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Nuevo dispositivo para eliminar maleza


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa serbia ha desarrollado un dispositivo para eliminar maleza basado en el uso de frecuencia y corriente eléctrica sin emplear pesticidas. El dispositivo elimina la maleza de forma selectiva, sin destruir plantas ni microorganismos del suelo. Este producto ofrece ventajas frente a las soluciones actuales: es ecológico, eficiente (destruye la maleza de raíz en un solo tratamiento), práctico y portátil. La novedad es el uso de un circuito electrónico que produce una frecuencia y energía específicas para eliminar la maleza. Se buscan socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos de joint venture o servicio.


The innovative apparatus for destroying weeds (ambrosia)
A Serbian company has developed a device for destroying weeds (ambrosia), which uses the frequency and electrical current, without pesticides, destroying weeds in the root.
The advantages of the innovation compared to existing solutions are: environmentally friendly product; efficient (destroying weeds in the root in one treatment, compared to trimmers and pesticides; and practical and mobile.
The company is looking for partners for joint venture and service agreement.
This Serbian company is specialized in the innovative solutions for the destruction of weeds. The company has international experienced team in the field (15 to 30 years) from Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Croatia, Bosnia and the United States.
The company has made innovative apparatus for the destruction of ambrosia, which with the help of its electronic assembly destroys ragweed in the root by frequency and electrical current. The innovation consists of a small plastic box that is associated with a plastic stick. The plastic box has an electronic circuit element inside, and on the outside there is a switch. The box is supplied with electricity from a battery of 12 volts or via an extension cable directly from the network (or sets). On the stick there is a key switch, and passing through it are the cables, and on the top there is an electrode.
The apparatus is put into operation by pressing a switch on the box, and then pressing the button on the stick and physically touching ragweed with the electrode. On the electrode electrical current bursts in low power and on certain frequencies, this destroys ragweed in the root. For the destruction of ragweed, it is enough to hold the switch on the stick up to 1 second, and when dealing with larger stalks its desirable holding it up to two seconds.
Power consumption is 20 W. The device is insulated, made with a high level of protection and security for people and animals. The product can selectively destroy the weeds, does not destroy useful plants or micro-organisms in the soil.
The innovative device has been tested in Belgrade, Germany, Slovenia, Sweden, in cooperation with the Swedish Faculty of Agriculture - Department for Environmental production plants.
The device can be used in homes, cottages, town parks, for agriculture purposes, organic farming, meadows and more.
International patent application was filed in Geneva.
The company is interested in finding partners for joint venture agreement. The company offers human resources - workers who will work in a rented hall. Workers will assemble the components that the company will order from 5 different companies, which will make components for the device according to the patent. Assembled components - finished packaged product will be delivered by motorists to customers.
The company will take over the servicing and maintenance of equipment under warranty.
The company´s engineers are working on the further development and perfecting of a new generation of devices for the destruction of large groups of weeds and functionality of the device shell be examined at the Swedish University of Agriculture with their instruments. The company will lead the organization of production and supply activities. Marketing in Southeast Europe and America will be done by the company.
The company is interested also in service agreement. The company will provide human resources - workers who will destroy ragweed. It ensures appliances, work uniforms and shoes for the workers, as well as maintenance and servicing.
Advantages and Innovations:
The novelty of the innovation makes electronic circuit, which produces a specific frequency and power that destroys the ambrosia in the root.
The advantages are:
· Environmentally friendly - does not pollute the environment because it uses frequencies and electrical currents, while the use of pesticides pollute the environment.
· Efficient device - destroys weeds (ambrosia) during the first treatment in the bud, ragweed doesn´t grow any more during the season. By using trimmers and mower ambrosia is only temporarily destroyed, hence the mowing treatment should be repeated every two weeks. By using pesticides spraying treatment should be repeated up to three times per season.
· Cost-effective - a worker is engaged only once, at the beginning of the season, to go on the field and destroy ambrosia, while cutting ambrosia using a trimmer and mower should be performed every two weeks depending on the weather conditions, which increases the costs of human resources, depreciation costs mower-trimmer and fuel. Pesticides treatment should be repeated up to three times per season. The cost of this kind of treatment is 150 eur per hectare, but there are also the costs of human resources, fuel for tractors, machinery, depreciation costs.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
A request for the grant of a patent in the Intellectual Property Office in Belgrade, 2014. Request an international patent application in Geneva. The official response from the PCT in Geneva, is that this innovation does not exist anywhere in the world and has all levels of novelty and industrial application.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type: Industry

Activity: companies dealing with sales channels, product placement on the market.

Role: Within the joint venture, the company expects investment for the start of series production, the payment of fees for maintenance of a patent in the countries in which the company negotiates export of products.
Within services agreement, the company expects connections to city services and performance of services in cities. Also, within the service to connect with agricultural holdings and services on their plots.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
07001003 Biocontrol
03003 Ingeniería de aparatos
07001001 Maquinaria agrícola / tecnología