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Diagnóstico de patologías en el sector de la construcción mediante imágenes cualificadas y cuantificadas


Oferta Tecnológica
Un grupo de investigación y una start-up españoles han desarrollado una herramienta para el diagnóstico de patologías en el sector de la construcción mediante procesamiento de imágenes con un software. Las imágenes digitales y térmicas son capturadas mediante el uso de drones y robots. El dispositivo consiste en un software como servicio (SaaS) que permite a los técnicos hacer un seguimiento de las patologías de sus edificios con gran fiabilidad y rapidez. Esta herramienta es útil para empresas de conservación y mantenimiento de edificios, inmobiliarias, aseguradoras o certificaciones. Se buscan socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


Diagnosis of the Building Pathologies by qualified and quantified images.
A Spanish research group along with a startup have developed the tool for the diagnosis of pathologies in the construction by the images processing with a software. The images are captured with digital, thermal images using drones and robots.
This tool is useful for conservation and maintenance companies of buildings, real estate corporations, insurance companies or certification to achieve commercial agreements with technical assistance.
Currently, the building inspection is performed by architects and engineers through site visits, based on their expertise and knowledge with the support of some photographs and thermographic analysis. Sometimes, the deficiencies can be located in areas with difficult access (underground, hidden facades, roofs, etc.) therefore with an additional cost if it is necessary the use of elevators or specialized personnel.

A Spanish research group along with a startup have developed the tool for the diagnosis of pathologies in the construction by the images processing with a software. This tool automates the identification and prevention processes of pathologies in buildings.

The latest technologies regarding to motion sensors, presence and those of digital capture of images using digital vision allow to identify imperceptible aspects to humans such as pores, cracks, or colors. On its behalf, the image processing will allow to analyze differences in temperature, dimensional errors, failures of functionality, etc. Along with the support of Big Data, it will allow get quantitatively and quality information in an exponential rate to perform more efficient diagnostics. These techniques are being used in areas such as microbiology, meteorology, industrial manufacturing of parts, printed circuits, textile, food processing, etc.

The device is a software tool for internet sales using the Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing the technicians track of their buildings pathologies with a wide reliability and speed.
The startup will offer the tool along with the training for its use as well as the subscription for its updating and the access to the largest pathologies database of the existing building.

The group is looking to reach collaboration and commercial agreements with technical assistance. They are looking for companies working on conservation and maintenance of buildings, real estate, insurance or certification.
Advantages and Innovations:

- Application of image recognition techniques and Big Data in the building sector.
- Complete product to capture and process the information.

Moreover, the obligation to issue an Energy Efficiency report and the necessity to reduce costs in the management of public buildings is promoting the development of new technologies in the construction, under concepts such as Smart Cities.


- Transform and automate the experience of the expert.
- Anticipate the construction deficiencies.
- Efficiency in the diagnosis.
Stage of Development:
Under development/lab tested
Secret Know-how
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The group owns the secret know how of the invention.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The research group seeks to achieve commercial agreements with companies of conservation and maintenance of buildings, real estate corporations, insurance or certification.
The technical assistance regarding trade agreements is related to the advice in the product implementation in business and issues arising therefrom.


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Technology Keywords:
01003008 Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
01003012 Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition