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Tecnologías para eliminar o prevenir la formación de cal en termos eléctricos de agua


Demanda Tecnológica
Una empresa húngara busca tecnologías o enfoques para eliminar o revenir la formación de cal en termos eléctricos de agua. La empresa está especialmente interesada en tecnologías que eliminen la cal de los conductos. Los posibles enfoques incluyen la incorporación de módulos físicos o químicos dentro de la unidad o el uso de tecnologías de ultrasonido. La empresa busca socios que dispongan de una tecnología totalmente desarrollada para establecer acuerdos de licencia o socios que trabajen con prototipos para colaborar en el desarrollo conjunto mediante un acuerdo de cooperación técnica.


Technologies to remove or prevent scale formed inside electric water heater tanks
A multinational partner company of a Hungarian technology transfer company seeks technologies or approaches to remove or prevent the build-up of scale within electric water heater tanks. Of specific interest are technologies to remove scale attached to the heating pipes. The company therefore seeks partners who have fully developed technology in the respective field for licensing the technology or partners with working prototypes for collaboration in joint development via technical cooperation.
Electric water heaters can develop a build-up of scale on the heating pipes and sediment within the tank. It is difficult for consumers to clean the storage tanks. Tank cleaning only occurs when the sacrificial anode (eg a magnesium rod) protecting against tank corrosion is replaced.

A multinational partner company of a Hungarian Technology Transfer company is a major manufacturer of hot water systems and seeks to develop electric water heaters with a functionality that prevents or removes scale build-up on the heating pipes. The company invites proposals for new designs, technologies, materials or approaches for removal or prevention of scale from companies (large or small and medium enterprises), technical experts and academic or industrial researchers, inventors and venture capitalists.

Possible approaches could be based on
- Addition of physical or chemical modules within the hot water unit
- Use of technologies such as ultrasound

Undesired approaches include detergents or solutions that require too much water consumption (such as dipping the food in a water container within the fridge, or spraying large volumes of water).

The SME is looking for partners with fully developed technologies in this field with the aim of licensing the chosen technology or technologies with working prototype that can lead to joint development cooperation that will end up in manufacturing the product via technical cooperation.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The proposed technology should:
- Remove or prevent formation of scale from heating pipes inside the water heater tank
- Have no impact on quality or safety of the water delivered from the heater
- Not require user intervention or replacement for a period of at least 2 months
- Not increase the operating complexity of the water heater
- Have a device cost at production volume (eg 5 million units per year) of less than RMB100/ USD16.
- Have a maximum device volume of 500 cm3 eg 20 cm long x 5 cm wide x 5 cm high
- Have any components housed inside a waterproof unit
- Operate in the special environment of the water tank:
Temperature: 5-97 oC
Pressure: 0-1,7 MPa

The company´s preference is to install any device on the magnesium rod (mounting recess diameter of 2.25 cm) or on the inlet or outlet pipelines (diameter of 1.5 cm). The company does not wish to install any device on the heating pipe.
The power of an electric water heater is 1500-3000 W with 10A and 16A power cables. Any device must not overload these cables.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
It is preferred to work with partners that have existing technologies or approaches that can be applied to this specific application. Technological solutions are welcome either from companies (large or small and medium enterprises), either from inventors or researchers.

Collaboration can involve technology licensing, product sourcing, proof of concept leading to joint development agreements and assistance with scale-up to manufacturing. Preference will be given to technologies or approaches that currently have working prototypes that can undergo feasibility, validation or proof of concept over a 3-6 month period. Financial support for the proof of concept phase will be negotiated based on specific performance targets agreed between both parties.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: