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Validación en campo de un nuevo producto natural de mejoramiento del suelo para validación en campo


Demanda Tecnológica
Una empresa británica ha desarrollado un nuevo producto formado totalmente por bacterias naturales para regenerar suelos agrícolas, estimular la productividad y reducir los costes totales del tratamiento del suelo debido al efecto combinado en la productividad de hasta un 40%. La empresa busca centros de investigación agraria y agricultores interesados en participar en las pruebas del producto y validación en campo para desarrollar una base de datos de análisis de productos. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de investigación o joint venture.


Natural soil improvement product looking for further field validation
A UK company has developed an innovative product made entirely of naturally occurring bacteria that regenerate agricultural soils, stimulate yields and reduce overall cost for soil treatment due to its combined effect on soil productivity up to 40%. The company is looking for agriculture research centres and farmers that would like to participate in product testing up to field validation and build up a product assessment database on the basis of research cooperation or joint venture agreement.
The United States Department of Agriculture has determined that only 7% of the chemical fertilizers applied to crops are utilized by the plants while the remaining 93% becomes "locked" as insoluble inorganic salts. This build-up of insoluble chemicals is one of the main factors that causes soil to deteriorate and become less able to support healthy plant growth. Chemical accumulation causes the natural soil microbes to decline, thus further reducing soil viability. Soil microbes are necessary to convert organic and inorganic material into a bio-available form that the plant can use in order to grow and bear fruit. In addition, herbicides and pesticides can accumulate in the soil further damaging the natural soil microbial community.
The proposed environmental product has been developed as a total microbial system with 17 different strains of bacteria formulated to supply the microbial populations required to completely degrade contaminants in soils. It can degrade the toxic substances contaminants into harmless nitrates, carbon dioxide and water. It inhibits harmful pathogenic microbes, breaks down inorganic salts from fertilizers into bio-available nutrients for plants and also eliminates nematodes that attack the roots of plants at larvae stage. The product oxidises the phosphites to phosphate and also degrades phosphonates that are often released in soils (directly or through water) by use of pesticides, detergents, and other chemical products. In addition to reducing harm to agricultural soil, the microbial compound also stimulates the plants´ roots by feeding them with enzymes. The combined effect is that the agricultural yield improves by up to 40 %, the yearly crop sessions can increase whilst water irrigation requirements go down which further adds to the environmental friendliness of the product.
The company is looking for agriculture research centres and farmers that are interested in the product´s characteristics and would like to field validate them in order to help build a product assessment database before the product enters the marketplace. Research cooperation and joint venture agreement can be offered.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The company is looking for partners that can offer soil or hydroponic testing environment to carry out product assessment on cereal crops, fruits and vegetables.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is offering either a research cooperation or joint venture agreement with private and public organisations (agricultural research institutes, test centres, farms) which have premises for final field validation of the product and build-up of product assessment database for various plants.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
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