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Nuevos sistemas de apoyo al modelo de negocio para medir la biodiversidad y bancos de hábitat


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa británica especializada en compensación de la biodiversidad, que trabaja con autoridades locales de planificación, desarrolladores y terratenientes, ha desarrollado un nuevo modelo de negocio, sistemas de soporte y servicios de consultoría para bancos de hábitat. El modelo facilita el suministro de un servicio objetivo a terratenientes, desarrolladores y autoridades locales de planificación cuando cooperan para negociar la compensación de impactos medioambientales. La empresa está interesada en facilitar la réplica del modelo en Europa y busca socios en estos sectores. El objetivo es establecer acuerdos de cooperación técnica o servicio.


Innovative business model supporting systems for measuring biodiversity and for habitat banking
A UK company specialising in brokering biodiversity compensation working with local planning authorities (LPAs), developers and landowners has developed a unique and highly innovative business model, supporting systems and consultancy services for habitat banking. To facilitate market replication of the model across Europe they seek partners in the relevant sector/organisations specified above. It is envisaged that co-operation be on technical co-operation or service agreement basis.
The UK company specialises in brokering biodiversity compensation and works between the organisations involved in compensation arrangements to ensure a smooth and fair process. The company liaises with local planning authorities (LPAs) responsible for assessing planning applications where biodiversity is impacted, with developers to ensure their impacts are calculated correctly and with landowners who can provide the land needed for the appropriate compensation.

They have developed a unique and highly innovative business model, supporting systems and consultancy services for habitat banking which have been successfully trialled and now intending to roll out in UK and in parts of Spain. Having previously secured Horizon2020 funding to undertake a feasibility assessment, they have demonstrated critical market mass for habitat banks in England (current market) which is leading to market replication in Spain as new regulation indicated Spain as the most promising entry point for market replication in continental Europe. Their role is to register potential receptor sites and to match them to the needs of developers and local planning authorities - the right type of site, of the right size, in the right place, at the right time, for the right cost.

The unique model facilitates the delivery of an objective service to landowners, developers and LPAs when they come together to negotiate compensation for environmental impacts. The model uses government biodiversity metrics and provides a rigorous and consistent tool for calculating the environmental ´impact´ of any development scheme and the environmental ´gain´ of any habitat creation scheme. The model allows the ability to;

· calculate impacts/compensation requirements for developers using a government metric
· calculate the number of conservation credits available for sale at potential receptor sites
· broker conservation credits via the national registry
· facilitate conservation credit sales, backed by legal agreements
· arrange monitoring and long-term delivery of biodiversity management plans.

Thereafter, the company´s legal and fiscal systems assure planning authorities that such biodiversity compensation measures have been arranged independently and delivery will be overseen and guaranteed in the long-term. In addition they are active in finding compensation land for developments where the biodiversity metric may not have been applied and in the development of other eco-markets, such as carbon or water credits.

In order to allow market replication across Europe the company wishes to develop further European partnerships/user relations and seeks opportunities with European central government agencies, regional planning authorities, developers, landowners, lenders and consultants. It is envisaged that co-operation will be either under technical co-operation agreement with partners that can provide understanding on emerging legal framework/planning process to facilitate development of the business model/market replication in other EU countries. In addition, those with expertise in understanding/developing biodiversity metrics to support a more transparent and auditable framework for evaluating the environmental impacts of development in other EU countries. Alternatively on a service agreement basis with organisations wishing to engage its consultancy services.
Advantages and Innovations:
The innovative business model, system and services:

· solve the problem of loss of biodiversity, degradation of natural capital and the decline of ecosystems services, arising from the inadequate accounting for and compensation of the adverse impacts of development on nature, particularly addressing the issue of the very many instances where impacts are relatively small (but taken together very significant);
· avail of the significant opportunity provided by recent advances in development/planning law and policy at present in England and Spain, and the significant future opportunities elsewhere in the EU and expected to arise in relation to the forthcoming No Net Loss Initiative at EU level (expected 2016);
· offer a highly scalable business model involving the functional delivery of a cost efficient, market-based approach to habitat banking involving third party (landowner) suppliers;
· optimize benefits for the demand side (developers), supply side (landowners), planning authorities, nature and human wellbeing.

The evidence shows that brokered third party approaches offer the best outcomes both for developers/nature and enhance the efficiency of markets by reducing transaction costs. The main benefits for developers include reduced time to permit, and discharge of liability. These benefits are considerable. In the US, where markets are mature, third party offsets brought forward $60-100bn worth of development by an average of 5 months when compared with first party offsets (many are brought forward by years). This represents a very significant saving on development finance costs. In the UK, where the systems and processes are still immature, the process to source and deliver separate individual offset schemes for each development, even when using brokers, has been complex and frustratingly time-consuming thereby thwarting the main advantages.

Use of habitat banks supported by the business model will inject cost effective and efficient solution.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company´s requirements/specific objectives are to enter discussions with central government agencies, regional planning authorities, developers, landowners, lenders and consultants across Europe who can:

- Under technical cooperation agreement:

· provide understanding on emerging legal framework/planning process in other countries in Europe to facilitate development of the business model and achieve market replication in other EU countries.
· offer key expertise in understanding/developing biodiversity metrics that can support a more transparent and auditable framework for evaluating the environmental impacts of development and identifying fair and sufficient compensation in respective countries.

- or under a service agreement:
· organisations wishing to engage consultancy services and support for biodiversity compensation arrangements from the company.


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Industry SME <= 10
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