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Sistemas a medida de microscopía asistida por ordenador, soluciones de análisis de imágenes y servicios para patología digital, diagnóstico de laboratorio y biomedicina


Oferta Tecnológica
Un instituto de investigación alemán del campo de tecnologías médicas especializado en sistemas de microscopía y análisis de imágenes ofrece sistemas a medida de microscopía asistida por ordenador, soluciones de análisis de imágenes para patología digital, hematología y microbiología y software de control de calidad en laboratorios. El instituto también dirige investigaciones sobre nuevos métodos para analizar datos de imágenes multimodales, por ejemplo, detección y clasificación de tejidos y células. Se buscan pymes interesadas en establecer acuerdos de licencia o participar en proyectos de investigación o tecnológicos.


Customized computer-assisted microscopy systems and image analysis solutions and services for digital pathology, laboratory diagnostics and biomedicine
A well-known Research Institute in the South of Germany deals within the field of medical technology specialised on Image Analysis and microscopy systems. They offer customised computer-assisted microscopy systems as well as image analysis solutions for digital pathology, hematology and microbiology and software for quality assurance in laboratories. They are looking for SMEs entering into a license agreement or working together in a technical or research project.
A well-known Research Institute in the South of Germany (Bavaria) offers a broad range of services - from feasibility studies for a specific problem to customized evaluation of large amounts of image data to research and development projects. Besides adaption and licensing of available algorithms and methods into existing systems, the Institute also implements control software and user interfaces upon request. The Institute provides support with technical documentation, performance of risk management as well as planning and performance of clinical studies and performance assessment studies in accordance with the applicable directives (DIN EN14971, 93/42/EEC, 98/79/EC) and the legal requirements as per Medical Devices Act.

Automated microscopes and slide scanners are an effective tool for quickly and efficiently digitalising samples from histopathology, hematology and microbiology. The Institute also develops the underlying technologies and platforms required to efficiently and reliably digitalise and analyse specimen slides for a wide range of applications.
The system is a cost-effective and compact microscopy platform for automated scanning and analysis applications in digital pathology and hematology. The open software development kit (SDK) provides convenient access to all funtionalities of the system for seemless integration into one´s own applications.
In addition to that, the Institute conducts research into new methods for analysing multimodal image data, e.g. detection and classification of tissue and cells. Among others the methods have been applied to blood and bone marrow smears, tumor detection in pathology and fluorescence assays on test systems. By relying on self-learning models these technologies are capable of adapting to new applications.
For training and education in the fields of pathology, anatomy and hematology the Institute develops web-based training systems that can easily be adapted to address further requirements.
Advantages and Innovations:
- Long-time experience in development of computer-assisted analysis and interpretation of images
- Customised image-based technological solutions
- New solutions for knowledge and computer-based analysis of images improve medical diagnostics and therapy
- Computer-assisted microscopy supports the standardisation and quality assurance process in clinical hematology
- Medical technology test and demonstration centre (METEAN) in close cooperation with a well-known University in the South of Germany.
Stage of Development:
Available for demonstration
Patents granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Small and medium-sized companies without own R-Y-D department, where the Institute can work as ´extended workbench`.

The partner should be active in the area of medical technology, laboratory diagnostics, digital pathology, microscopy applications in biomedicine and pharmacology


Type and Size of Client:
R&D Institution
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken:


Technology Keywords:
01003012 Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
01001002 Sistemas digitales, representación digital
01005006 Visualización, realidad virtual