A continuación se muestra el listado de ofertas y demandas tecnológicas y búsquedas de socios para completar consorcios para proyectos europeos de I+D que han sido publicadas recientemente por la red Enterprise Europe Network. 
Es posible realizar una búsqueda interactiva en la siguiente dirección: https://een.ec.europa.eu/partners 

OFERTA TECNOLÓGICA(43 referencias)

Technology offer  TOSI20230306005

Innovative modular program of outdoor equipment, suitable for fitness or other outdoor uses

Technology offer  TOES20230306003

Basque (Spanish) SME is urgently looking for partners/consortia to apply to HORIZON-CL6-2023-ZEROPOLLUTION-01-6: Biosensors and user-friendly diagnostic tools for environmental services


Technology offer  TOIT20230303012

The company offers products and technologies for odour abatement

Research & Development Request  RDRIT20230303014

Partner search - Erasmus + VET - KEENS – Knowledge systems: Enhancing capacities and abilities in catering and hospitality, endorsing of new sharing models

Technology offer  TOFR20230220002

French med-tech company specialised in cardiovascular imaging is looking for healthcare institutions interested in cooperating through a license to use a cardiovascular post processing software for accurate and rapid diagnosis

Technology offer  TOPL20230303010

A Polish inventor offers production line for roller blinds with technological support.

Technology offer  TOGR20230302019

Greek experts in Industry 4.0 and additive manufacturing and digitalization (3D Printing and 3D Scanning), offer their knowledge and expertise


Technology offer  TODE20230302006

Commercial grey water recycling technology

Technology offer  TODK20230301011

Danish Automation Builder seeks partnering companies

Technology request  TRES20230301008

Accelerated rain erosion test for aeronautic material validation

Technology offer  TOFR20230228004

French technological centre with expertise in failure analysis is looking for partners under a commercial agreement with technical assistance

Technology offer  TOFR20230228003

A French Transfer Technology company seeks for industrial partners to test a new phase change (PCM) material.

Technology offer  TOUA20230225001

Automated system for passenger counting and passenger traffic studying (APCS) is offered for a commercial agreement with technical assistance

Technology offer  TODE20230224009

A German startup with an app for profile-based customer acquisition in inner-city retailing is looking for internationally active retailers with stores in and around Nuremberg (Germany) for a market test of its app.

Technology offer  TOGB20230224006

A UK based technology company who have developed a world leading location and data services IoT platform are now seeking to license their technology, in part or full, to large companies and brands, wishing to take this type of technology to market.

Technology offer  TOPL20220322036

An R&D team from Poland has developed innovative swimming fins and is looking for licensees

Technology offer  TODE20230222010

Simulation tool for linking river hydraulics with ecology for environmental impact assessment (EIA)

Technology offer  TOFR20230222005

Eco-friendly cable puller with electrical assistance to faster deploy underground optical fibers while reducing the physical strain

Technology offer  TORO20230221022

Haptic sensors specialised company is dedicated to developing sustainable environmental solutions and reducing the impact of pollution on the environment

Technology offer  TOHR20230221020

A Croatian SME focused on developing scalable air quality solutions that address air pollution threats would like to participate in the new Eurostars 3 project Call as a partner

Technology offer  TOSK20230221019

Established Slovak scientific and research institute has developed new innovative solution for surface treatment of biomedical titanium and Ti-alloys in electrolytes and is looking for a licensee/investor/buyer

Technology offer  TOSK20230214016

A team of inventors from an established Slovak scientific and research institute has developed a new method of purification of water-soluble polymers from hydrophobic contaminants and is looking for a licensee/investor/buyer

Technology offer  TOGR20230220012

A Greek SME specialised in artificial intelligence, big data and information extraction techniques offers expertise in cognitive processing platforms.

Technology offer  TOUA20230220014

Innovative work station that will help people with sedentary work to reduce the harmful effects on posture.

Technology offer  TORO20230220004

Intelligent Decision Support for Weather Forecasting Services

Technology offer  TODE20230220003

German university offers a new tool: Immune enhancing peptides against antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and related septic arthritis

Technology offer  TOLV20220207001

Training technology for virtual reality injury simulation for medical students, healthcare professionals and the military

Technology request  TRDE20230216010

Digital charging solution for electric vehicles sought

Technology offer  TODE20230217007

Biomarker to monitor specific treatment of hemophilia patients

Technology offer  TOFR20230216016

Next generation immunotherapies

Technology offer  TOFR20230216015

New biomarkers of spontaneous preterm birth

Technology offer  TOFR20230216012

An optical imaging agent to assist anti-tumour surgery

Technology offer  TODE20230216008

Improved testing procedure for microchips

Technology offer  TODE20230216002

A start-up from northern Germany offers innovative and effective communication technology + tablets for hospitals and health institutions to facilitate interaction between doctors, nurses, patients and patients’ relatives

Technology offer  TODE20230215014

German start-up-company is looking for partners to test novel applications for its patented hydrophilic, dirt repellent and biofilm preventing surface coating technology.

