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Italian research group with expertise in at-the-edge AI and neuromorphic computing is looking for application partners, use cases, joint projects

The Italian research team created a complete tool flow for the development of lightweight AI algorithms executable at the edge and custom power-efficient processing architectures for their execution. The IPs have been tested on several tasks including biosignal analyses such as EEG, EMG, and ECG. The researchers plan to continue the development of the project and look for investors and partners to collaborate on...


Fleet Tracking and IoT solutions

An Italian ICT company has developed a fleet tracker, a flexible tool ideal for creating fully customized products: This platform meets the specific needs of many companies in the most diverse sectors, from fashion to logistics, from earthmoving to waste disposal, up to agriculture. Commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought to transfer the platform in other countries.


Laboratory and pilot spray dryer for R&D and small-scale productions

An Italian company active in the field of pharmaceutical technologies has developed a spray dryer prototype specifically aimed at R&D and lab-scale activities. The company now wishes to bring this technology to the market and is looking for foreign partners willing to collaborate under either commercial agreement with technical assistance or joint venture agreement.


Dutch SME is looking for distributors and financial partners for pilot Reuse of rainwater in the industry.

Dutch SME specialized in reuse of water has technology to store rainwater water. This water can be treated via a specialized technology and regain Drinkwater quality. The company is looking for pilot partners in other countries and financing to construct a pilot plant to prove the technology.


A Portuguese SME looks for partners to take an innovative wave energy converter concept to the commercialization stage with an investment agreement.

A Portuguese company developed a specific and innovative unit that uses sea waves energy for electricity. It can be installed in ports or jetties and be designed for the protection of coastal erosion or hydrogen production. To develop further its converter concept the SME is seeking for partners for the demonstration and improvement of the unit in a simulation environment, or interested in an investment agreement...


Life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprint specialised SME is looking for collaborative partners in R&D projects

Swiss SME with 25 years experience offers life cycle assessment (LCA) to calculate, analyse, compare, reduce, and publish the environmental impacts of products and services. Beside carrying out assessment projects in all sectors like energy, food, building products chemicals, electronics, and others (commercial agreement), they are interested to join Horizon Europe research projects to bring in their work and...


Digital agency in Latvia, specializing in eLearning partnerships, offers custom LMS and unique learning experiences for EdTech. 12 years in education, nominated as a TOP digital partner by Clutch Worldwide 2023. Provides turnkey solutions, including desi

Our company specializes in e-learning software development, using AI and machine learning for personalized experiences. Our solutions engage students and offer cost-efficient, unrestricted learning. We seek global partnerships, especially in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the EU.


Bioactive peptides & phytochemicals from agri-food by-products for health and wellness

A highly innovative UK based circular economy company with a patented platform technology and deep know-how for creating high-value biorenewables from abundant, typically high-protein, agri-food processing co-streams, seeks commercial agreements with technical assistance with route-to-market companies across the nutrition, cosmetic and medical sectors.


Improved inductive energy transfer for induction hobs

The invention by a German university improves the energy flow and energy consumption of induction hobs. The inventors offer a license agreement as well as a technological cooperation.


A university in Türkiye developed a patented technology "A Stable Aqueous Formulation Containing Quaternary Ammonium Organosilane Hydrolysate and A Method for Preparing Same" looking for commercial agreement with technical assistance

The present invention proposes a stable formulation containing quaternary ammonium organosilane hydrolysate, and a method for producing same.


Measuring and testing devices for construction, universities, chemical, industrial, commercial, mechanical, environmental engineering, food technology sectors

The Laboratory analyse thermal and mechanical properties (thermal conductivity and diffusivity, STA thermal analyses, Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, thermal expansion, etc.) of construction materials (e.g insulating materials, polymers) using the most advanced equipment. It also performs chemical analyses and determinations of persistent pollutants present in the natural environment with the use of gas and liquid...



A university in Türkiye is looking for partners to scale up the patented "Energy Production Using Neural Stem Cell Lines" technology it has developed.

A patented technology of a University in Türkiye. The technology offers a biofuel cell utilizing living cells for energy production. The innovative technique was studied with cancer cells and was revealed by applying biomimicry to the eel stem cell. It involves using living cells (Cancer, stem, etc.) to convert glucose into electricity.


French mid-sized company based in North of France offering its expertise in genomics and microbiota analysis for European research and development projects.

The company based in North of France draws upon the skills of a multidisciplinary team (50% biologists/biochemists and 50% bioinformaticians) to provide expertise in genomics, microbiota analysis and conception of molecular diagnosis tool for agricultural market. They are looking to join EU research and development project consortium that is submitting a project proposal to be funded under Horizon Europe in the field...


Portuguese SME looks to an investment agreement to take an urban wind utilization unit to the commercialization stage

The Portuguese company has developed an urban wind utilization unit for the production of electrical energy to be installed in buildings. The SME needs a partner to take this specific and innovative technology project to the commercialization stage through an investment agreement.


Technology consulting company offering digital transformation services for small and midsize enterprises through software product development and integration.

Our organization is an international company with Ukrainian roots. It provides a full range of software product development services from idea elaboration through product engineering and introduction to market to further growth and expansion. The company is seeking ambitious SMEs who want to improve their businesses through the use of technology. The company is offering potential clients to access its services under...


Machine for producing new products from recycled waste plastics and mineral or organic fillers

A team of Polish researchers developed a machine for producing new, original plastic-based products composed of recycled plastic waste and high volume of mineral or organic fillers e.g. sand, dust, dried plant matter, etc. The range of products includes e.g. artificial stones, roof tiles, pavings, landscaping and garden elements. The team are open to consulting work and licensing agreements for the design of the...



Smart modular AC/DC energy storage container unit with fail-safe features

A team of Polish researchers developed a smart modular AC/DC energy storage container unit equipped with fail-safe features. The product’s storage capacity and electric power can be increased due to the modular design. The design prevents self-discharge of the unit. Two units are currently being tested in Lublin, Poland. Additionally, storage units designed by the team can be ordered from a Polish producer. The team...



UK company specialising in green hydrogen production through the manufacture of Platinum Group Metal free catalysts, is interested to join Horizon Europe CLEANH2 consortium

The UK company has developed a novel electrochemical treatment process, activating stainless steel electrodes to create Platinum Group Metal (PGM) free Catrodes, combining catalyst and electrode as one, without additional ingredients. Experts in the integration of engineering principles with electrochemistry, the company would like to join a consortium as partner on Horizon Europe CLEANH2 calls: HORIZON-JTI-CLEANH2...


Fiber composite anchoring pins for connecting several components

A German university has developed a new joining technique for two fiber-reinforced solids. The new method is suitable for all lightweight construction applications for reinforcing bonded joints or for core reinforcement of outer layers on inner cores. The University is looking for cooperation partners, licensee and/or investors to further develop the new technology to series maturity.


Method for winding continuous fibre rovings for the manufacture of complex fibre-reinforced plastic components

A German university has developed a process to produce coreless wound complex structural components with adjustable cross-sections. Using glass fibre rovings, the process according to the invention combines the great design freedom of the winding process with the high dimensional accuracy of pultrusion profiles. The University is looking for cooperation partners, licensee and/or investors to further develop the new...

Danish biotech company offers its customized enzymatic applications for food manufacturers or industrial producers who have residual raw materials that they would like to have processed into more valuable products.

A Danish biotech company develops customized enzymatic applications based on the customers' raw materials, processes, wishes, market and economy. It works with food and technical applications in close collaboration with customers and develops customized enzymatic applications like meat, seafood, vegetables, gelatin, protein fortification as well as within winemaking, leather production and other areas. They offer...


Ecological gasification technology for solid waste processing to produce thermal and electrical energy

A Ukrainian company has developed an integrated solid waste system for thermal and electrical energy production that could be used for productive purposes and for sale. The waste plastics together with the biomass could be recycled in an eco-efficient manner. This also provides a valuable source of heat and power. The company is looking for financial agreements.


Greek technology SME is offering Innovative Solutions in Data Extraction and Analysis for Multiple Industries

Greek technology SME is offering innovative solutions in data analysis and repricing solutions, that being so, the Greek SME is seeking strategic partnerships to further enhance and distribute their products that can be applied in a wide range of industrial sectors.


A Greek manufacturing SME offers multi functional base for beehive boxes and is looking for new collaborations in beekeeping sector

The Greek manufacturing SME has experience of 40 years in the production of high quality wooden beehive boxes and recently came up with a multifunctional base solution. The multifunctional base comes out in two versions and it is certified plus patented. Therefore, the Greek manufacturing SME would like to expand into further markets and is looking for new collaborations in beekeeping sector under commercial...


