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Empresa británica especializada en experiencias inmersivas incorporando realidad mixta y el arte de la narrativa busca socios con el fin de establecer contratos de agencia


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme británica ofrece un servicio galardonado con varios premios que combina la narración con tecnologías digitales, incluyendo realidad aumentada y realidad virtual, cartografía y contenidos inmersivos de acción en vivo, para ayudar a los socios a establecer contacto con sus clientes. La compañía ha desarrollado experiencias inmersivas digitales en el mundo de la narrativa para galerías de arte, museos y otros lugares de patrimonio, así como para centros comerciales, calles comerciales, trenes, barcos, colegios, hospitales, residencias de la tercera edad y ferias comerciales, etc. La empresa está interesada en desarrollar sus tecnologías creativas y capacidades para organizaciones de numerosos sectores, como medios de comunicación, patrimonio, turismo, energía, transporte y minorista. La cooperación se establecerá en el marco de un acuerdo de cooperación o comercialización con asistencia técnica.


UK-based SME offers unique immersive experience incorporating mixed reality and the power of story to partner organisations under commercial agreements
A UK-based SME provides an award-winning service combining storytelling with digital technologies, including AR/VR, image mapping, live action immersive content to help their partners engage with customers. They´re looking to develop their creative technologies and capabilities by connecting with organisations in multiple sectors such as media, heritage, tourism, energy, transport and retail. These partnerships will be commercial agreements with technical assistance or technical cooperation.
Storytelling is an art used in many sectors to connect and engage with customers. Developments in technology have increased the scope for more innovative storytelling that can truly immerse the audience and increase their engagement. To be most effective, this requires a combination of pioneering technology, high quality production values and the art of the storyteller.

Bold, ground-breaking and relentlessly inventive, this UK-based SME develops and utilises digital technology such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, GPS trigger technology, image mapping, projection mapping, motion capture and virtual reality. This is combined with their skill in live action film-making, animation, creative writing and storytelling to develop immersive experiences that can fully engage audiences. They use the production values of high-end cinematic projects, having developed impactful storytelling skills in the film and TV industry (awards include: BAFTA, Prix Europa, Sony, Banff, RTAs).

The SME has developed digital, storyworld immersive experiences for locations such as Art Galleries, Museums and other heritage sites, as well into locations which have been previously unexplored as cultural theatres: shopping malls, high streets, stations, trains, ships, promenades, long-distance paths, schools, hospitals, residential homes for the elderly, trade shows etc. They enchant locations with magical images, emotional stories, and intriguing characters, thus bringing places to life, and revealing the historical, cultural, social or commercial aspects of communal spaces.

Using photometry, volumetric live action capture, animation, 360 degree film, game engine VR/AR builds and AR/VR game-play and interactivity, the SME provides a service to engage the audience more deeply than before. The SME thus has the capacity to use story to move people, not only emotionally but also physically into chosen locations; and ultimately they can move people to action, which has benefits for organisations in many sectors. The SME can help organisations meet goals, by reaching out to customers in deeper, more long-lasting ways.

The SME has developed immersive content that has been accessed in cinemas, heritage and arts space, museums, galleries, tourism sites, coastal trails, schools, trains and boats. It is currently working with local governments and businesses on a retail project to move customers back into the high street.

The SME is looking to connect with organisations and develop partnerships with organisations who want high-end immersive experience to create enhanced consumer connection. The SME will work with partners to develop bespoke immersive content, of benefit to the partner organisations. The partnerships are envisaged as either commercial agreements with technical and creative assistance or technical and creative cooperation agreements dependent on the particular partner circumstances.
Advantages and Innovations:
The UK-based SME has developed, adopted and combined technology which provide the following innovations:

Range of digital technological capabilities: Including Augmented Reality headset content-development and device-based content, volumetric live action capture, motion capture, projection mapping, image mapping, image tracking, AR portals, world effects, 3D models, animation, GPS trigger tech, face-filter tech.

The SME has an approach which delivers the following advantages:
· Award-winning expertise: They have a wealth of experience from Film and TV, Theatre, Interactive Media, Marketing and Games, employing experts who have multiple international awards such as BAFTAs, Prix Europa, Sony, RTA, Banff Award etc.
· Breadth of experience: Their experience includes working with creative agencies, film and media companies, heritage, arts organisations, live events, museums, galleries, local government, academic institutions, retail/commerce and the transport sector.
· Bespoke service: The range of technologies is combined to provide a bespoke service for individual organisations; the SME delivers immersive experience with story designed to match the partner organisation´s specific needs.
· Power of Immersion: The SME´s immersive capabilities create a deeper engagement with audiences. Immersive experience has a 5x greater engagement index than non-immersive experience.
· Power of Story: Research shows that story-based immersive engagement drives even deeper audience/customer understanding, loyalty and retention of information. It builds relationships and garners more meaningful and more long-term responses.
· Power of emotions: Engagement with customers is amplified by emotional content. Stories deliver engagement in the most profound and effective way.
· Power of interaction. The SME´s services include interaction, game-play and audience agency. Users now expect greater agency and involvement in anything they consume, wanting to be part of the story.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The UK-based SME is looking to partner with organisations in the media and film, heritage, education, culture and arts spaces including companies, museums, galleries and tourism agencies to collaborate on projects which harness the power of storyworld mobile immersive experience.

The SME is also seeking to join forces with commercial companies in any sector which might benefit from immersive storytelling. This could include retail, food and beverage, finance, transport, health, science and technology, manufacturing, construction. All of these sectors could benefit immensely from the application of immersive storytelling technology. Indeed any company needing to engage with the public, or other businesses, could benefit from the deeper and more powerful engagement which immersive story provides.

The SME will work with partners to develop original, bespoke immersive content for their organisations. The partnerships could deliver small, focussed projects with a simple small-scale deliverable; or could be part of a larger or more longterm objective. The partnership could utilise existing, although only just possible, technological creativity; but it could also harness such cutting edge technology that the bespoke service is completely unique and delivers the ´wow´ factor.

Partnerships could also be sought with organisations who, like the UK-SME, are undertaking R-Y-D immersive projects, but who wish to collaborate, perhaps because they lack a critical part of the necessary immersive technology. It is envisaged that the partnership will take the form of a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a technical cooperation agreement dependant on particular circumstances.


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Industry SME <= 10
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