A continuación se muestra el listado de ofertas y demandas tecnológicas y búsquedas de socios para completar consorcios para proyectos europeos de I+D que han sido publicadas recientemente por la red Enterprise Europe Network. 
Es posible realizar una búsqueda interactiva en la siguiente dirección: https://een.ec.europa.eu/partners 

OFERTA TECNOLÓGICA(37 referencias)

TOFR20221102008 SME specialised in robotics for the manipulation and assembly of miniaturised components is seeking technical cooperation with photonics industry


TOES20221103028 Seismic-noise recording system with real-time data visualisation


TOAT20221103024 Patented process to significantly reduce manufacturing costs and ecological footprint of hydroxypropyl starch production


TOIT20221103027 High efficiency tropospheric wind generator


TOIT20221103025 Private power supply network for electric traction vehicles


TODE20221102017 Technology partners sought for smart tool to monitor and control energy consumption in district heating networks


TOHR20221006002 Croatian university department with expertise in analysing environmental contaminants is looking for consortia to join for applying to Horizon Europe calls or other collaborative projects related to Green Deal


TOIT20221103003 NewSkin – Up-scaling and testing facilities available for start-ups, SMEs, Research organisations needing to validate innovative processes to manufacture nano-enabled industrial and consumer products


TOIT20221102019 Circular economy approach for textile wastewater treatment


TOCH20221102013 Compact, lightweight & low-cost hydrogen fuel cell


TODE20221031005 Sensitive measurements for high-frequency signals


TOES20221028012 Thermal spray for surface treatment


TODE20221026006 Highly innovative medical technology improving outcome of coventional aortic valve surgery


RDRES20221026009 Catalan company is looking for entities of leisure (art, sports, musical, etc.) that work with young people to promote the inclusion and equality of opportunity in children and young people with childhood cancer


TOPL20221024013 The company has developed a technology that allows the construction of a wind farm with a vertical axis of rotation.


TOES20221025008 Spanish SME specializing in IoT, offers smart monitoring solutions for agriculture for technical, research, and services agreements


TOLT20221025001The company from Lithuania is offering air purification Solution for air conditioning and heat recovery systems.


TOLT20221025005 The company from Lithuania is offering water purification system based on innovative technology.


TOLV20221025004 Urban air quality management system


TOES20221024015 A Spanish company designs and produces sustainable refrigeration devices for electronics, much lighter, silent and energy efficient than current technologies.


TODE20221024014 Selective ion storage


TOES20221024004 Device for the demonstration and experimental study of the boiling regime of liquids


TOCA20221021009 Canadian company offers unique industrial and urban noise cancelling solution


 TOFR20221019021 A French SME is looking for a commercial or license agreement to transfer an innovative technology that drastically reduces electricity consumption, chemical treatments and greenhouse gas by early detecting insects in post-harvest grain storages.


TOCH20220926008 Advanced technology for treatment of contaminated soil, groundwater and wastewater


TODE20221021005 Improved data transmission through glass fibers


TOAT20221020014 innovative impact absorbing solution for tunnel portals and niches


TODE20221020012 Nerve Stimulation with light


TODE20220921006 Needle assembly for relieving a pneumothorax


TODE20220921007 Implant and implant applicator for endoscopic and customizable anastomosis


TODE20221018009 Self-Assembling Oxide Catalyst for Electrochemical Water Splitting


TODE20220913007 Innovative braiding technique for bifurcation stents with a seamless transition area


TOIS20221020009 Customized workflows that integrate with existing data management systems through an API, instant PDF to online form conversion and eIDAS compliant electronic signature and document sealing offered by an icelandic startup through commercial agreements.


TODE20221014027German SME specialized on digital optics (LCoS, SLM, DOE, ...) is looking for partners for international research and innovation projects


TOES20221018010 All-in-one platform for simplifying and implementing virtual reality through creating, deploying and managing contents without limitations, allowing any organization to adopt VR in a simple, nimble and scalable way


 TOIT20221019004 Italian company that develops intuitive and innovative Augmented Reality solutions, is looking for commercial agreements, suppliers and national and international investments.


TOES20221019002 Autonomous mobile solution capable to perform omnidirectional trajectories in all-terrains using conventional wheels


TOHR20221018003 An award-winning Croatian web and mobile application company is looking for long-term partnerships with companies in need of outsourced software development services.


TOFR20221018001 Cooperation agreements sought in cancer and inflammation with new therapies


TOGR20221017003 Enhanced energy management technology from Greece offered for application on the building microgrid