French Refractory producer looking for local agents or manufacturers in Eastern Europe and the Balkan area.

A French family-owned manufacturer of high temperature tailored ceramic products, with a global presence, is looking for commercial agreements with local agents or manufacturers in all industries requiring sintering parts.


Croatian academic research group offers its database of antibodies

A Croatian academic research group active in the field of high-throughput monoclonal antibodies (mAb) development for cutting-edge applications, including proteome analysis offers its collection of mAb. Additionally, the offer includes customized production of proteins. The potential application field is industry and academia worldwide, for research and experimental therapies. The center is interested in non...



Modular battery pack for sustainable mobility

A Spanish company specialized in modular design of battery packs and powertrain for electric vehicles is looking for potential partners in order to apply for European projects focused on electric mobility and sustainable technologies applied to vehicles. They offer themselves as partners or subcontractors in related project proposals under a research and development cooperation agreement. The company is also...


A Spanish SME offers an online respirometer that allows the continuous detection of toxic effluents for activated sludge wastewater treatments

A Spanish SME specialized in the biological control of Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) has developed an online respirometer. This technology allows the continuous detection of toxic effluents that destroy microorganisms, preventing them from entering the bioreactor as well as important energy savings. The company is looking for Public entities managing urban WWTPs or engineering companies in charge of industrial...


Metal frame lightweight construction system with patent completed with surface heating systems

A Hungarian family-owned SME offers metal frame lightweight construction system with a patent and an own developed surface heating system for every type of construction. The SME is looking for partners to cooperate in a form of commercial agreement with technical assistance or investment agreement especially in USA, Canada, Spain, Sweden and Turkey. Partner is sought to support the local development, adaptability and...


A framed rucksack developed in the UK, the frame of which can be easily extracted and converted to a bed or recliner.

A UK based company has developed a unique form of rucksack with a convertible frame. This can be used as a conventional bag or with the frame installed. World-wide patents have been secured on the way the frame is enveloped within the bag structure. The company would like to offer a licence to exploit the IP, trade mark and know how, including access to tooling and initial stock under a commercial agreement.


A Ukrainian company specializing in the cultivation of mushroom mycelium offers technology for the processing of mushroom waste.

A Ukrainian SME plans to introduce technology for processing mushroom waste in EU countries. Processing makes it possible to obtain valuable raw materials that can be used, for example, in the food industry, as well as in growing mushrooms. The SME is looking for investors to introduce the technology and launch production and partners for joint research, testing, and certification of the technology and the processed...



The company is a software development company established in 2013. The company focuses on developing web and mobile apps, creating UX/UI design, providing data analysis, and post-launch promotion services.

A Ukrainian company consisting of ~50 employees, spread around Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Our main services are: - Building software projects from scratch - Staff augmentation and outstaffing - Handing over existing software projects - Tech and Market consultancy Main industries and domains: - Productivity - Social networks - Education - On-Demand Services - Mental health - IoT apps and more


Danish SME with expertise in audio branding, sound design and music production is offering their expertise and know-how

Danish SME with expertise in audio branding, sound design and music production is offering their expertise to partners interested in the creation of audio identities and sound design for products. The company has 17+ years of experience working with audio branding and are looking for both companies looking to expand their marketing strategies into the world of audio and partners interested in doing projects together.


Generative AI machine-generated application builder that is easy for SMEs to adopt

A UK company has developed methodology combining cutting-edge computation (No-Code, declarative programming, generative AI) with an interface that is easy to adopt for smaller businesses. Application development is not only faster, it removes barriers for SMEs to start digitising their processes. Commercial agreements with technical assistance and licensing are sought to develop applications and transfer the platform...


AI-based leakage management system for compressed air systems to reduce energy costs

A German SME with extensive knowledge on compressed air systems used by industrial companies has developed an AI-driven leakage management system allowing to detect and evaluate leakage losses in real time and providing recommendations for action. As leakage losses are a major problem companies can considerably reduce their energy costs with the new system. The SME looks for pilot partners implementing the system...


A French company is looking for commercial agreements in Spain for its farmers app answering to new constraints of the “Sistema de Información de Explotaciones Agrícolas (SIEX)”.

