enfoque y tecnologías para añadir información de los consumidores (mediante grandes archivos de datos e inteligencia artificial) con el fin de utilizar esta información para ofrecer recomendaciones personalizadas sobre un producto y apoyar un modelo de venta asistida. Dentro del campo de cuidado de la piel, la empresa está trabajando para desarrollar una serie de nuevas herramientas de diagnóstico y análisis que ayuden a los consumidores a identificar los mejores productos y aprender a utilizarlos. Se buscan socios industriales y académicos que ofrezcan el enfoque o tecnologías para establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica.


Provision of personalized product recommendations using Big Data and machine intelligence
A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods looks for the best approach and technologies to aggregate customers´ information (via Big Data and machine intelligence), using it to provide more personalized product recommendations that can support a "guided selling" model. Potential partners - either from industry or academia - have both the approach and the technical solution sought allowing a technical cooperation with the large account.
A Belgian multinational based in Brussels and active in consumer goods wishes to meet consumers´ needs in the beauty sector.

This company has 1 ½ century of history in the fast moving consumer goods markets and owns several brands known at global level, including in the beauty sector.

Within this sector, consumers are increasingly looking for more personalized products and regimens designed specifically to meet their individual traits, qualities and behaviours. In conjunction with this trend, people are gathering an increasing large array of personal data about themselves, ranging from product purchase information, wearables tracking data, genetic profiles and specialized diagnostic sensors (IoT- Internet of Things) info.

This company is continually working to meet customers´ needs and improve both the quality of their products, as well as the satisfaction of their customers when using those products.

Notably, this means providing customers with more personalized products and regimens that are specific to their needs. Within skin care, the company is working to develop an array of new skin diagnostic and analysis tools that can help customers find the best products and understand better how to use them. The goal is to support a "guided selling" experience that walks customers through the process of submitting information about themselves (via images, questionnaire, purchase info, geo-location, etc.) and, in turn, provides recommendations on the best products for their skin "type", behaviours and environment.

The company believes that utilizing a "corpus" of information about different skin types/conditions, it is possible to develop a set of algorithms that can make effective product and regimen recommendations for an individual based on information that they provide.

With such a purpose as future business development, the company is looking for collaboration with potential partners - both industry or research entities - having the necessary knowledge on the expected approach and the technical solution which would be coupled to the approach.

With the above-mentioned purpose in mind and technical requirements, the company is open to technical agreement with potential partners, be industrial players or research entities. The purpose would be setting up a long lasting cooperation allowing the large account to comply with consumers´ expectations and therefore enhance the quality of products on the market and for the potential partner interact in a systematic way with the large account so as to have immediate access to forthcoming similar requests
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
This company is looking for state-of-the-art technologies that leverage data analytics, Artificial Intelligence/machine learning and recommendation engine concepts to process an array of personal and external data (social, device, and information networks).
These techniques will be necessary to amplify signals in noisy / low-resolution data sets and provide rigorous personalized recommendations. The solution is envisioned as a back-end SaaS platform that can receive and process data from multiple sources and return relevant classification and recommendation information.
The specific approach or algorithm used to complete this process is not prescribed, as we are interested in learning about your unique approach and technologies.

Key challenges linked to this technology request include the ability to:
· Aggregate and process an array of disparate data sources that are not yet harmonized
· Generate meaningful recommendations from existing user database
· Extend the data model and algorithms over time as the company learns more about customers and usage
· Produce new learning from extended data sets, over time, to provide more meaningful advice and recommendations

The company is open to evaluate any technical option suggested by potential partners provided that the technical solution can handle the above-listed challenges.

Potential partners proposing a solution will be evaluated based on key criteria including, but not limited to, the following: 1) ease of use/configuration, 2) intelligence of recommendations, 3) flexibility of data mode, 4) extensibility of algorithms, 5) ease of integration with other platforms / data sources, 6) scalability and performance of platform, 7) solutions build the business as well as add capabilities, 8) solutions are not limited to smart phone apps; there is a desire to explore other options, 9) information security needs to meet or exceed industry standard data acquisition and storage security.

For the initial product, the primary sources of information will be 1) info from an image (skin) analysis application and 2) usage questionnaire data.

To start, the solution will also have access to a database of users, including associated meta-data, initial classification structure and pre-determined product recommendations.

Accordingly, the solution can be designed to A) provide recommendations solely against the pre-established classifications and/or B) create new classifications based on analysis of on-going data relating to purchases, usage -Y- customer satisfaction -Y- success.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of Partner sought: industry or academia

Area of expertise : Big data and machine intelligence

Role of Partner Sought: collaborate with the large account and provide the technical solution sought coupled to the relevant approach


Type and Size of Client:
Industry >500 MNE
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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