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OFERTA TECNOLÓGICA(62 referencias)

Technology offer  TOUA20220530012

A Ukrainian university offers technology for multilayer functional coatings deposition


Technology offer  TODE20230202012

German university is looking for companies willing to engage in application-oriented research in the digitalisation of industrial services.


Technology offer  TOIT20230201012

An Italian startup offers a smart gripper with integrated 3D camera and onboard AI to fit into autonomous cobots for package handling under commercial agreement


Technology offer  TOCH20230201011

Compact hybrid micro power plants for all year-round sustainable energy generation based on wind and solar


Technology offer  TOES20230201002

A spanish tech company offers advanced point cloud processing capabilities with applications on the industry, mining and construction sectors.


Technology offer  TOGB20230131020

An underwater inspection and maintenance robot for ships and offshore infrastructure


Technology offer  TODE20230131012

Wireless water leakage detection - Energy-self-sufficient, maintenance-free sensor system


Technology offer  TOKR20230131002

A leading Korean AI-based eye-tracking software company is seeking commercial partners to expand its affordable, highly accurate, and scalable eye-tracking technology to the European market


Technology offer  TOSK20230123011

Established Slovak research institution has developed a new method for the production of bulk GdBCOAg single-grain superconductor and is looking for a licensee/investor/buyer


Technology offer  TOTR20230130005

Turkish startup is looking for project partners


Technology offer  TODE20230125004

German research and industry partners offering AI-based simulation of resilience and climate protection measures as well as demonstrator cities are looking to join a consortium for HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-CITIES-01-01


Technology offer  TOUA20230127023

A Ukrainian company offers a new-generation axial flux motor


Technology offer  TODE20230119029

Next generation city guides with AR for tourism sector & culture heritage objects


Technology offer  TOFI20230127016

A Finnish Research Institute is looking for partners interested in novel plant-based food products for a licensing agreement in Germany, UK, France, Japan, and Canada.


Technology offer  TOUA20230125017

Meniscal Resector


Technology offer  TOES20230126016

The Spanish company offers a novel technology for the remote identification of highly polluting vehicles, during the circulation or route


Technology offer  TORO20230127005

A University from Romania seeks to join projects consortium to apply for European calls

Technology offer  TOLV20221007004

Time tracking web based solution technology.


Technology offer  TOLV20221007007

Hybrid mobile app development by using React Native technology.

Technology offer  TOCH20230125018

Advanced technology for pretreatment of municipal wastewater sludge to improve biogas generation and decrease of dry sludge


Technology offer  TOCH20221208016

Non-glyphosate vegetation control and decontamination of railway ballast, soil and groundwater from organic pollutants and glyphosate leftovers


Technology offer  TOCH20230125010

Colour changing elastomers for the visual detection of deformation or damage


Technology offer  TOIT20230124011

Innovative software for an efficient management of urban green areas


Technology offer  TODE20230124007

Post-processing of complex shaped, additive manufactured parts with high demands on accuracy and surface integrity


Technology offer  TOUA20230120015

The technology of internal stress control in critical elements of metal structures


Technology offer  TODE20230119011

German institute focusing on sustainable packaging concepts for the life science industry along the entire value chain is looking to join a consortium applying to a Horizon Europe call


Technology offer  TOGB20230123007

A low carbon alternative to structural steel and concrete that costs less


Technology offer  TOLV20221007006

Sanction list screening as Application Programming Interface solution technology


Technology offer  TOGB20230120016

A new kind of weeding tool for the garden


Technology offer  TOCZ20230119005

New cytokinin derivative technology for hydroponic and root uptake application in agriculture


Technology offer  TOES20230120013

Manufacture of an eco-cobble from recycled material


Technology offer  TODE20230118015

New approach to control immune cells to treat different types of cancer


Technology offer  TOES20230120007

Honey powder preparation method


Technology offer  TOSK20230120004

Composite for Heat Transfer with High-Temperature Resistance


Technology offer  TOGR20230119023

Cloud-based building energy management systems offered by Greek SME to distributors


Technology offer  TOFR20230110009

Neuroscience expertise (evaluate stress workload, and more brain psychocognitive functions) powered by scientific software solution (develop and run clients' own cave and virtual reality protocols), accessible on field (from office to extreme environments)


Technology offer  TODE20230118017

Robust deformable mirror for fast high-power laser processing applications


Technology offer  TOFR20230118007

Secured monitoring solutions merging IoT & space technologies with a worldwide coverage


Technology offer  TOES20230117016

Self-levelling system for pallet trucks


Technology offer  TOES20220927001

All-in-one platform for simplifying and implementing Virtual Reality through creating, deploying and managing contents without limitations, allowing any organization to adopt VR in a simple, nimble and scalable way


Technology offer  TOIT20230116009

Italian SME is looking for partners interested in further developing its smartphone app matching pace frequency or heart rate with user favorite music.


Technology request  TRDE20230116006

Electronics manufacturer sought to validate novel liquid cooling concept for electronic control units to be used in future mobility concepts and other sectors


Technology offer  TOKR20230116001

A Korean leading pollution-free environmental company, integrating cutting-edge gas analyzing technologies with IoT for real time malodor and volatile organic compounds (VOC) measurement and management, is looking for European partners


Technology offer  TOCH20230113017

Cost-efficient and space-saving drilling technology for geothermal energy applications


Technology offer  TOIT20220729002

Italian Engineering R&D SME offers its intelligence technology for integration into third party industrial vehicles


Technology offer  TOGB20230112011

Graphene Enhanced Eco-Friendly Concrete


Technology offer  TOPL20230104017

Polish producer of euro pallets (epal), disposable pallets, wooden components, roof trusses and firewood is offering commercial partnership with technical assistance


Technology offer  TOGB20230111014

Joining and Laminated Object Manufacturing (LOM) of un-weldable dissimilar metals, alloys and semiconductors


Technology offer  TOES20230111012

Method and system for recognizing atypical dysfluences in a user's speech looking for a research cooperation agreement.