Technology offer  TOSI20230214010

OHCA data gathering system

Technology offer  TOBG20220411012

Bulgarian company offers its cloud based remote Monitoring , Disclosure and Event Prediction for Electro-Mechanical Equipment

Technology offer  TOAT20230214014

AI-based football video analysis system for all coaches


Technology request  TRDE20230303007

Cooperation on microfluidic biosensor integration

Technology request  TRDE20230303006

Cooperation on in-vitro diagnostics for point-of-need applications


BÚSQUEDA DE SOCIOS I+D(18 referencias)


Research & Development Request  RDRGB20230306001

A Scottish personal data logistics infrastructure SME is looking for partners to participate in An Internet of Trust - HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN-01-11: Next Generation Internet Fund (RIA)

Research & Development Request  RDRES20230302015

Biotech SME with deep expertise on pro/postbiotics & microbiota study to regulate glucose metabolism in diabetes related conditions. Seeking complementary Eurostars3/other EU proposal partnership/consortium where their experience can provide added value.

Research & Development Request  RDRES20230302003

Spanish consortium is looking for SME with expertise on sustainable bactericide masterbatch development for shoes application, to apply to the next Eurostars programme call

Research & Development Request  RDRMT20230302004

A Maltese company with expertise in marine biology is looking for partnering opportunities to join consortia for H2020 Europe funded proposals in the area of blue economy and sustainable tourism.

Research & Development Request  RDRIT20230301026

Partner search for communication and dissemination activities in EU project

Research & Development Request  RDRES20230301023

VERY URGENT – CETP Consortium is looking for partner involved in design of mooring systems

Research & Development Request  RDRES20230301006

Spanish company is looking for companies with experience in soil remediation which apply innovative technologies/techniques

Research & Development Request  RDRDE20230228001

Clean Hydrogen Partnership for Horizon-JTI-CLEANH2 calls

Research & Development Request  RDRES20230227006

A Spanish Aerospace research centre (Materials and Structures Department) is urgently looking for partners/consortia to submit a proposal to HORIZON-CL5-2023-D5-01-07/08 hydrogen-powered aviation & CL5-2023-D5-01-09 digital transformation in aviation

Research & Development Request  RDRIT20230228009

Erasmus+ Programme: Cooperation partnerships in higher education, Call deadline 20 March 2023. University Department is looking for partners: Business Associations, Development Agencies, Chambers of Commerce

Research & Development Request  RDRFR20230227022

French R&D Center with expertise in the field of safe and sustainable vehicles and infrastructures, is looking for a Horizon Europe consortium to join (Cluster 5 Destination 6)

Research & Development Request  RDRES20230222022

A Spanish Aerospace research centre focused on Global Navigation Satellite Systems is looking for partners to participate in HORIZON-EUSPA-2023-SPACE calls for proposals and specific EUSPA and ESA indirectly managed actions

Research & Development Request  RDRIT20230224018

Urgent! Italian SME is looking for partners interested in joining the consortium to present a proposal under a cascading funding scheme, aimed at creating a demonstrator of its innovative monitoring urban flooding phenomena system

Research & Development Request  RDRES20230221025

Spanish SME is looking for a partner dedicated to agricultural production of cucurbits or similar crops for setting up consortium under Eurostars-3 call.

Research & Development Request  RDRTR20230221002

A significant player in the field of Aviation and Space Industry is looking for consortia to apply to HORIZON-EIE-2023-CONNECT-01-02, HORIZON-EIE-2024-CONNECT-02-01, and HORIZON-WIDERA-2023-ERA-01-02

Research & Development Request  RDRBE20230220011

Belgian SME seeks partners for several HORIZON-CL4-2023-HUMAN & HORIZON-CL4-2023-DIGITAL calls mainly in AI, Data and Robotics

Research & Development Request  RDRBG20221216011

IT company is looking for a partner for UX design & monetization of a software product for Visualizing Retrospective Weather Conditions Around The Globe for mutual project under EUREKA Eurostars

Research & Development Request  RDRBG20230214021

Bulgarian company is looking for a partner from more developed region for ERDF