A continuación se muestra el listado de ofertas y demandas tecnológicas  que han sido publicadas recientemente por la red Enterprise Europe Network. 

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Reducing air pollution and optimising the use of assets for industry using data and technology

A UK SME has developed hardware, software and data analytics capable of monitoring air quality in industrial locations. The technology offers a complete turn-key solution including deployment of sensors, monitoring, data collection & analytics. It provides users the ability to prevent workers and local communities being exposed to harmful levels of pollutants. They are seeking partners for a commercial agreement with...


Innovative vibration absorption device for portable tools in construction and gardening

A French start-up has developed a light and robust vibration absorption device, reducing the vibration level up to 80% and effective on a 4x wider frequency range. Construction and gardening markets are the main markets targeted by the company: by absorbing vibration, the device has a positive impact on the user’s health while increasing the tool lifespan. Technical cooperation is sought with construction and...


A Turkish Company offers it's services at the field of Software and IT

The company started providing services in the software and information technology sector in 2010 with the goal of offering innovative solutions in ERP Solutions, Accounting Programs, Commercial Programs, Sectoral Programs, and Web Programs, using its own capital and strong infrastructure.


Greek SME offering Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), 3D Scanning, Product Development, 3D Design and Reverse Engineering services is seeking academic and/or industrial collaborations to expand its business portfolio.

The Greek SME offers accurate and reliable additive manufacturing (3D Printing) services. The innovative company is seeking academic and/or industrial collaborations to expand its business portfolio.


Spanish technology centre offers innovative and sustainable techniques for vineyard cultivation and advice on all stages of winemaking

Technology centre located in Spain, working on agricultural and agrifood sector, offers its technical team to carry out innovative and sustainable methods for vineyard cultivation and advice at all stages of winemaking. The technology offered can be used to optimise vineyard cultivation and winemaking through innovative and sustainable techniques. The types of partnerships being sought are a cooperative research and...


Technology for treatment of Chromium VI in ground water, waste water and soils/ materials

A French SME active in soils and water treatments offers a chemical reduction solution to eliminate the chromium VI in water at neutral pH through the addition of ascorbic acid under control of the pH and of the redox potential. The treatment could be complete by filtration on activated carbon if needed. The company offers commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Spanish technology center offers solutions based on biochar

Based in Spain, the technology center specializes in agricultural and agrifood sectors. The use of biochar in the soil helps to improve agricultural productivity as well as the quality of agricultural products. The main advantage of the technology is to contribute to sustainable agriculture and mitigate climate change. Seeking partnerships for growth, they welcome cooperative R&D or commercial agreements with...


Spanish technology center offers its agronomic services

Based in Spain, the technology center specializes in agricultural and agrifood sectors. Their innovation lies in agronomic experimentation and innovation, optimizing crop nutrition, productivity, soil health, water management and pest control. The integration of field knowledge, crop insights, and cutting-edge tech ensures sustainable farming. The center is looking for partnerships for growth, welcome cooperative R&D...


Japanese small hydropower unit on licensing partnership

A Japanese company offers their intellectual property rights to technology for an open, small hydropower unit through a licensing agreement. Their hydropower technology can be used to effectively convert unused hydropower energy into electricity.


A single cloud monitoring software dedicated to professionals to maximise the performance of their multiple renewable energy sites

A French SME has fully developed a cloud-based software dedicated to monitoring renewable energy production facilities (photovoltaic sites or wind parks) or buildings. This scalable software provides the user with special features for viewing, analysing or reporting data and is compatible with any type of hardware. Commercial agreements with technical assistance are sought with operators, investors, asset managers.


Additive manufacturing of certified aircraft components: production and technology partners sought

A German startup, certified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for the 3D-printing of aircraft components and focused on polymer cabin interiors, seeks companies who would like to be licensed as production partners. Also, partners are sought for the further development of the technology & hardware, especially regarding metals and composites. Advantages include the fast, flexible and cost-efficient...


The Serbian research and development SME is offering research or technical cooperation in the field of fracture mechanics

A Serbian research and development SME, a spin-off of a mechanical engineering faculty, aimed at the experimental and numerical research of fracture damage of parts, welded joints and materials, offer specific know-how and expertise to companies developing, producing, and maintaining structural parts (powerplants, railway, automobile industry, etc.). The SME is offering research or technical cooperation in the...


Specialised services for the development of envelopes for technical and technological products

A Spanish SME is specialised in industrial design and advanced manufacturing. Its mission is to improve the aesthetics and functionality of products, thus raising the position of companies in the market through an innovative image, highlighting its value proposition. Currently, they offer commercial agreements with technical assistance to technology companies that require development or redesign of their product...


A Finnish company is looking for an investor / industrial partner for their novel biomass processing innovation for dairy and swine farms

A Finnish company's innovation handles farm's organic side-streams and turns it into valuable bioproducts while cutting down greenhouse gases, chemical oxygen demand and ammonia emissions. The company is currently looking for an investor / industrial partner in biogas industry in the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia.



UK developer of an online business support platform allowing universities to scale their entrepreneurship services seeks partners under a commercial agreement.

A UK software company has created a business support platform encompassing a range of digital tools and custom solutions for those engaged in university entrepreneurship. The online platform offers a digital infrastructure to scale university business support services, deliver relevant and timely support to innovators, and measure its own economic impact. The company seeks partners to introduce the platform to Europe...


Technology for eliminating harmful bacteria from organic waste and improving anaerobic bio digestion process.

An Italian SME operating on the waste market has developed and patented a safe and economical method to eliminate harmful bacteria from some organic waste types and animal excrement. The application of this technology to the anaerobic bio digestion process improves its yield and profitability as well as guaranteeing the creation of a completely sustainable circular economy process. Companies and industries interested...


Romanian SME specialised in research and development with extensive experience in producing customized software and hardware based on customer needs offer its services under comercial agreement.

The Romanian company, specialized in research and development with extensive experience in producing customized software and hardware based on customer needs. The company has evolved constantly over time, developing a solid customer base mainly in terms of the fact that it can provide complete solutions. The company is looking for cooperation with foreign partners within comercial agreement with technical assistance.


A Turkish technology company that is active in Agro, Education, Security, and Health Sectors is willing to be a consortium partner for HORIZON Calls.

