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Solución integral de software para interacción ente clientes y empresas en mensajeros


Oferta Tecnológica
Una pyme alemana ofrece una solución integral de software para interacción entre clientes y empresas en mensajeros, especialmente en las áreas de servicios, comercio electrónico y logística. El uso de mensajeros para comunicarse con los clientes aumenta la eficiencia de las operaciones de una empresa y la satisfacción del cliente. La plataforma presenta todos los aspectos de la interacción empresa-cliente en estructuras de mensajería. La empresa busca compañías en todo el mundo con el fin de establecer acuerdos de licencia y comercialización con asistencia técnica.


Comprehensive software solution for customer-business-interaction in messengers
A German SME is offering a comprehensive software solution for customer-business-interactions in messengers especially in the areas of service, e-commerce and logistics. Commercial agreements with technical assistance and license agreements are offered to companies worldwide.
Most people actively and extensively use messengers for private communication today - if to tell your partner you will be late for dinner, to post a photo of the dress you just consider to buy to a friend or to coordinate suitable dates for a family meeting. Although messengers are one of the favourite forms of communication today, only few companies use their enormous potential for customer communications. Using a messenger, clients can easily post a photo of the error display to their heating engineer and get an advice for self-repair or an appointed time for the repair in response. Or they can get a message from their furniture shop that their new sofa will be delivered in 45 minutes instead of having to wait for hours at home. The use of messengers for customer communications results in higher efficiency of operations and advanced customer satisfaction.

A Northern German SME developed a software solution that enables businesses to deliver interactions and processes ready for the digital today and tomorrow. The white-label platform is ideal for businesses in the areas of service, e-commerce and logistics. It is perfectly suited for businesses to create service networks or even multi-level service ecosystems as algorithmic assignment supports integration of external service partners. Thus the connection of relevant resources and channels can seamlessly be managed on one platform and efficiency stays high with flexible and dynamic resource allocation. Via a powerful API (application programming interface) all involved resources are provided with the relevant interfaces and are met in the right channel: Web, app or browser for customer, service partner and business.

The platform displays all aspects of customer-business interaction in messaging structures, typically but not exclusively including the following process steps:

- Booking
The booking system can be implemented in existing structures or work as a stand-alone solution. Onboarding possibilities range from web and app to social media and e-mail. Additionally orders can be triggered by customers, business, service providers or the Internet of Things.

- Details
Gathering the relevant information such as fotos, serial numbers or detailed descriptions is step one. Synchronizing that information among involved resources to avoid asymmetries step two. Companies can support their service partners with the right information at the right time to save time and money.

- Matching
Geo-data driven catalogues let customers book only what is actually available at their location. Algorithmic resource matching according to parameters such as distance, quality or rating further benefits seamless organization. Additionally various resource pools can be managed.

- Messaging
Interactions via an integrated messenger mean digital, personal and fast communication for customers. Likewise the messenger increases efficiency for service partners thanks to automation and chat bots. Customers are met in their learned and loved pattern of communication.

- Payment and Invoicing
Payment and invoicing is automated. Service partners can focus on quality of work itself and spend less time on paperwork. The platform supports various payment methods and international taxation. The integrated upselling creates opportunities for after-sale services.

The company is offering long-term cooperation to companies in search of an innovative software solution for their client interactions. The company is offering long-term cooperation to companies in search of an innovative software solution for their client interactions. Forms of cooperation can range from pure license agreements on the software to commercial agreements with technical assistance including in-depth support for customization and implementation of the software and continuous service.

Advantages and Innovations:
The software intelligently connects customers, service partners and business with benefits for all of them:

- Intuitive booking, transparent communication and easy interactions for customers. Create an ongoing conversation and a great experience.

- Empower service partners to focus on value adding tasks as everything else such as automated updates, information management and payment is taken care of.

- The business dashboard allows you to keep an eye on all processes and interactions with ease. Sort, filter and analyse according to your preferences and needs.

The platform especially suits to businesses in the areas of service, e-commerce and logistics:

- Service:
Excel at the way you deliver service by having the right service partner at the right time in the right place. Additionally extend possibilities through utilizing dynamic service networks. Geo-data driven catalogues and algorithmic matching automate assignment of service partners according to parameters such as distance, qualification and rating.

- E-Commerce:
A consistent approach to the customer journey fosters lasting relationships and revenue opportunities beyond the point of sale. Create product-service-systems to diversify the portfolio, add value for customers and increase revenue streams. Communication is intuitive, transparent and reliable, while response time is kept short.

- Logistics:
Ideal solution to manage on-demand logistics and last-mile delivery. End-to-end transparency through real-time tracking and synchronized information for both customer and business.

Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Sought are companies of any size in need of a comprehensive software solution for their client interactions. The platform especially suits to businesses in the areas of service, e-commerce and logistics and is an ideal solution for last-mile- or on-demand-delivery, on-demand communications and management, field service, product service and service delivery. These can range from small crafts-companies acting on a regional level to big e-commerce and logistics groups with worldwide customers and a multi-layer network of service partners.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
01004003 Applications for Transport and Logistics
01004009 CRM - Gestión de las Relaciones con los Clientes
01004008 ERP - Planificación de recursos empresariales
01004012 Sistema de planificación de procesos
01004010 Sistemas de gestión de la calidad