Technology offer  TOIT20230111010

Automated solution for the tracking, management, sanitization and packaging of containers filled with biological samples through a combination of robotic and fluid dynamic technologies.


Technology offer  TOES20230111008

Spanish SME is looking for licensees and European distributors for their Camouflage, Concealment and Deception (CCD) shield product for military vehicles


Technology offer  TOFR20230110013

Performance optimisation service combining methodology and digital tool to make industrial processes effective, efficient and resilient in industry 4.0


Technology offer  TOLV20221007003

Latvian company is offering Laravel and Front-end outsourcing & outstaffing services


Technology offer  TODE20221108007

The foot expander - Training device for diabetics


Technology offer  TODE20230109015

Optimized radial compressor


Technology offer  TODE20230109005

A German SME is offering its expertise in Batteries and Motors for e-Mobility projects


Technology offer  TONL20230106010

Nanoimprint lithography on full wafers that saves process steps by directly producing a hard etch mask or functional optical layer


Technology offer  TOCZ20230106011

Looking for partnership in research projects on applications of accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) in societal and environmental studies


Technology offer  TONL20230106009

Nanoimprint lithography on full wafers that saves process steps by directly producing a hard etch mask or functional optical layer


Technology offer  TONL20221212026

Dutch project developer integrating green ammonia systems for heat and hydrogen production looking for sites where such technology could be applied.


Technology offer  TOGB20230106007

A UK developer of a packaging sterilisation method is seeking a packaging manufacturer to build and distribute a unique aseptic packaging machine utilising pre-developed designs and supported by new technology IP.


Technology offer  TOES20230105010

A Spanish inventor offers a smart city management system based on the level of efficiency of a vehicle for research cooperation agreement.


Technology offer  TODE20230104015

Cirular economy start-up developing a software to digitise building materials and allowing optimal circularity of building materials is looking for consortium for HORIZON-CL5-2022-D4-02-05 or CL5-2022-D4-02-02



BÚSQUEDA DE SOCIOS I+D(21 referencias)

Research & Development Request  RDRSI20230127020

AMULET2: Self-healing mortar for external thermal insulation composite facade system


Research & Development Request  RDRSI20230127019

 AMULET2: Lightweight active grid for replacement of lead alloy grids


Research & Development Request  RDRSI20230127018

AMULET2: Contact pads in low voltage switchgear products


Research & Development Request  RDRSI20230127013

AMULET2: Electric double layer capacitors with anodized aluminum foil


Research & Development Request  RDRAT20230126018

Industrial partners sought for the joint development of new repair concepts for polymers/composites


Research & Development Request  RDRSI20230126014

AMULET2: Modular battery pack for Li-Ion technology


Research & Development Request  RDRSI20230126009

AMULET2: Clean and high-performance machining of composite and light metal alloy stacks


Research & Development Request  RDRHU20230126008

HORIZON-EIC-2023-PATHFINDEROPEN-01-01: Hungarian biotech SME is looking for partners in the field of electrodes applied in neurosurgery or in vivo neuronal transfection/transduction for the development of chemogenetic therapeutics for various CNS diseases


Research & Development Request  RDRDE20230126001

HORIZON-JU-IHI-2022-03-05 project on developing and evaluating a holistic and personalised monitoring digital health platform for preventing and managing mental disorders – industrial partner for support of mobile application sought


Research & Development Request  RDRFR20230125015

European project on Ski recycling - Looking for a company that recycles ski material and a partner expert in economic analysis - Urgent


Research & Development Request  RDRTR20230124001

EIC Accelerator - An Innovative High Tech Startup is Looking for Manufacturer Partner


Research & Development Request  RDRBE20230123015

Belgian SME seeks partners for call HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-03: Natural Language Understanding and Interaction in Advanced Language Technologies (AI Data and Robotics Partnership) - Deadline 29/03/2023


Research & Development Request  RDRTR20230123012

URGENT - A Consortium is looking for partner to apply Eureka Xecs Call 2


Research & Development Request  RDRTR20230123005

A tech company is looking for partners to apply HORIZON-CL2-2023-HERITAGE-01-03: Re-visiting the digitisation of cultural heritage: What, how and why?


Research & Development Request  RDRES20230120002

Eurostars partner search: Mobile optical access integrated on 5G/6G core networks as a beneficial alternative to radio access.


Research & Development Request  RDRES20230123008

EIC Pathfinder-A Spanish Foundation is looking for companies with expertise in developing wound dressings for wound care, especially to avoid wound infection and/or to treat chronic, non-healing wounds.


Research & Development Request  RDRCZ20230119019

A Czech innovative technology company engaged in implementation and research of vertical cultivation hydroponic systems and technologies is looking for consortium for HORIZON-CL6-2023-FARM2FORK projects


Research & Development Request  RDRES20230117025

HORIZON-CL5-2023-D2-02-02: A consortium search an electric vehicles (EVs) manufacturer company (cars, buses and trucks) to test batteries in their own produced EVs.


Research & Development Request  RDRES20230113006

Partner search: Looking for a laboratory/institution that has an in vitro model of neuromuscular junction. URGENT


Research & Development Request  RDRDE20230109002

HORIZON project idea LurenDa: Platform based formation of resilient and sustainable value networks using real time data value streams for the European aerospace industry - One partner from European law and data law are sought


Research & Development Request  RDRTR20230106015

URGENT! - Partners sought for a Eureka 2023 Call Zero-D Project