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Tecnología de eliminación de pesticidas para frigoríficos


Demanda Tecnológica
Una multinacional húngara busca tecnologías para eliminar pesticidas de frutas y verduras y permitir a los usuarios un consumo seguro de estos productos sin requisitos especiales una vez que han sido sacados del frigorífico. Como posibles opciones se incluyen tecnologías de plasma, electrólisis de agua, radicales libres, ozonización de agua, limpieza ultrasónica, etc. El objetivo es utilizar una de estas tecnologías dentro del frigorífico. La empresa busca socios que ofrezcan una solución totalmente desarrollada en este campo para licenciar la tecnología, o socios con un prototipo para colaborar en su desarrollo mediante acuerdos de cooperación técnica.


Pesticide removal technology for refrigerators
A multinational partner company of a Hungarian Technology Transfer company is looking for technologies or methods to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables so users can eat them safely with minimum or no additional requirements after taking the food from the refrigerator. The company seeks partners who has fully developed technology in the respective field for licensing the technology or partners who have working prototype for collaboration in joint development via technical cooperation.
There is a growing concern about food safety, and one of the key issues is the heavy use of pesticides in fruits and vegetables by food producers. The consumers won´t trust the control mechanisms in the value chain up to the supermarket shelves, so there is a demand of methods to detect and remove harmful substances on the food at home efficiently. There are some options to do this with specific appliances that require dipping the fruits/vegetables in water with chemical substances, and also with ultrasound technology. However, additional space is required to have an appliance like this, and the water consumption is too large.

A multinational partner company of a Hungarian Technology Transfer company is looking for a way to solve this problem by integrating this function in the refrigerator, and if possible, reduce the water used to remove the pesticides.

Possible approaches could be based on plasma, electrolysis of water, free radicals, ozone water, ultrasonic cleaning tank, alkaline ...). All these technologies have been used for this purpose, but not in a fridge yet. The company is willing to try these options with a company that can integrate them as part of the fridge, only if the amount of water used in the process is small.

Ideal scenarios of the product:
1-(ideal but complex): people put unwashed and untreated vegetables/fruits in the fridge drawer, and the technology will remove the pesticides so when user opens the drawer again, he/she can consume them without any other treatment.

2-(acceptable and simpler): the user puts the vegetable/fruits in the fridge drawer, and the technology will affect the pesticides on it so later they can be washed off very quickly on the sink. This way, the user still needs to wash the items after taking them out of the refrigerator, but they will be 100% sure the pesticides are successfully removed from the surface of the food after a quick wash.

The company seeks fully developed technologies in this field with the aim of licensing the chosen technology; or technologies with working prototype that can lead to joint development cooperation that will end up in manufacturing the product.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The wanted technologies should:
- Remove a variety of pesticide residues commonly found in Chinese fruits and vegetables.
- Have high removal rate: 90 percent and above
- Not present any threat to humans, nor affect the nutrition or state of the food.
- Not affect the proper functioning of the refrigerator.
- Operate with low noise
- Be easy to use, don´¿t need to be trained to use it
- Have removal speed less than 30 minutes ideally
- Have low water consumption
- Function in a container with the size of a regular fruit/vegetable drawer. For that reason, the size of the component or module that enables the pesticide removal must take as less space as possible from the storage capacity of the drawer.

Undesired approaches include consumables and/or detergents, and solutions that require too much water consumption (such as dipping the food in a water container within the fridge, or spraying large volumes of water).

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
It is preferred to work with partners that have existing technologies or approaches that can be applied to this specific application. Technological solutions are welcome either from companies (large or small and medium enterprises), either from inventors or researchers.

Collaboration can involve technology licensing, product sourcing, proof of concept leading to joint development agreements and assistance with scale-up to manufacturing. Preference will be given to technologies or approaches that currently have working prototypes that can undergo feasibility, validation or proof of concept over a 3-6 month period. Financial support for the proof of concept phase will be negotiated based on specific performance targets agreed between both parties.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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