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Botella portátil purificadora de agua tecnológicamente avanzada


Oferta Tecnológica
Un equipo de inversores españoles ha desarrollado una botella de plástico reciclada con un tapón que purifica el agua mediante un sistema de ozono y permite al consumidor llenar la botella con agua de cualquier procedencia y potabilizarla. Se trata de un dispositivo seguro y fácil de usar que resulta mucho más económico que comprar innumerables botellas de agua, lo que se traduce en un importante ahorro para el consumidor y en una reducción de la presencia de plásticos en el medioambiente, especialmente en ríos, mares y océanos. Este sistema no utiliza productos químicos perjudiciales para los humanos y elimina el 99,9% de las bacterias, microbios y virus del agua. La tecnología consiste en una unidad programada para purificar el agua de forma rápida y eficiente utilizando un polvo desinfectante de ozono de componentes electrónicos de alta calidad, garantizando un funcionamiento seguro y duradero. La vida útil de la tecnología es de aproximadamente 2 años. El equipo de inversores busca socios industriales con el fin de establecer acuerdos de comercialización con asistencia técnica, así como investigadores para alcanzar acuerdos de cooperación en materia de investigación.


High tech portable water purifier bottle
A small team of Spanish investors have developed a recycled plastic bottle with a cap that purifies the water via an ozone system, allowing the consumer to fill it with water from any source to become drinkable. This system does not use chemicals harmful to humans and eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, microbes and viruses from the water. They look for industrial partners for a commercial agreement with technical assistance and R-Y-D partners for a research cooperation agreement.
Daily consumption of water is vital for human life and well-being. The World Health Organization recommends drinking at least 2 litters of water per day, but this is often difficult to be reached because of any of the following situations:

· Water coming from the taps is not originated in a system of plants that guarantee safety for human consumption.
· Many people live in rural areas with a limited water supply.
· Sports and outdoors activities, such as trekking, hiking or camping, allow to find natural sources of water but non-drinkable.
· Travelling to remote countries with absence of a safe system for accessing drinking water.

Furthermore there are people who prefer to disinfect water even when it comes from a safe drinking water system. Other ways of disinfection are possible for example with water purification tablets; these usually have a high chlorine content, with the disadvantage that they give an unpleasant taste to water and its inappropriate or prolonged use can cause health problem.

A Spanish group of inventors have designed a technology included in a 100% recycled plastic bottle that could to a large extent solve the above mentioned problems.

The low cost portable device has a cap that operates with an ozone system that purifies the water, allowing the consumer to fill it from many source of water and making it drinkable. It is easy and safe to use as well as much cheaper than buying countless bottles of drinking water, thus causing a significant saving to the consumer and a reduction of the presence of plastic in the environment, with emphasis on rivers, seas and oceans.

The technology consists of a unit programmed to purify quickly and efficiently the water by using the ozone disinfectant power of a high quality electronic components, ensuring lasting reliable operation. The estimated life of the technology is about 2 years. It is already available as functional prototypes and the inventors have already won an international recognized prize.

Currently they look for two kinds of collaboration:

On the one hand, they would like to start contact with potential collaborators in the manufacturing and in the international market launch of the product, for which they expect to establish a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

On the other hand, they want to be connected to industries and research institutions to develop new products based in their technology, for which they would establish a research cooperation agreement.
Advantages and Innovations:
The main advantages of the device are that it is portable, it does not change the taste of water, it does not use harmful chemicals for humans and it eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, microbes and viruses from the water. It is consists of a high tech electronic technology, it is rechargeable just like a mobile phone, in case of using the device in remote regions without electricity, a solar charger can be used (not included). The device has an estimated useful life of more than two years (and is protected by patents worldwide).

The competitors and the specific competitive advantages of the developed technology are:

· Drinking water bottles are highly polluting because of the plastic disposal and result more expensive.
· Water purifier tablets are more expensive, produce a bad water flavour, they cannot be used for a long time and they eliminate natural minerals and prebiotics form water.
· Home ozone water purifier system can only be used at home, they are not portable.
· Membrane water filter bottle just eliminates impurities that are bigger than pore size of the membranes. For smaller microorganisms it does not work. The proposed solution eliminates bacteria and viruses present in the water even if it was filtered before.
Stage of Development:
Prototype available for demonstration
Patents granted,Trade Marks

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Commercial agreement with technical assistance, with a partner able to handle the manufacturing and marketing of the product. Ideally it should be a medium-sized company in which the product fits within its business lines, with the inventors participating in the development of the project.
Research cooperation agreement, with an R-Y-D partner to develop together new products based in the current technology.


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