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Centro tecnológico ofrece sus instalaciones de investigación y experiencia en el sector de arcilla y cerámica para participar en un consorcio y presentar proyectos de I+D en convocatorias europeas


Oferta Tecnológica
Un centro tecnológico español tiene gran experiencia en desarrollar materiales de arcilla y cerámicos y en varias áreas relacionadas con la caracterización de materiales para la construcción y diseño e implementación de nuevos sistemas de construcción. Específicamente ofrece experiencia e instalaciones en diseño de nuevos sistemas de construcción, materiales ligeros con características interesantes, reutilización de subproductos industriales, investigación de nuevos revestimientos con nuevas funcionalidades cerámicas, aplicaciones de filtración y cámara climática. El centro tecnológico está interesado en desarrollar proyectos de I+D y seguir investigando en este campo.


Technology center offers its research facilities and expertise in the clay and ceramic sector to join a consortium for R-Y-D projects in european calls of grants
This spanish technology centre is deeply specialized in clay and ceramic materials development and gathers a wide expertise in several areas related with the characterization of construction materials and the design and implementation of new constructive systems. They are interested in developing more R-Y-D projects and keep researching in his field of activity.

A research cooperation agreement is sought to join a project consortium for a call to be funded.
Spanish private technology centre, created in 2005 as a private non-profit foundation and specialized in the ceramic sector with the collaboration of the main stakeholders involved, some of the most important ceramic manufacturers in Spain and local and regional administration, is offering the possibility to use their facilities and technologies in order to accomplish long term partnership with other international entities.

One of the most interesting properties of the ceramic is its flexibility and inert properties, being capable to adapt to the hardest working conditions better than any other material, doing an ideal component to integrate in complex constructive systems. So far the efforts have focused on ceramic materials based on fired clay with structural or artistic purposes, in order to encourage the transfer of information, innovation and technology among knowledge-generating institutions as university, public research entities and final user, in this case, ceramic and construction industry. The centre has been provided support to ceramic companies in different areas including quality control of materials, design, environment and research on raw materials and building solutions.

The activities of the centre are focused on the development of new products and services ceramic more sustainable, and currently, the research lines are looking for improve the insulation features as well as decreasing the environment impact in the cycle life of the new ceramics.
In this sense, the centre can offer its expertise and facilities:

· Design of new constructive systems.
· Lightweight materials with interesting characteristics.
· Reuse of industrial byproducts.
· Research in new coatings to aim new ceramic functionalities.
· Filtering applications.
· Climatic chamber.

In addition, the nature of the entity, between the private and the public sector, make it an ideal partner to seek for new collaborators and dissemination activities.

The center is looking for partners with a research cooperation agreement to join a consortium for a research project under a call to be funded by the European Union, in regard to the recently published H2020 Work Programs is especially interested in the next topics:

-EEB-01-2016 - Highly efficient insulation materials with improved properties
-EEB-05-2017 - Development of near zero energy building renovation
-EEB-08-2017 - New business models for energy-efficient buildings through adaptable refurbishment solutions
-EE-10-2016 - Supporting accelerated and cost-effective deep renovation of buildings through Public Private Partnership (EeB PPP)
-SC5-13-2016-2017 - New solutions for sustainable production of raw materials
-SC5-14-2016-2017 - Raw materials Innovation actions
Advantages and Innovations:
With a high degree of specialization in the clay and ceramics, since the beginning of its activity, the center has developed several lines of R-Y-D thanks to the high flexibility and adaptability of this material, of which are constantly developing new functionalities. These following lines are highlighted:

· Design of new constructive systems more energy efficient as ceramic ventilated façade.

· Lightweight materials with interesting characteristics for the construction as the ceramic foams.

· Reuse of industrial byproducts to figure out new clay blends to obtain improving ceramic products.

· Research in new coatings to aim new ceramic functionalities.

· Improving thermal and acoustic insulation

· Use of clay as an alternative system for an energetically efficient filtration.

· Climatic tests of elements of great dimensions (climatic chamber).
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Design Rights,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted,Granted patent or patent application essential,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights,Copyright,Other

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Companies (Industry), institutions and research centers already engaged as coordinators or project partners in a consortium for a European call to be funded, or planning to find partners to create a new one.

Field of activity related with the clay and ceramic sector or their applications.

The expected role will be project partner for the call.


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R&D Institution
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