A French company offers an app for farmers and growers to make their production process easier. A unique digital companion to help manage and overview the whole farming processes. Generated data are useful for decision-making and optimized crop planning. It can also be used to streamline farmers’ data collection, requested under the new Spanish “Sistema de Información de Explotaciones Agrícolas (SIEX)”.


Greek SME company provides services in geoenvironmental studies and projects, specialising in the remediation of contaminated soils, groundwater and hazardous waste management

The company is based in Thermi Thessaloniki,Greece and operates in the field of geoenvironmental studies and projects, specialising in the remediation of contaminated soils, groundwater and hazardous waste management. The services provided cover the following sectors: -Soil & groundwater investigation -Environmental Due Diligence -Soil & groundwater Remediation -Hazardous Waste Management -Asbestos Removal ...



Surfactants are essential in many branches of industry, starting with the detergent industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food processing, agrochemicals, the textile and dyeing industry, and ending with the oil industry, construction, and metallurgy. Each of these applications often requires the use of many different surfactants. Creating a universal alternative, ideally based on natural substances, would be highly...


Turkish University Offers Wearable Graphene Textile-Based Electrooculography Monitoring and Object Interaction System

This technology offers a superior interaction and communication system between humans and machines/computers compared to existing wet electrode-based methods, showcasing the potential of graphene e-textiles for advanced HCI systems.


Adapted software stack making the steps from machine learning (ML) model construction to ML model execution on microcontrollers more efficient (time&cost) offered for technical and/or research cooperation

An Austrian research organisation developed a software to assess the viability of executing selected machine learning algorithms on ARM (ARM Holdings Limited) microcontrollers. The software is offered as a service to cost effectively map the accuracy-execution cost of a given problem targeting a specific microcontroller across most scikit-learn regressor types. Here technical cooperation is desired. Extension to new...


French SME offering new technology for 3D printing of high temperature polymers for licencing

A French SME designs and produces 3D printers with a unique know-how of very high temperature heated chambers (up to 400°C). It currently has several applications for 3D printing of high performance polymers parts used in aerospace, sports and security industries as well as for advanced materials R&D in research centres. The company is now looking to licence out fully or partly its know-how to advanced polymers or 3D...



Development of a pickle with high functional value obtained from broccoli by-products, achieved through natural fermentation.

Researchers from a Spanish University have developed a pickle with high functional value obtained from by-products of broccoli, in combination with a seasoned or unseasoned brine, and achieved by natural fermentation. The final pickled product has a slightly acidic, crunchy flavor, with characteristic aromas of the pickle. It has a high functional value due to its richness in fiber, lactic acid bacteria and secondary...


Colombian company in the aeronautical sector is interested in participating with partners in projects and calls for the development of new innovative products.

The Colombian aeronautical-based company develops physical and virtual trainers using 4.0 technologies. It also produces tools for aircraft ground assistance. Its main international market is in Latin America and it aims to expand to other parts of the world by creating long-term partnerships to market, research, and develop innovative products in the aircraft sector.


Industry leading UK company provide automated AI-driven technologies for railway infrastructure inspection and analysis

The company have deployed their technology to help transport operators and asset owners achieve gains in performance, efficiency and safety by detecting hazards, monitoring critical equipment, and improving passenger experience. The business seeks international partners for commercial agreements with technical assistance to help scale the technology into overseas markets and new environments (e.g. bus networks).


The company has a primary focus on EdTech solutions & particularly building custom LMS, SCORM, pre-built solutions, custom modules, instructional design, 3rd party integrations, and mobile apps

Education software development company headquartered in the UK with offices development hubs in Central and Eastern Europe with more than 14 years on the market, looking for partnerships with companies aiming to digitalize educational businesses with tailored EdTech solutions or mutually sharing leads to facilitate business growth. We are ready to collaborate under commercial, outsourcing agreement with technical...


A Korean deep-tech startup seeks commercial partners for surfactant-free focused ultrasonic nano dispersion/emulsification equipment and R&D partner for commercializing filter-free ultrasonic toxic industrial wastewater treatment.

A Korean deep-tech startup with focused ultrasonic dispersion technology has developed nano emulsification/dispersion equipment for pharmaceuticals, chemical, and cosmetics industries that mix watery and oily ingredients without surfactants. Also, this technology can remove toxic compounds such as per- and polyfloroakyl substances(PFAS) from industrial wastewater. The company seeks commercial partners for its...


Highly efficient vertical axis wind turbine – Partners sought to test, trial, deploy and scale up the technology.

The UK company specialises in the development of advanced vertical axis wind turbines which are lighter, more stable, and more efficient than existing technologies. The company seeks partners to help them demonstrate a new design which is not yet deployed at a commercial scale. They seek a commercial agreement with technical assistance. They are also interested in joining consortia for research projects around...


Development research center, in cooperation with a Polish company offers antibacterial nanomodifier for polymers.

A research center, in collaboration with a Polish company, is offering innovative solutions in the field of polymer additives and nanotechnology, including products containing silver and silica nanoparticles that provide antibacterial and antifungal properties. The company is actively seeking international partnerships, including distribution agreements, subcontracting arrangements, or joint ventures, to expand its...


Weed removal device for relaxed gardening

A pioneering weed removal device has been developed to address the shortcomings of existing solutions. The current options for weed removal are either physically demanding, environmentally harmful, or largely ineffective. This innovative device, covered by a patent, offers an effective and affordable solution. It features a unique design reminiscent of a walking stick which incorporates a shaft with a vertically...


Deepfake AI voice cloning detection against impersonation fraud

A Spanish company, specialized in voice biometrics, has developed a solution capable of detecting deepfake voice cloning generated by newest AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies. It directly addresses growing threats resulting from identity impersonation using cloned voices created by advanced AI that are completely indistinguishable from the real person by a human being. The company is looking for commercial...


A Spanish research group offers a chimney flow control

A Spanish group offers a chimney flue closure device comprising a bracket configured to be attached to the chimney wall. The device is designed to securely close the chimney. The bracket is configured for easy attachment to the chimney wall. The closure mechanism, activated by a simple process, effectively prevents unwanted drafts, contributing to an overall optimization of energy consumption for the heating system...


Procedure and equipment to detect and evaluate the infiltration of livestock manure into the subsoil on which the manure storage pools are based

Spain, researchers from a Management, Use and Recovery of Soil and Water research group of the Technical University have developed a procedure to detect and evaluate the infiltration produced in slurry ponds, and associated equipment. This technology falls within the sector related to the detection of infiltration into the subsoil and/or groundwater. The invention allows for reduced application time of this method...


Supplier of an earthquake forecasting system utilizing space radiation detectors and satellite data is looking for partners to implement the solution and support further research

A company from south Poland is a supplier of an earthquake forecasting system utilizing space radiation detectors and satellite data. The company is looking for partners interested in applying their solution and supporting them in further research.


A Spanish research group offers a mobile application for the detection of fragile vehicles on roads.

A Spanish research group offers a mobile application that allows to anticipate the risk situation to increase the driver's attention during the stretch of coincidence with a fragile vehicle. The application collects geolocation data of the subjects and stores them so that the main companies offering GPS services can use them to include a reference in their maps.They seek commercial agreement with technical assistance...



Spanish technology company offers metadata solution for shared drives files

Spanish technology company has developed a document management in the cloud that allows metadata to be added to documents.The platform works on folders and shared folders in Google Drive. They are looking for medium and large companies that need to incorporate new technology solutions to grow their business by automating any type of process that streamline the execution of daily task under a commercial agreement with...


Virtual reality (VR) safety and awareness training in production environments

An Austrian company pioneering in Virtual Reality (VR) solutions is looking for partners interested in revolutionizing safety and awareness trainings in industrial settings. The company is a technology firm specializing in Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality apps and is on a mission to develop immersive VR training modules that address common safety hazards in the production industry. The SME is looking for both...


Offering an integrated approach for materials recovery from low-grade ores and consequent production of nano-minerals using a low-energy technology..

UK-based secondary raw material recovery, upcycling SME integrates: Phytomining simultaneous recovery of Rare Earth Elements (REEs), Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, etc. Metal-rich biomass processing to recover metal-bearing nanocompounds, retaining biomass features for further processing (i.e., paper, biopolymers, pigments). Seeking collaborators in Canada, Germany, Japan, Korea to work on: - Ownership of land to...


A French software editor specialised in industry software is looking for long-term partnership under services agreement

A France-based company expert in IT systems offers an innovative digital tool which allows manufacturing companies to improve production effectiveness. It wishes to identify new partners through services agreement


Research tool for controllable expression in human neural precursor cells

A German university offers a new method for expression of a transgene of interest from neural precursor cells. This can be applied in research and therapy. Advantages include lower costs, easier handling and more effectiveness. Licensees are sought


Feedback mechanism for powder inhalers

A German university has developed a mechanism for powder inhalers that gives patients feedback on the effectiveness of their medication inhalation. The university offers a license





Energy efficiency solutions for buildings and sustainable construction materials sought

A German architectural company is interested in improving environmental aspects and energy efficiency in their sustainable buildings and passive houses. Thus they look for sustainable construction materials and energy efficiency technologies for buildings.


A Romanian company specialising in the distribution of food products seeks suppliers of a production line for mozzarella cheese, with relevant training and technical assistance

A Romanian company with over 20 years market experience specialises in the distribution of food products for companies in retail and HoReCa, as well as private individuals. Wishing to diversify its activity, the company seeks new international business partners able to supply a production line for mozzarella cheese. Interested partners should be able to offer relevant training and technical assistance


Researching and prototyping of semiconductor thin film devices with selective contacts to couple heat and electrical current

An Austrian heat pump manufacturer wants to build the next generation of heat pumps based on semiconductor devices. Such devices could transport heat to work as cost-effective, scalable, and silent heat pump for any purpose. Based on commercial agreements, the company is seeking partners in semiconductors research and manufacturing to (1) evaluate the feasibility of the idea to use semiconductors as heat pumps, (2)...


French supplier of sustainable solutions and processes for mechanical powder processing is looking for industries or laboratories with complementary solutions for grinding, drying, micronization, classification, dry powder processing or protein extraction

Since 1933, the French company has specialized in the design and production of industrial equipment for grinding, drying, micronization, classification, and dry powder processing, ranging from laboratory to industrial scale. Their solutions are applicable to various sectors including milling, agri-food, chemistry, minerals, construction materials, and other industries. They are looking for industries or laboratories...


An Irish Carbon Management and Carbon Exchange SaaS platform is looking to partner with Universities or R&D institutions capable of developing A.I and machine learning technology to safeguard against fraudulent carbon offset transactions.

An Irish Carbon Management and Carbon Exchange SaaS platform is looking to partner with Universities or R&D institutions capable of developing A.I and machine learning technology to safeguard against fraudulent carbon offset transactions. Simply, the platform connects businesses with local landowners to help meet their net zero goals. The client platform facilitates the buying Guaranteed, Certified, and Verified...



Continuous measurement and control of contaminants (iron, chromium, nickel) in stainless steel pickling and passivation baths.

A Basque SME with more than 30 years of experience in the electrolytic coatings sector is looking for a technology provider able to integrate a nano-layer continuous measurement system for iron, chromium and/or nickel into its production line. The technology sought will have to work in pickling and passivation acid baths used for stainless steel products fabrication. The company is looking for a commercial agreement...


Recovery of metals for valorization from surface treatment water, before or after processing in the depuration plant.

A Basque SME with more than 30 years of experience in the electrolytic coatings sector is actively seeking for technology partners or solutions for the recovery of metals, including nickel, copper, zinc, and chromium, from surface treatment water. The objective is to explore innovative approaches for metal valorization either before or after processing in the depuration plant. The company is looking for a commercial...


Slovak start-up is looking for new technology/research partners for the extension of research in the possible recycling of cigarette waste and waste from tobacco sticks (IQOS)

A Slovak start-up, that recycles filters from tobacco products to modify asphalt mixtures and replace conventionally used cellulose fibers. • Quality research of our product in pavement constructions/roads/asphalts • Collaboration on solving one of the most littered items in the environment • Countries from the whole of Europe


Machinebuilding expertise sought in the field of high-tech systems to develop 3D measurement machine.

A German SME specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing precision optical fiber measurement systems, is seeking a partner with machinebuilding expertise in the field of high-tech systems in order to develope their own 3D measurement machine.


A Danish Biotechnology biotechnology research company seeks a European partner through a supplier agreement to manufacturing their patented capsule machine

Based on Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) technology, the Danish company manufactures specially developed production apparatus for production of their patented FMT capsules. The company seeks a manufacturer for their patented capsule machine.