A Turkish technology company that operates on R&D Services and specializes in mechanical, electronic, artificial intelligence software engineering, and carries out new design, invention, and innovation projects is looking for consortiums that prepare applications for HORIZON calls to be a consortium partner.


Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software for production processes management.

Italian ICT company with more than 20 years’ experience in asset management solutions, developed a software to optimally manage all production processes. The company is looking for new foreign partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Industry 4.0 for wine and beverages bottling lines

Italian SME with longstanding experience in the implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions developed a technology enabling more efficient management of wine and other beverages bottling line operations, improving product quality, reducing waste and costs and optimizing production processes and energy consumption. The company is looking for new foreign partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) platform for company asset management

Italian ICT company with more than 20 years’ experience in asset management solutions development, provides its owned-developed computerized maintenance management platform, together with customized support for its adaptation to customer’s needs. The company is looking for new foreign partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Modular and configurable floating platform system with controllable float module technology.

Licensees for commercial agreements are sought for a cost-effective open-water construction. The ‘Controllable Float Modules’ can be transported in standardised shipping containers. The innovation allows for assembly of multiple modules into much larger structures. By eliminating the need for marine construction yards and floating crane vessels, cost-effective manufacturing and installation is viable. Structures can...


High Voltage power innovative modules plus High Precision Monitoring Systems

An Italian based SME has developed an innovative monitoring control system based on a long experience in high power transmitters and control rooms, highly reliable and easily interfaceble to custom or commercial of the shelf equipments. They can be controlled by local or remote operators. The data processing is based on microcontrollers and Field programmable gate arrays. Commercial and technical collaboration are...


Korean company that helps sales people to find high quality leads without wasting time and energy is looking for Clients and Partners in Europe.

It is a software and data company, whose main activity is to provide sales data processing and sales intelligence solutions. Key offerings include deep learning-based data processing, real-time buyer recommendations, solutions for increased sales efficiency, and services such as Deep Learning Data Processing, Live buyer recommendations, Increase sales efficiency and Global networks.


Dutch scale-up specialized in dynamic climate control for critical environments is seeking for partners to accelerate international growth

A Dutch scale-up has pioneered a solution that takes indoor climate control to the next level using automated dynamic control for temperature and relative humidity. Their patented solution saves vast amounts of energy for climate control and is proven in the field of heritage institutions, like museums, archives and art storages. The SME is looking for a business partner to accelerate international growth. Partners...


Immersive education and remote assistance platform for operating rooms

A Spanish SME active in the area of IT, has developed a web platform aimed at the collaboration and assistance needs of surgeons and to improve the training process at different levels. A relevant characteristic of this platform is the ability to use the immersive experience from virtual reality glasses without installing any app to be immediately inside the operating room. The company is interested in distribution -...


A UK SME developing a multifaceted AI-powered virtual human digital ecosystem with extensive healthcare capabilities using IP licensed from NASA is seeking commercial partnerships via technical assistance.

A UK SME is developing an artificial intelligent virtual human dedicated to pioneering educational and training materials for patient assessment and management to enhance diagnostics, care quality, expedite recovery, bolster healthcare economics, and ultimately, advance global health. They are looking for collaborative partnerships to further extend the potential of the IP by seeking expertise in Actual Reality...


A Greek startup company has developed an online platform to streamline the supply chain in the livestock business. It is seeking partners to collaborate under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A Greek startup specializing in goat and sheep dairy products has developed a unique B2B marketplace that streamlines and automates the supply chain for the livestock industry. This online platform, offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), serves farmers, traders, and professionals in the dairy and meat sectors. The company is actively seeking collaborative partners for expanding the platform into additional...


Irish Medical Device company seeking partnership opportunities with multinational organisation to assist in the manufacture and deployment to the market of their fully patented Medical Aid Vein Detection product

The client's product is a medical aid to enable clinicians to have a greater chance of locating a vein for either a blood draw or IV cannulation. The product is designed to increase their success rate and reduce time wastage and cost of failed attempts.


Erasmus+ Programme: Mobility for free trainship.
Italian Association is looking for companies to host for free international university trainees.

Companies have the opportunity to host university students or recent graduates in their offices for professional internships lasting 2 to 5 months at no cost. The candidates have diverse educational backgrounds and come from 46 European universities. Registration for Host Organizations is open year-round, with two or three selection windows each year; the next one begins on November 2, and last until 1st December...


Danish RTO offers expertise in substituting per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in industrial production and products, and in PFAS removal from the environment.

A Danish research and technology organisation has expertise within alternatives to the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) used in industrial production and products, and in removal of PFAS from the environment. They are offering their professional services to industrial clients under commercial agreement with technical assistance.


A Korean SME has developed a smart ring measuring biosignals is looking for partners in medical and healthcare industry under research cooperation agreement

A Korean SME has developed a smart ring that can measure biosignals such as skin temperature, heart rate, saturation pulse oxygen, and respiration rate. It offers high accuracy, lightweight, and superior wearability for monitoring health condition. The company is looking for partners who are interested in joint R&D for employing this device into healthcare services.


Spanish SME offers a solution that takes care of the monitoring and control of an entire IT infrastructure in an automated way, ensuring that any threats will be automatically communicated.

The solution is a combination of a sensor box deployed within the customer´s intranet, and an cloud appliance, that are constantly and regularly monitoring thousands of events (messages, devices, servers, apps, laptops) and analyzing them to highlight if • Any event is beyond reasonable limits • Any event is not identified And thus, trigger an alarm to the IT service manager (or any other person) to analyse it...


Food Waste Extract for Bacterial Cellulose Production

Bacterial cellulose is a highly useful product, for example in making medical dressings, as food industry ingredients (thickening, taste, flavor, color), food packaging and as sustainable textile. However, its utility is limited by the cost, of which a large proportion comes from growing the bacteria that produce the cellulose. This technology is an extract derived from food waste that replaces the expensive...


3D real-time monitoring of smart textiles

Smart textiles have great potential in the fields of sport science and medicine, and even in the entertainment industry (e.g. motion-capture technology). This technology enhances that potential, by creating a 3D digital twin of a smart textile, enabling measurement of deformation and movement of the smart textile as it is worn.


Slovenian company developed a charging ring for internal combustion engines and is looking for a commercial agreement.

A Slovenian company developed an engine charging ring, for all internal combustion engines, as a new construction or renovation of existing engines, that is designed to reduce consumption, emissions and detonations. The company is looking for a partner interested in Investment agreement, Commercial agreement with technical assistance or Research and development cooperation agreement.


Highly accurate solution for early detection and monitoring of wildfires

A greek SME offers an innovative solution for early detection, monitoring and decision support for enhancing the resilience of private or public infrastructure against wildfires. It is actually a groundbreaking risk mitigation system for minimizing the time between incident detection and critical action. The company is looking to conclude collaboration with partners on abroad of any size under the context of...


An Israeli company, specializing in flexible standing pouches for mineral water, is looking for commercial agreement.

An Israeli SME specializing in flexible packaging has developed a laminate special construction to use flexible pouches as an alternative package enabling long shelf life of the product. The innovative technology enables to use flexible pouches to preserve taste and odour of the mineral water. Looking for a partner in the mineral water industry/market in frame of commercial agreement with technical assistance...


Israeli company that specialises in proportional valves and pinch valves based on piezoelectric technology is looking for a commercial agency agreement with technical assistance

An Israeli SME has developed a series of proportional valves and pinch valves based on piezoelectric technology. The piezoelectric valve provides air or gas flow control, and varies the output flow. Those valves provides a high degree of control for many applications such as: power and energy control, food processing, medical devices, automation systems, ventilation, etc. The company is looking for license agreement...


Israeli company that specializes in the technology of a new, fashionable health shoe, is looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A leading Israeli company that designs and manufactures quality shoes has developed an innovative sole based on the bio mechanical principle, incorporated with a fashionable shoe, suitable for a wide variety of orthopedic problems. The company is looking for a strategic partner for a commercial agreement with technical assistance, a joint venture agreement or a license agreement.


An Israeli company is looking for manufacturers and integrators for their innovative dehumidifier and heater for cold climate greenhouses

An Israeli manufacturer specializes in designs, develops and manufactures air conditioning and dehumidification systems. It has developed and manufactured a ventilated hear converter (VLHC), a patented, field tested dehumidification system for cold climate greenhouses. It solves humidity elated problems, including yield-damaging botrytis, while lowering energy for heating and fungicide expenses. The company is...


Maltese 2D animation and film production studio offers its technical know-how and creative services internationally via joint venture/license agreement

The Maltese company that creates hand-drawn 2D digital and animated media for the TV, film and streaming industry would like to continue expanding its services further internationally and is thus seeking broadcasters (kids' television networks) and co-producers (animation studios) to enter into a joint venture/license agreement. They are mainly interested in the European market. They also offer a financial agreement...


Spanish SME is offering IoT solution: from sensors of any kind to trigger automated actions, all in a single project.

The Spanish company is a specialized technology firm that has developed web applications for monitoring and controlling devices. They make it possible to view – and act upon – the status of networks, communications, servers and applications. They have developed an IoT ecosystem to address the above: controlling and improving physical and IT infrastructure, and controlling processes and costs.


A start-up specialised in artificial intelligence offers its expertise to support partners looking to integrate AI into their processes

A tech start-up specializing in AI, big data and analytics, primarily focused on software projects, is searching for research cooperation agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance with low-tech SMEs and software houses in European markets. This company is actively looking for partners interested in integrating AI into their solutions, with a particular emphasis on applications in smart building...


State-of-the-art greenhouse climate control system from Greece

Greek SME has developed a climate control system for use in greenhouses, both in small-scale installations and larger projects. The company is looking for commercial partners for its technology, and provide all the relevant technical support and training.


Groundbreaking technology enhancing user interaction and authentication on LEDs display devices with lower consumption metrics.

French company patented a novel approach to generate an image signal of an object using a display screen composed of LEDs. It provides a way of leveraging electrical consumption metrics from LED displays to detect & generate images of objects, merging display technology with authentication and imaging capabilities. It opens applications on a large range of applications in security & device authentication, leveraging...


An IT outsource services provider, in the area of software development and digital solutions design.

Our Services: Artificial Intelligence (AI): Voice Recognition, Image recognition, Signs detection, Face Emotions Recognitions, Chat bots; Data Science: Business solutions, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Data Modeling, Predictive analytics, Simulation modeling, Data Visualization; Custom Software Development: (Desktop, Web, Mobile, AR/VR); Business Digital Transformation: ERP implementation, Systems...


A Korean Company is looking for manufacturers and/or distributors for a Vacuum System Installation Simulation Solution

Vacuum is the state filtered impurities out of the air, which results in making quality & featured product in manufacturing sites such as car-assembly, home air-conditioner, fridges, semiconductors etc. The vacuum status is made from a couple of gadgets configured with chambers, pumps, gauges, and more, which is called “Vacuum System.” The cost of the system varies from $20,000-M$200. Accordingly, it is the key skill...


Grooved nozzle - Optimized combination nozzle for isotropic 3D printing

A German university has improved the injection nozzle for isotropic 3D printing. The researchers have optimized the geometry of the nozzle and added a guide unit. This improves print quality and increases user flexibility. The university is offering a licensing agreement to interested companies.


An Italian company specialized in developing innovative automotive electronic control systems is searching for OEMs and Tier1 in the automotive, agricultural machinery, commercial vehicles, construction and material handling sectors

This company develops and provides advanced electronic control systems for innovative environmentally-friendly vehicles with high efficiency and superior performances. The company is involved in the innovation process for sustainable mobility and has established profitable collaborations with automotive, commercial vehicles, agricultural machinery and off-highway vehicles OEMs. It’s looking for international OEMs or...


Mobile agri-food waste recycling bio factory, multi-sector and multi feedstock application

A French SME has developed an innovative solution for total material recovery and zero waste from Agri-Food Production Side Stream (AFPSS). Through their solution they are able to convert waste into valuable products for various markets, from human food to animal feed and plant nutrition. The French SME is proposing a technology transfer that includes the bio-waste recycling portable unit, the study to optimize the...


Injection unit for micro injection molding - Economic micro-component manufacture

A German university has developed an economic micro-component injection molding process for all batch sizes. The injection molding unit concept allows greatly reduced dwell times, low energy consumption, and very good reproducibility. The university offers a lisence agreement.


Advanced technology for treatment of contaminated soil, groundwater and wastewater

A Swiss SME active in the remediation of contaminated sites offers a solution for soil, groundwater and wastewater treatment based on chemical oxidation processes. The processes can be applied to rapidly treat a wide range of contaminants (e.g. petroleum waste, hydrocarbons, polyaromatic materials, polychlorinated biphenyls, herbicides) from 1 ppm up to 10% with a conversion rate of up to 99%. Partners for licenses...


Traceability data technology for upstream trackable food system from Greece

A Greek SME is offering trackable food system technology for product traceability to food producers via commercial agrrements with technical assistance.


Biobed detoxification technology from Greece for the treatment of olive mills wastewater

A Greek research institute has developed a detoxification technique in order to treat wastewater from olive mills using organic materials to filter out harmful substances from liquid residues resulting from olive processing. The client wishes to offer this technology to olive oil producers through commercial agreements with technical assistance.


AI-based photo quality control R&D project looking for platforms with large number of photos

2 Belgian innovative SMEs have received funding to develop an Artificial Intelligence-based photo quality control. The aim of the tool will be to automate, optimise and improve the photo quality control. The solution will offer automated retouching based on precise image analysis. They are looking for an entity dealing with a large number of photos to join their R&D project.


Belgian bio-based textile fiber SME looking for partners to build consortium for cascade funding EuroBoosTex.

The SME produces a biosourced fiber (biopolymer) & offers a recycling solution enabling used textiles to be transformed into virgin-quality fiber in a closed loop. It helps the textile industry to recover textile waste by guaranteeing complete recycling of its fiber at the EoL. They are looking for apparel/workwear/sportswear brands to build a consortium and create an end-product with the SME’s fiber in which the SME...


A Korean company offers NRDO (No Research Development Only) based technology incubation service for Medtech and Digital Healthcare startups.

The company was founded in 2020 by engineers from Samsung Electronics who worked together to support the technology development of deep tech startups. The company is doing a NRDO (no research development only) service to create customized Business Service that solves common difficulties from planning to development, manufacturing, and sales.


New technology for highly targeted intracellular delivery of large biologicals and gene editing tools

A UK startup owns and develops a novel condensate-based intracellular delivery approach for large constructs. It overcomes the limitations with the nature of the cargo, and endosomal entrapment. Developers of biological drugs and gene editing tools are invited to incorporate the new technology into R&D projects and downstream technical and commercial projects.


Major French social housing company looking to join Horizon Europe consortium (cluster 5) as a demo site

A major Northern French innovative social housing company is looking to join Horizon Europe consortium (cluster 5) (partner or work package leader) as a demo site. The company is experienced in European projects.


Innovative German start-up is looking for users and/or project partners to develop the potential applications of their sustainable high-performance and pure aluminium with a unique material property profile.

A German start-up, founded in 2020, introduces its revolutionary aluminum material with unprecedented properties. This environmentally friendly, recyclable material is ideal for electronics, aerospace and more. The company is actively seeking partners for research and development projects in order to explore its limitless potential. Discover Aluminum’s Future!


German company developed sensoric fabrics and is looking for research and development cooperation agreements with European companies

A German SME offering knitted fabrics has developed innovative sensoric fabrics and is looking for partners to explore its application in different sectors. The aim is to explore how and where this new kind of fabrics can be applied by agreeing on research and development cooperation agreements with European companies.


Virtual spatial boundaries for robots

Researchers from a German university developed a software that establishes and identifies virtual boundaries for autonomous robots. It is based on an augmented reality environment. The key to this technology is that the working area boundaries are monitored in three dimensions, so a volume that the robot may not enter can be stipulated. The university offers a license and/or technological cooperation agreement.


A German Electronics Design & Software Development Company with experience in automotive, AI, FPGA, industrial automation, telecoms and IoT domains is looking for commercial partners

A German electronics design house enables the customers' businesses to reach a new level by helping them to develop innovative solutions in such industries as automotive, AI, industrial automation, telecom, broadcasting, IoT and smart home. The core experience includes all levels of software development, hardware design, FPGA design and industrial design.


Austrian SME offers a database of enzymes with CO2 and methane conversion potential to advance sustainable biotechnology

The SME seeks partners in the biotechnological/biocatalysis fields to work on a sustainable, synergistic (bio)technology to reduce greenhouse gases by using them as a ubiquitarian, green resource. A unique database is offered encompassing >100,000 enzyme candidates potentially active toward CO2 and methane. This is based on calculated point clouds to improve the screening depth to obtain machine-readable data sets...


Rapid test for urinanalysis for prostat cancer

Italian spin-off developed a rapid test for urine analysis based on proprietary biomarkers allowing urologists to identify men at high risk of prostate cancer, more precisely compared to the current standard of care. The spin-off is looking for a contract manufacturer for industrialization and is open to collaboration with hospitals to conduct clinical validation on patients.


Cypriot SME Providing a Novel Service for Dumping Detection and Waste Management with Satellite Imagery and Artificial Intelligent (AI)

Cyprus-based company offering a service that utilizes high spatial resolution satellite imagery & advanced AI models to detect illegal dumping activities, primarily targeting municipalities, local communities, environmental NGOs, waste management companies and businesses involved in outdoors cleaning, waste reuse, and circular economy. The service provides access to online analytics with a GIS map of identified...


Portable system to generate squeezed light for quantum sensing and quantum computing

Squeezed light is a specific quantum state. Its properties can be exploited in various applications. It enables precise optical sensing beyond the shot noise limit, optical quantum computing and quantum key distribution for cryptography. Based on Commercial agreements with technical assistance, the University spin-off offers squeeze lasers and supplementary devices that enable customers to work efficiently with...


AeroDrop: Easy Detection of Infectious Particles in the Ambient Air

A Slovenian research institute has developed a small, portable and user-friendly device for monitoring nanoparticles and aerosols in the air. A novel sensor can be used for alerting exceeded critical concentration of respiratory droplets to prevent disease spreading, analyzing droplets in the clouds and spray mist, monitoring of air pollution with particles or testing of inhalers-dosed drugs. Partners for technical...


A new technology to extend the shelf-life of packed food.

The Italian SME was founded in 2011 as a university spin-off in industrial chemical engineering. The patented technology was set up to improve the capabilities of food packaging making food safer and better protected against fungi and bacteria. The company is interested to offer the technology to food companies available to test it in their processes through a research cooperation agreement as partnership type.


Sensors for structural health monitoring automotive: detection of defects in composite structures, detection of deterioration and malfunctioning of bearings

The German engineering company has developed sensors for the automotive industry for the detection of defects in composite structures, the detection of deterioration and malfunctioning of bearings and for structural health monitorng as well as for noise, harshness and vibrations measurements. They are looking for 1st or second tiers for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Established Slovak research institution has developed a novel composite material for bioresorbable and is looking for a licensee/investor/buyer

A team of inventors from an established Slovak scientific and research institution have developed a new innovative type of metal matrix composite material for biomedical implants comprising ultrafine-grained zinc (Zn) matrix stabilized with a small fraction of nontoxic nanometric zincite (ZnO) dispersoids. The preferred cooperation type are commercial agreement or investment agreement.


A new biotechnology solution which removes unwanted bacteria within an organism, reducing the need to use antibiotics in farmed animals.

A UK Scientific SME has developed innovative biotechnology reducing the need to use antibiotics in farmed animals and promoting crop resilience and increased productivity. They seek partnerships with research organisations and innovation led Agri-tech businesses through commercial agreement with technical assistance and research cooperation agreement.


Weather station developed by Greek SME for collection and analysis of real-time data in the field

A Greek SME has developed a smart solution for the agricultural sector that enables the collection and transmission of weather data in real time to the cloud. The client is looking for partners to adopt the technology under commercial agreements with technical assistance.



Smart solution for crop cycle evaluation and optimization offered by Greek SME

A Greek Internet of Things company has developed a wireless climate data measuring device for agricultural applications that can send and store the information via a cloud-based platfrom. The client wishes to offer this technology to crop farmers under commercial agreements with technical assistance.


A Spanish company offers an alveographic test on whole wheat flours

A Spanish technological center offers an alveographic test for whole wheat flours, providing useful information about the behavior of flour doughs with which products such as bread, cookies, biscuits are made. This test is used to determine the viscoelastic (rheological) properties of doughs formed from flour, hydration with salt water and kneading. They are looking for commercial agreement with companies interested...


Analysis of protein digestibility in cereal-based products

A Spanish technological center offers a protein digestibility analysis based on enzymatic digestion, with simulated gastric and intestinal fluids, capable of reducing economic expenses and test times with satisfactory results comparable to other tests in the market. They are looking for commercial agreement with companies interested in their test or in this kind of technology.


Artificial Intelligence Research & Development for Medical Image Processing

An Austrian research center offers its expertise for the development of machine learning algorithms to find solutions for various medical imaging problems and automated medical data processing pipelines.


A Korean company producing cellulose nanofiber and micro fibrillated cellulose by energy-efficient mechanically treatment technology is looking for partners under research cooperation agreement

A Korean SME has developed an CNF (cellulose nanofiber) and MFC(micro fibrillated cellulose) producing technology by mechanically treatment process. Without using chemical in all producing stages, it is possible to manufacture CNF economically, productively, and eco-friendly. The company is looking for research cooperation partner to develop eco-friendly products through applying for EUREKA or EUROSTARS programme.


A Slovenian electronic manufacturing service provider of printed circuit boards (PCB) assemblies (PCBAs) offers prototyping and small/medium series production of PCBs and/or PCBAs under manufacturing or outsourcing agreement.

A Slovenian electronic manufacturing service provider has its own production of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and printed circuit boards assemblies (PCBAs) under one roof enabling fast prototyping and serial production of small/medium batches of electronic boards. The company is known as high-quality, flexible and fast provider of PCBs and PCBAs.


Temperature compensation for semiconductors

An invention of a German university solves the problem of parametric sensitivities of semiconductors. The new technology is a universal method that can be used in volume production for all known analog MOS (metal–oxide–semiconductor) circuit arrangements. The university offers a license agreement and/or a technology cooperation agreement.


Non-invasive method to evaluate brain heat flow by Magnetic Resonance Imaging

A leading Italian public medical research centre committed to healthcare and translational medicine has developed a non-invasive method to evaluate brain heat flow with magnetic resonance imaging for monitoring and diagnostic purposes. The medical research centre is looking for an industrial partner in the healthcare sectors interested in license agreements.


A Korean company providing AI chatbot technology specialized in healthcare is looking for partners under research cooperation agreement

A Korean company has been developing AI chatbot engine technology specialized for medical and healthcare field. The chatbot engine has been applied to various solutions such as wearable devices, mental health treatment devices, kiosks, and apps for hospitals. The company is looking for partners under research cooperation agreement.


A Korean SME developing the non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation technology is looking for partners who can help upgrading the technology or introducing its wellness product to Europe

A Korean SME has developed the auricular sound and electric nerve stimulation technology that can stimulate auricular branch of vagus nerve effectively to increase brain plasticity and brain function. This non-invasive stimulation can help treatment of degenerative brain disease with less toxicity and side-effect compared to existing drugs and invasive treatment. The company is looking for partners that help to...


Dutch start up offers fully circular, biodegradable and recyclable bottles for water, soda and cosmetics and is looking for pre purchase customers and is searching for 1 mio euro seed funding.

Dutch start up developed fully circular and biodegrable bottles for water, soft drinks and cosmetics. For this they use a special materials that can be naturally decomposed in nature. However the composition of the bottles also permits easily recycling of the bottles. The company is looking partners for the https://www.crossroads2.eu/ between Belgium and south of the Netherlands. And looking for partners to sign a...


Scalable photodetector

Most optical sensors require an external supply voltage - not so the novel scalable photodetector of a German university. This photodetector can also be processed or manufactured on a foil basis using the MOCVD process. Possible applications include implants without a battery for medical technology. The university offers a license agreement and/or a technology cooperation agreement.


Male cells specific antibody for prenatal diagnosis

An Italian medical research centre committed to healthcare and translational medicine has developed a new monoclonal antibody that specifically identifies the male ribosomal protein RPS4Y1 and distinguishes male from female cells. The medical research centre is looking for an industrial partner in the healthcare sectors interested in license agreements.


Metal-free, environmental friendly anti-corrosion coating

The present invention of a German university comprises a metal-free, environmental friendly anti-corrosion coating. It consists of an aqueous solution of alkyl-modified phytic acid oligomers and epoxy or OH acrylate resin, which polymerize on the substrate under heat to form a paint. The university offers a license and/or a technology cooperation agreement.


Mechanochemical synthesis method for solvent-free Fries rearrangement

The new mechanochemical process developed by scientists at a German university describes the synthesis of hydroxyaryl ketones in which, for the first time, the Fries rearrangement is carried out in the liquid and solid phases in ball mills and extruders. The rearrangement is carried out while avoiding solvents both at room temperature and at elevated temperatures. This can increase safety, while reducing costs. The...


A French SME offers an innovative origami-designed gripper to handle industrial products

A French SME has designed and manufactures a new system of grippers to handle pieces in industry. The vacuum gripper is flexible and allows to handle tilted pieces by robots. The SME is looking for robot’s or special machinery manufacturer and integrators for a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Decision support tool for managing the PQ problem

A Spanish university offers a support tool that uses hybrid simulation (discrete and agent-based) to optimize production volume and mix, especially for the extended Goldratt PQ problem, to aid decision-making. It enhances operational efficiency and adaptability in dynamic manufacturing scenarios. They are looking for commercial and/or research cooperation agreements.


Mechanochemical synthesis method for producing nitrogenous arenes

A new method to produce nitrogenous arenes, developed by scientists at a German university, involves the first synthesis of HAT-CN in the solid phase using a ball mill or extruder. This method generates less hazardous substances and is performed at room temperature within an hour with higher yields. These two factors result in environmentally friendly, safe, profit-maximizing synthesis. The university offers a...


Software tool for decision making in supply chains

A Spanish university offers a software tool that serves as an ally for supply chain professionals, empowering them to make informed decisions through comprehensive hybrid simulation. Its versatility in modelling both collaborative and non-collaborative supply chain behaviours, along with its adaptability to different noise levels, positions it as a pivotal asset in optimizing supply chain operations, mitigating risks...


Spanish company developer of a medical device consisting on a contactless/air pressure driven collaborative robot for physiotherapy seeks partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

A Spanish startup has developed a medical device consisting of a collaborative robot to support physiotherapists in the treatment of patient´s muscle injuries. The robot mimics a clinician’s pressure massage therapy using temperature-controlled pressurized-air, significantly reducing patient recovery time and lowering waiting lists and treatment costs up to 40%. The company is seeking sellers and distributors...


German company offers system, machinery and software for flood protection, dikes and dams

A German SME offers a patent-protected solution to build permanaent and temporary flood protection systems as well as complementary software seervices regarding simulation and monitoring. The solution is characterised by effecitiveness, efficiency, cost-advantages and safety. Engineering companies and end-users are sought to implement the system in their applications.


A South of France based company has developed an Innovative automatic programmable syringe preventing filer injection in blood vessels and is looking for manufacturers & distributors.

French company, specializing in development of injectable drug delivery technologies, has developed an innovative automatic and programmable device syringe to avoid post-injection complications in Aesthetics Medicine, Rheumatology, Phlebology and other medical branches that require areas that require the injection of 2 products simultaneously or consecutively (3,5 million dermal filler procedures per year). The...


A dynamic tool based on satellite imagery addressed to know the real concentration of air pollutants and take decisions in parameters that could decrease the gas emission

A Spanish research centre has developed a technology aimed at reducing deep emissions. Combining chemical sensors and high-resolution satellite imagery, they estimate the concentration of air pollutants and provide proposals to avoid exceeding the maximum levels of air pollutants recommended and evaluate the impacts. They seek partners looking to reduce emissions to fight climate change and partners experienced in...


Metal recovery from liquid and solid wastes

A Spanish research centre has designed a treatment with low environmental impact technologies, of liquid and solid wastes, to extract and recover metals to be used as secondary raw materials, based on a circular economy concept. Partners for a research or technical collaboration are sought to bring closer the treatment to real environment and to start applying it in different wastes.


Customised high precision multi-component plastic injection moulds offered by a German tool manufacturer/tool maker

This German tool maker specializes in the manufacture of high precision multi-component plastic injection moulds. Their products range from two- and three-shot tools, to precision injection moulding tools, over-moulding tools, blow-moulds for Polyethylene Terephtalate products, metal injection moulding tools, and welding and measuring devices for injection moulding parts. They offer their services under commercial...


Technology for compact power supplies that has a unique, flat efficiency profile whilst using conventional components with moderate Bill of Materials.

A UK startup has patented and developed novel AC-DC-AC conversion architecture achieving best-in-class average efficiencies whilst relying on standard components. It has recently launched its products, covering up to 250W, through a major manufacturing partner. Further partnerships are sought in electronics and solar industries through commercial agreements with technical assistance, to develop new products. The UK...


Narrow-band optical signals for communication technology

A German university developed a new electro-optical PLL (phase-locked loops) circuit that allows a radio channel to be used with maximum efficiency. The electro-optical PLL is particularly well suited for radar systems with optical clock distribution and for radio-over-fiber (RoF) systems that require optical signals with the narrowest possible spectral characteristics. The university offers a license and a...


University spin-off offers technology on valorization of lignin-rich output streams to companies related to biorefinery, chemistry or pulp and paper industries

A Northern-German University’s spin-off company offers Lignin particle transformation technology and services for valorization of lignin-rich side streams or lignin intermediate output streams. Biorefineries, companies dedicated to renewable and sustainable chemistry and energy or pulp and paper industries can benefit from cooperation by opening new application fields and valoization routes for their lignin residues.


Smart power cable monitoring

An invention by a German university enables a continuously monitoring of power cables for low- and medium-voltage grids, determine the ageing process for electric cables, and generate a service life forecast. The new process can be used to continuously monitor the technical condition of a power cable without interruption of the power supply. The university offers license and/or a technology cooperation agreement.


Dutch deep tech hardware scale-up / university spin-out, offering a gearbox that is 5x more precise and 15% more efficient, is looking for collaboration partners in precision robotics, semiconductors, industrial machines, optical and medical equipment.

Dutch deep tech hardware scale up / technical university spin-out, has developed gearbox technology that is 5x more precise and 15% more efficient than existing high precision gear boxes. The patented technology utilizes smooth traction rollers instead of conventional gear teeth. The company is looking for collaboration partners in precision robotics, semiconductors, industrial machines, optical and medical equipment...


A Romanian start-up exceling in medical engineering seeks to conclude investment agreement with partners that can support to complete the prototype from its current technology readiness level (TRL6) to full commercialization (TRL9).

The company objective is to develop an inventive robotic system for medical procedures that require the use of flexible tools such as catheters. This robotic system has the capability to navigate instruments within the human body without potentially harmful technologies like X-rays. The partner the company is looking for are investors that could provide the necessary financial support and know-how for taking the...




Irish Research and Development Company seeking partnership opportunities with multinational organisation to assist in developing a Submerged Marine Pumped-Hydro energy Storage Device

The Submerged Marine Pumped-Hydro energy Storage Device has great potential to provide the world with a unique approach towards energy storage to compliment wind farms and revolutionise power storage.


The french banking subsidiary of a major automotive group is looking for innovative SMEs and start-up to respond to an open innovation challenge concerning predictive maintenance.

The french company with the help of a digital cluster is launching an open innovation program focused on predictive maintenance: they are looking to collaborate with startups and SMEs to find the best solutions on the market to tackle this problem. The focus is on disruptive solutions that can detect weak signals indicating potential system and application incidents. The selected companies of the challenge could...


Irish knitwear manufacturer, using natural materials with a focus on traditional craft and sustainable manufacturing, is seeking to purchase a type of flat sewing machine that sews with yarn like a cup-seamer that will allow them to link sides of garments

Irish knitwear manufacturer, using natural materials with a focus on traditional craft and sustainable manufacturing, is seeking to purchase a type of flat sewing machine that sews with yarn like a cup-seamer that will allow them to link sides of garments


Request from Greece for new technology to purify recycled waste material

A Greek SME specialised in recycling rubber wishes to acquire and apply a new technology for the purification of recycled waste material in order to obtain a cleaner carbon paste at the end phase. It is interested in finding a partner that can provide this technology under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


An Italian setting-up Start-up is looking for tech partners to develop an innovative solution for the maritime shipping

An Italian groundbreaking setting-up start-up aims at decarbonizing the maritime shipping by renting and operating electric containers serving as batteries for container ships. Target customers are shipping companies committed to environmental sustainability goals and wanting to enhance their performance in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is looking for a set of technology providers in the field of batteries...


Greek SME specializing in Robotics, IoT & Automation is looking for provider of tailor made robotic solutions and partners for innovative research programs

The Greek SME specializes in autonomous robotic solutions, leveraging sophisticated sensors, AI and expert software development. Having successfully engineered over 6 robots for innovative applications in precision agriculture, maritime and manufacturing industry. The company is seeking opportunities to develop innovative robots tailored to customer needs and participate in research programs, which will allow to...


UK company is looking for AI and NLP collaboration with expertise in programming or design to improve a bio-based materials database by enhancing data processes and enabling efficient searches and material recommendations for product development.

A UK-based SME focused on bio-based industrial materials is seeking partnerships to advance the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for a comprehensive bio-based material database. Specifically, we are interested in AI solutions for data acquisition, cleansing, and standardization, as well as leveraging NLP to streamline database searches and facilitate material...


Italian start-up is looking for AI suppliers to develop its cutting-edge athletic performance software

An Italian start-up is developing a user-friendly and powerful software to unlock athletic potential and prevent injuries with AI-driven movement analysis. It is seeking AI specialists skilled in image recognition.


Germany-UK R&D collaboration for online customer service using generative AI

We are seeking a German partner with expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) / Large Language Models (LLMs) OR with an interest in improving its online customer service.


Wisdom of the crowd in real estate valuation

The Austrian university of applied sciences is looking for partners to research in depth whether Wisdom of Crowd leads to a more objective price estimation of a property than an individual expert valuation. A collaboration under a research and development cooperation agreement is sought.


Italian startup seeks Public and Private sector organisations for its AI-aided Resource Planner willing to enter into commercial agreements with technical assistance

AI-aided Resource Planner (AIRP) provides AI-aided custom strategies for businesses to solve complex resource planning problems with predictive scenario modelling. The app is already helping teams of over 800 resources within large Public and Private sector organisations to complete their resource planning in seconds. The company is looking for further use cases (organisation and companies) for entering into a...



A Dutch company is looking for technologies and solutions for more efficient invoice & contract management

A Dutch a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) who is a key player in designing and implementing a secure and future-proof digital infrastructure for (medium to large) complex organizations is looking for technologies and solutions for more efficient invoice & contract management. Partners are sought in the frame of a research and development cooperation agreement. This request is part of an innovation challenge.


Looking for technical solution to extract carbon dioxide CO2 from seawater

A French start-up plans to produce insulating plastics whose carbon source will not come from hydrocarbons, but would come by CO2 captured from the ocean. As a consequence, the SME is looking for technical solutions for CO2 extraction (excluding biological processes). The process should include filtration of incoming seawater in order to protect fauna and flora. The SME seeks European partners with process and know...


Dutch climate tech scale-up active in long duration electricity storage is looking for a co-developer and/or supplier of bipolar membrane technology for their flow battery technology

A Dutch climate tech start-up has developed an electricity storage solution using saltwater. To enable further growth in Europe it wants to strenghten its supply chain. For one of the key components of their flow battery they are seeking a reliable supplier that offers bipolair membranes or is experienced in developing them.


Influence of artificial intelligence on real estate visiting requests

Austrian university of applied sciences is looking for partners to research on the influence and possible applications of artificial intelligence like reroom.ai and ChatGPT in real estate listings on property visiting requests. For their project they are looking for partners like real estate agents and brokers to collaborate under a research and development cooperation agreement.


Maltese development agency is looking for innovative and sustainable solutions addressing global ocean challenges

The Maltese development agency is a business support organisation that supports startups and companies addressing Sustainable Development Goals. It is currently running an international initiative, focused on global ocean challenges [SDG14 "Life below Water"] and thus seeks to identify and financially assist technological solutions for feasible business projects that actively contribute to one or more SDG14 targets.


A Korean SME specialized in robots for coding education is looking for partners who can develop media, textual, and graphical content of educational curriculums

A Korean SME has been providing educational robotics curriculum for schools and institutes by supplying robots for assembly and educational contents for teachers. The company is looking for partners who can renew English based educational curriculums content complementing its robots under commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Leading Dutch market research company is looking for new digital technologies that offer added value in the field of face-to-face market research and can be integrated in their to develop future proof research platform.

A leading Dutch market research company is collecting high quality data with their network of professional interviewers in the Netherlands, Belgium and France, through face-to-face interviews. To be prepared for the future they are looking for partners with new digital technologies to co-create and develop a future proof research platform. This technology request refers to a challenge published on an open innovation...


Italian neurologic rehabilitation hospital seeks research partnerships for the co-design and/or clinical test of innovative healthcare technologies (e.g. medical devices, drugs and ATMPs)

An Italian neurologic rehabilitation hospital, with the largest national spinal cord injury unit, integrates clinical and social aspects of disability, focusing on patients’ autonomy. The Institute is seeking to collaborate in partnerships to co-design and/or test in its clinical environment innovative healthcare technologies (e.g. medical devices, drugs and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products - ATMPs) under research...


A Korean well-known electric switchboard manufacturer is looking for technologies to advance its switchboard in terms of safety, management, and cost effectivity

A Korean SME has developed a smart electric switchboard which is being provided to public and private power industry in Korea. To increase safety and production cost of the electric switchboard, this company is looking for partners with innovative technologies relative to sensors, management systems, cameras, and fire extinguishing equipment under commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Czech company seeking supplier of radiation and heat-resistant wiring and insulation (covering) coat

A major nuclear engineering company in the Czech Republic seeks a European company able to provide a supply of special heat-resistant and radiation-resistant wire with a special isolation system. The technology need consists of: - Coil winding wire - Coil connection wire - Coil winding covering coat/sealing


Romanian startup in R&D and manufacturing, specialised in hydroponic systems and negative carbon construction materials is looking for R&D project partnerships for TRL6+ solutions regarding new construction materials based on plant fibres

The provider is a start-up company based in Romania, specialised in research, development and manufacturing of new materials for the agri-food and construction sectors using plant fibres. The provider is looking into new R&D project partnerships for the development of new construction materials in the EU market based on plant fibres, negative CO2 impact and oak-type rigidity.


Dutch knowledge institute is looking for a more sustainable mode of transportation for the distribution of farm products.

The Dutch knowledge institute is an organisation based in Flevoland (NL) that focuses on local and sustainable food production. They have partnered with a local initiative, a cooperation of growers, that gathers produce from their own members. Both parties are looking for a more sustainable mode of transportation for the distribution of the farm products.


Revolutionizing Mental Health: VR Therapy for Phobias and Anxiety. Slovakia-based company is looking for research and development partners

A Slovakia-based tech company presents an advanced VR therapy solution addressing phobias and anxiety. Their innovative approach merges virtual reality and gamification techniques, enhancing therapy engagement and effectiveness. By offering immersive, user-friendly experiences, the company revolutionizes mental health treatment. The company is now looking for a research and development cooperation agreement.


French company seeks a partner equipped with robust shredders to cut used polyester, nylon or aramid boat sails into flakes for valorisation / recycling

A French SME develops and sells technical boat sails for ocean racing, mainly produced by the petrochemical industry. The SME intends to find second life solution for the sails and seeks a partner interested in recycling them. For example, using a sufficiently robust shredder, the sails could be cut into flakes, to be incorporated into a new product (treadmill, padding..)


New Upcycling Supply Chain of leaves and green waste is seeking research and industrial partners

An Italian startup has patented an outdoor cleaning product that collects leaves in compostable bags and reduces their volume by 90%, transforming them from bulky waste into a highly available valuable resource. The company is developing a circular Upcycling supply chain in collaboration with other businesses to produce new-generation biobased raw materials and products. The company seeks partners and pilot customers...


Medical device (glucose sensor or other device) manufacturers sought to integrate in a diabetes therapy APP

Italian startup developing a digital therapeutic in mobile app for supporting and educating patients in the proper management of diabetes therapy is looking for seeking glucose sensor (FGM, CGM or lancing devices), smart insulin pen or micropumps producers in order to make those devices compatible with the app for real-world technical testing and participation in clinical trials the company is organizing...


Platform to empower women to develop their professional lives seeks technical partner for further platform development

Two Italian women have launched a groundbreaking, inclusive platform that allows women to take control of their professional lives and reach their full potential, regardless of status, age, knowledge, or background, seeks a technical partner to add new functionality to the platform.


The Korean company specialized in molecular diagnostic technology and real time PCR kits for infectious diseases is looking for European partners with expertise in clinical trials and IVDR certification

The Korean company specialized in molecular diagnostic technology has been providing in vitro diagnostic medical devices (PCR products) with excellent clinical performance and user-friendly features. The company is looking for European partners that perform clinical trials and help IVDR certification with preferably its own labs under research cooperation agreement.


Dutch company is looking for technological and social solutions, which can be used to solve problems on the energy grids

In part of the Netherlands, the electricity grid is getting congested. The supply and demand side is growing, but the electricity network is not large enough to keep up with this development in the next 7-10 years. For these reasons, the Dutch company launched a challenge, in which they are looking for solutions focused on energy transition and taking into account the overcrowded electricity grid and system...


A parcel service multinational is looking for solutions for end of life batteries of battery-driven vehicles in their fleet

The largest parcel service multinational is looking for solutions for end of life batteries of battery-driven vehicles in their fleet. The company offers an assignment to realize a prototype or pilot and contact with one of the biggest logistics service providers worldwide.


From customised CAD/CAM-based turned, milled and additive manufactured parts and components to entire electronic systems, assemblies, devices, instruments and tools for medical, optical, semiconductor, electronic and photonic applications

A German engineering company specialised in customised CAD/CAM-based turned, milled or additive manufactured, high precision parts and components for electronic systems, assemblies, devices, instruments and tools in the medical, optical and photonic sector wants to further develop its portfolio. Therefore, they are looking for device developers and manufacturers in these fields in order to jointly develop entire...


Latvian company is looking for partner for testing and implementing immersive educational tool for veterinary students and professionals.

SME from Latvia in development process of the innovative product: veterinary simulator (VET VR), that is a virtual reality (VR) educational application for veterinary students and young professionals to study and practice canine (dog) anatomy. They are looking for educational institutions for product testing to understand local needs and requirements for the educational system in VR.