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Tecnología no tóxica para atraer insectos


Demanda Tecnológica
Una multinacional belga del sector de bienes de consumo busca productos o tecnologías disponibles en el mercado que no utilicen sustancias químicas y que sean capaces de atrapar insectos presentes en el hogar. Se busca una tecnología segura para las personas y mascotas que habitan en el hogar, por ejemplo, atrayentes de insectos basados en materiales de grado alimenticio o feromonas o que precisen potencia para activarse/volatilizarse (baterías o corriente eléctrica de la casa). La empresa busca socios industriales o académicos con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia o cooperación técnica.


Non-toxic insect attractant technology.
A Belgian multinational active in consumer goods is looking for products or technologies already on the market which do not require the use of any chemical and are able to fight against insects that may be present in the home. The solutions have to therefore be safe to people and pets. Industrial partners or academia are sought for license agreement or technical cooperation agreement with the large account.
The global home insecticide market is dominated by chemicals that are toxic to insects and people/pets. This Belgian multinational based in Brussels has been experimenting with ways to attract and trap insects with combinations of physical attractants (light, heat) and chemical attractants that not only attract insects but are safe and pleasant to be used within the home.

In order to comply with greater environmental constraints, improve customers´ experience and include new solutions in their portfolio of products, this company would like to find other attractants that are non-toxic to people and pets.

With such an aim, this company is looking for products or technologies that are non-toxic and ensure a solution against the following insects: house flies, mosquitoes, fruit flies, stink bugs, bed bugs, roaches, ants, moths, gnats.

The company will consider :

· Attractants made from food-grade materials
· pheromone-based attractants
· and is open to attractants that require power to activate/volatilize (e.g. battery or house current)

The company is looking for collaboration with industrial partners or research centres able to provide the required solutions. The purpose would be setting up a long lasting cooperation allowing the large account to comply with its internal strategy and for the potential partner to interact in a systematic way with the large account so as to have immediate access to forthcoming similar requests.

Actually, for the technical cooperation, this large account intends to work together with potential partners having the suitable technical solution coupled to the related expertise and knowledge in line with the technical specifications listed for the purposes of this technology request..
As for the license agreement, should an already developed solution exist and be fully compliant with the technical requirements listed, the large account would envisage discussions on the terms of the licence use.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
They are looking for attractants that:

· Preferably deliver a competitive advantage versus existing/known attractants
· Preferably use ingredients from the FIFRA (Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act) 25b exempt list (Non 25B are less preferred but also acceptable. The 25b are Minimum risk pesticides that meet certain FIFRA criteria)
· Have been proven to be safe for use around people and pets (strong preference is given to solutions allowing the company to state "non-toxic to people and pets").
· Last at least 1 week within typical US and Chinese home environments (the company prefers 3-4 weeks)
· Do not require the use of any chemical

Critical Data:
· Experimental evidence of the attractant efficacy
· Understanding of where competitive advantage and/or proprietary position is derived
· Key ingredients in the attractant (if they can be shared non-confidentially)

The company is NOT not interested in:

· Attractant technologies that could be toxic to mammals (people/pets), or have a major environmental impact to beneficial species (such as: bees, fish, butterflies).

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of Partner sought: SMEs, industry or academia

Area of expertise : No chemical insect attractant technology

Role of Partner Sought: depending on the product/ingredient/solution state-of-the-art, collaborate with the large account for technical collaboration or provide the technical solution sought under license agreement


Type and Size of Client:
Industry >500 MNE
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: