A continuación se muestra el listado de ofertas y demandas tecnológicas y búsquedas de socios para completar consorcios para proyectos europeos de I+D que han sido publicadas recientemente por la red Enterprise Europe Network. 
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OFERTA TECNOLÓGICA(87 referencias)

 TOIT20221014006 An Italian company specialising in the production of mechanical components and subassemblies seeks a manufacturing agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance with Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers based in Europe.


TODE20221010019 German SME with high expertise in epigenetic-marker based in vitro diagnostic (IVD) test development is looking for technology and commercialization partners for proprietary head-and-neck cancer diagnostics


TODE20221011001Looking for distribution partners in Europe, Asia and the US for highly reliable molecular in vitro diagnostic (IVD) test for screening, triage and follow-up care in cervical cancer diagnostics


TOKR20221014002 A Korean company is looking for global partners in functional eco-friendly indoor finishing materials under technology cooperation and others.


TOKR20221014001 A Korean SME is looking for global partners for its production technology of recombinant spider silk protein under research and development cooperation agreement.


TOPL20221013022 Polish SME offers the technology for air bio-purification that can be implemented in different industries. The company is interested in signing a commercial agreement with technical assistance.


 TOGR20221013024 SME offers cutting-edge wearable for advanced human computer / robot interaction enabling the touch sensation in Virtual environment


TOIT20221013017 An Italian company specializing in historical haute couture dresses and costumes offers manufacturing agreements.


TOES20220909016 A Spanish Hospital offers a new device to guarantee the insertion of the peripheral vein catheter in aseptic conditions


TOIT20221011015 Vertical axis wind microturbine (TRL 7)


TOKR20221013007 A Korean company has developed an AI-based digital healthcare service for livestock disease detection under commercial agreement with technical assistance.


TOKR20221007001 A Korean company developing cell-based cancer therapeutic vaccines using autologous B cells and monocytes is looking for partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance, investment agreement and research & development cooperation agreement.


TOKR20221007002 A Korean company developing adenoviral vector-based first and second generation COVID-19 vaccine is looking for partners under commercial agreement with technical assistance, investment agreement and research & development cooperation agreement.


TOIT20220329016 Innovative patented toothbrush design from Italy looking for manufacturing companies


TOCH20221012007 High-early strength and fully recyclable concrete for airports and highways


TOFR20221012001A French start-up offers patented graphene liquid premix to industrial partners for enhancing their product performances, through a commercial agreement with technical support


TOFR20221011017A French SME is looking for a buyer for its patent on measurement and communication device for a storage and/or transport tank


TODE20220930012 German full service provider in the sector of unmanned aerial systems offers drone-hangars and is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance


TOPL20221011013 The company developed a technology of using city paper waste for the production of panels for cellulose insulation of frame houses.


TOSE20221006001 Green chemicals to remove polymer coatings.


TODK20221010007 World’s first treatment modality combining Virtual Reality, Avatar Therapy and real-time voice modulation in the treatment of patients suffering from auditory hallucinations


TOMT20221010001 University research group offers expertise in Artificial Intelligence including machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing and speech recognition, text and data mining.


TOFR20221007009 A french startup is looking for partners to co-develop new sensors connected to a smartphone, for the detection of biomarkers, pathogens, or any other field of molecular analysis


 TOSE20221006015 Swedish SME looking for sensor and measurement system providers.


TOUA20221004008 The technology of natural water (any source) purification with a powerful, highly-efficient mobile block-modular facility


TOSK20221004002 Alternative and non-intrusive solution for data gathering from manufacturing machines.


TODE20220929017 Virtual reality-based system for immersive therapy of patients with cognitive and motor impairments (stroke, paraplegia, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis)


TOES20221003002 Software as a Service about Threat Intelligence


TOKR20220930001 A Korean company specialized in digital healthcare is seeking global partners for remote health monitoring solution using smartphone camera


TOUA20220929018 Ukrainian research group offers ballast water treatment system for the environmental protection of the World Ocean and looking for financial agreement.


TOFR20220719017 French company offers disruptive real-time Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) guidance solutions for manufacturers of thermal ablation systems and MRI accessories.


TOLT20220929007 The University from Lithuania has created a noise-reducing asphalt mixture.


TOLT20220929006 The University from Lithuania has created and offers biofilter - absorber for removing organic compounds and odors from the air.


TOLT20220929005 The University from Lithuania made tire textile fiber panels from recycled tires, which are intended to improve sound and heat insulation properties in premises.


TOLT20220929003 The University from Lithuania offers sound-absorbing panels made from paper production sludge, which are designed to improve the acoustic properties of premises.


TOBE20220929002 Real time risk intelligence solution combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human analysis


TOES20220914006 Spanish SME producing mobile application Push to talk, PTT, technologies, offers its technology solutions for partners willing to collaborate under commercial with technical assistance or research cooperation agreements.


TOUA20220928007 Bacterial nitrogen-fixing preparation for processing seeds, seedlings and vegetative plants with biosynthetic activity to increase plant productivity and protect against diseases


TOIT20220927020 Technology and Artificial Intelligence in agricultural automation


TOES20220928003 Transparent photochromic material with fast light and colour control


TOCH20220922009 Battery technology R&D capacities for analysis, disassembly, sorting and recycling


TOES20220923004 Microscope for twistronics and spintronics studies


TOES20220923007 Fluorescent labelling compounds for use as biological markers for the selective staining of living cells and microorganisms


TOES20220818014 Spanish energy solutions development company offers its photovoltaic bifacial solar system technology for partners willing to collaborate under research cooperation or commercial with technical assistance agreements.


TOES20220531002 Spanish SME specialized in IoT is looking for distributors of its innovative sensor for real-time and long-term radon gas measurement


TOLT20220920016 Smart scanning electrochemical microscope


TOLU20220919013 A digital health solution to collect innovative real-life data for cohort studies and digital biomarker development

TOCH20220921004 Decontamination of radionuclides-containing wastewater with organic leftovers


TOES20220906008 Artificial intelligence solution to improve employability in companies and society


TOES20220906013 Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence to extract the value of data in real time and analyse it to anticipate and predict future scenarios.


TOLT20220920005 A non-invasive pressure sensor for medical bone density and joint loading studies


TOPL20220330004 A start-up from South West Poland is looking for machine manufacturers and digitalized manufacturing plants to support the process of digitalization to optimize and create self-learning machines under commercial agreement with technical assistance


TOLV20220920011 Innovative Room Climate Monitoring Technology


TOLV20220920010 Equipment efficiency measurement technology


TOLV20220916009 Innovative Time Tracking Solution technology


TOES20220826007 Spanish AI company offers its molecular design solutions for new product development processes.


TOCH20220919008 New in-situ process for decontamination and washing of railway and harbor ballast without excavation or replacement, and simultaneous decontamination of subsoil and groundwater.


TOCH20220919007 Intelligent software platform addressing data quality issues in machine learning application to facilitate regulatory compliance


TOPL20220913014 A Polish company developed a Bicycle Trailer for loads up to 30 kg


TOSI20220916006 A method for preparation of virucidal polymer textile materials and protective respiratory face masks


TOES20220915013 Design of hardware and firmware for industrial, transport and communication applications based on IoT, edge computing and industry 4.0


TOLT20220915011 The University from Lithuania offers cement concrete modules for pedestrian and bicycle paths.


TOLT20220915010 Lithuanian University offers a microclimate management method and system for improving people's productivity and well-being.


TOLT20220915009 The University from Lithuania created a 3D printer attachment for reinforcing printable polymer structures.

TOLT20220915008 The University from Lithuania offer a thermal insulation material derived from hemp waste that is resistant to degradation by microorganisms.


TOLT20220915006 The University from Lithuania offer concrete building facade panels that are intended for vertical greening of buildings.


TOFR20220914013 Complete digital traceability and genealogy, ascending and descending, for food safety processes in industry 4.0


TOLT20220907016 A modular programmable open-access wireless communication chip


TOLT20220907012 Neuromarketing solution - a tool to determine the emotional impact of visual content on users


TOLT20220914008 Pedestrian detection in traffic solution


TOLT20220914009 Gamified augmented reality modeling solution for real estate projects


TOES20220908013 Spanish design company is looking for a partner to manufacture a waterproof accessory


TOES20220912005 Enhanced coatings with high-performance properties based on ceramic formulations for energy installation components


TOIT20220513010 Advanced LED lighting systems applied to lamps for fermenters and photobioreactors


TOES20220615015 Spanish blockchain technology company offers an agnostic, transparent and interoperable cloud platform to help digitalize and synchronize global supply chains


TOES20220905013Artificial intelligent solution for hiring the technology candidate that best fits laboral market needs


TOES20220905011 RFID-based and Wireless IoT prototype driven by blockchain application for Advanced Traceability, Transparent and Trusted Edge AI-based solution for Industrial SMEs


TOIT20220913004 Bulk Volume Fermenter for waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment value chains


TOIT20220913001 Methane Generating Reactor Waste-to-Energy & Wastewater treatment technology


TOES20220615016 Spanish blockchain technology company offers an agnostic, transparent and interoperable cloud platform to help digitalize and synchronize global supply chains