A continuación se muestra el listado de ofertas y demandas tecnológicas y búsquedas de socios para completar consorcios para proyectos europeos de I+D que han sido publicadas recientemente por la red Enterprise Europe Network. 
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OFERTA TECNOLÓGICA(33 referencias)

TOES20221130007 Spanish SME specialized in environmental engineering consultancy providing subcontracted services in Eco-design, circular economy modelling and Sustainability Life Cycle Assessment in R&D projects within the M-ERA.NET 2022 Call.


TODK20220325015 Danish biotechnology SME offers technical cooperation for novel prediction software for antibody discovery


TOFR20221121010 SME specialised in robotics for the manipulation and assembly of miniaturised components is seeking technical cooperation with healthcare/medtech industries or research institutes


TOIT20221123029 Innovative Aerosolized virus technique testing any drug, disinfectant and sanitizing device against respiratory viruses (e.g. SARS-CoV-2 and influenza) mimicking virus’ natural transmission milieu

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TOFR20221124002 French company designing and manufacturing sustainable disinfection machines searches partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance


TOIT20221123024 Italian company specialised in offering consultancy and design on advanced materials seeks to join a HE CSA project consortium.


TOES20220606012 Robust audio watermark technology to fight audiovisual piracy and guarantee important voice recordings integrity


TOUA20221121024 A Ukrainian company offers a hardware-software complex for spectral correction.


TOIT20221121023 Italian SME offers virtual prototyping services for supporting R&D projects on innovative products and processes. Services include FEA, CFD and testing and apply to multiple fields including steel-industry, metalworking, composites, structural assessment.


TOIT20221118015 Digital computerized multifunction audio-crypto processing telephone terminal


TODE20221118006 An enterprise from northern Germany is searching for partners who want to increase property value and improve natural climate in buildings while reducing their CO² footprints at the same time


TONL20221118001 Dutch start-up offers its sustainable technology for controlling Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants


TOIT20221117022 Expert automation technology company offers its experience in automation systems based on own IOT - and IPC products.


TOIT20221117021 Automation technology company offers its experience in Energy Management System


TOFR20221116033 A French company is selling a complete and wide range of 17 ready -to-use French organic aromatherapy formulas, already industrially transposed


TOFR20221115007 Patented simple mechanical unloading dock to secure operations in waste disposal facilities.


TODE20221011012 AI-based optimization of highly complex sequence and production planning as a service


TOFR20221115003 French company designing and manufacturing sustainable disinfection machines searches partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance


TOKR20221115001 Aluminum alloy for end plate of electric vehicle battery module with high strength, elongation, and thermal conductivity


TODE20221107006 A German technology supplier of an inductive material sensor for quality control of metallic parts is looking for licence and technical agreements


TOES20221110008 Simple colorimetric/spectrophotometric determination of global amino acid amount in commercial supplements of nutritional interest


TOES20221109015 Low-cost sensorized device for (tele-)rehabilitation


TOES20221108021 Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) developer is looking for partners for research cooperation agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance


TODE20220706007 Technology partners sought for no-code platform to connect the Internet of Things (IoT) or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)


TOES20221109016 Method and kit for detecting genetic material in a sample


TOES20221109013 Method for the identification and determination of halogens in liquid samples


TOCH20221109004 Swiss tech start-up offers guided selling solutions and 3D product configurators in form of custom software with user centered design & workflows in the area of mobile apps, websites and portals.


TOIS20221108023 Icelandic company offering a platform that helps employers streamline how they onboard new employees.


TOBG20221108012 Bulgarian company who produces in-house transformers is looking for new clients and opportunities to develop novel combined products


TOES20221108013 A spanish developer of cryogenic supply system is looking for industry partners for commercial or research cooperation agreements


 TOES20221108006 Spanish company expert in agroindustrial biomass upcycling strategies is open for collaboration in circular bioeconomy initiatives for the recovery of plant bioactive compounds


TODE20221108008 Novel therapy for Metachromatic Leukodystrophy


TOFR20221107002 Intelligent autonomous platform mobile ground robot 4x4 for multi-applications to automate day-night indoor/outdoor repetitive tasks of inspection, maintenance and logistics



TRFR20221129025 Research clinical sites sought for ATX01 - Phase 2 study in Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN)


TRFI20221123017 Global accelerator program in the field of energy is looking for start-ups and scale-ups with new technologies


TRNL20221121019 A Dutch company is looking for a sustainable alternative for their plastic active pharmaceutical ingredient (=API) packaging


TRSE20221121017 Innovative solutions for reduction of carbon footprint related to plastic material used in medtech applications


TRDE20221117020 German operator of an intermodal inland port terminal seeks wholistic solutions to improve coordination, service and quality as well as cost efficiency


TRDE20221117019 Solution sought for the avoidance of accidents between trucks and bicycles


TRDE20221118011 Solution sought for the optimization of parking structures and traffic guidance for trucks

TRNL20221108022 Dutch company is looking for a solution where they can convert their UX/UI Designs into working open source websites

TRFR20221110004 French SME looking for a technology or digital solution or innovative marketing approach to make up for the lack of sensory experience when selling olfactory products online


TRCA20221109024 Canadian SME seeks simple digital diagnostic tools for primary care workers that can be used to collect digital patient data (eg cardiology, dermatology, blood pressure etc)


TRLV20221109019 Latvian company is searching for a supplier/distributor of microchips and other necessary details for the fiscal block.


TRNL20221108020 A Dutch company is looking for a sustainable alternative for their plastic active pharmaceutical ingredient (=API) packaging


TRNL20221104010 Dutch company in endurance sports wishes to capture previous timing results to build personal athlete profiles


TRNL20221103013 Artificial intelligence partner sought by Dutch telematics and IoT provider to jointly develop advanced services in fleet and asset management.


TRES20221013014 Basque industrial company is looking for medical devices start-ups to accelerate their business by setting up manufacturing processes ISO 13485 and ISO 7 clean room compliance