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Tecnología de cultivo de vegetales orgánicos en invernadero


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa rusa ofrece una tecnología para cultivar vegetales y cultivos herbáceos de categorías orgánica, ecológica y biológica en invernadero. Esta tecnología se basa en el suministro estable de compuestos químicos, necesarios para el metabolismo de las plantas, mediante sus hojas y tallos. El complejo de compuestos químicos se genera en forma de aerosol procedente de la composición pirotécnica sólida como resultado de la síntesis autopropagada a alta temperatura. La tecnología permite el cultivo durante todo el año de productos de alta calidad sin influencias externas. La empresa busca socios con el fin de establecer acuerdos comerciales con asistencia técnica.


¿ultivation technology of organic vegetables under cover.
A Russian company offers a technology, which makes it possible to cultivate vegetables and herbaceous crops of organic, eco, bio categories under cover (greenhouse). The company is looking for partners within the framework of the commercial agreement with technical assistance.
A Russian company from Perm offers a technology, which makes it possible to cultivate vegetables and herbaceous crops under cover and pyrotechnic composition. The company is a developer, patent holder, owner of technologies associated with the use of controlled atmospheres and aerosol-forming compositions for their generation. The technology is based on stable supply of chemical compounds, necessary for metabolism of the plants, through their leaves and stems. A complex of chemical compounds is generated in the form of aerosol coming from solid pyrotechnic composition as a result of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis. The content of detrimental compounds in the cultivated products corresponds to that in products, grown naturally. The proposed technology allows for consistent year-round cultivation of high-quality products without external influence. The characteristic values of such products are equal to those found in plants, grown naturally. Such impressive results have been achieved owing to implementation of the technology of cultivating vegetables and herbaceous crops in the controlled atmosphere the composition and concentrations of which are practically identical to those in natural atmosphere in the area of shorelines. This technology is one-of-a-kind on a global scale. International laws, applicable to organic vegetables, establish obligatory requirements to the technology of their cultivation. The basic requirements are: cultivation only in natural soil; the use of any fertilizers is strictly prohibited; agents intended to control plant diseases shall be of natural origin; irrigation water shall come only from natural sources; boosting soil fertility is maintained with green manures, organic substances, obtained as a result of organic production. These requirements make organic production of vegetables more complicated. Apart from that, during the vegetation process plants need nutrients in large quantities. With due account for the take-up of chemical compounds by plants, it is necessary to maintain the nutritional value of the root-spread volume. In natural conditions it is caused by precipitations and plant residues. Agrotechnical measures, improving soil fertility: crop rotation arrangement, sowing of medicinal herbs, organic manuring, mixed planting boost expenses and, consequently, the cost of the product, resulting in reduction of production competitiveness. The majority of challenges related to organic production of vegetables and herbaceous crops can be avoided provided that their cultivation under cover has been arranged. Only greenhouses can create stable atmosphere in terms of temperature and humidity, restrict the influence of external vermins and microorganisms. Nevertheless, this technology has drawbacks: nutrients are not brought into the soil with rain, wind and snow. It is difficult to organise the crop rotation necessary to ensure soil fertility and protection against vermins. Any soil shall be periodically replaced with new soil. The proposed technology, associated with the use of the controlled atmosphere and the solid composition for its generation, fully meets the requirements of the international standards applicable to food products. The results obtained in the course of field testing of this technology confirmed the full compliance of the products, cultivated with the use of the controlled atmosphere, with the vegetables, grown by means of organic production technology.
Russian company is looking for partners from agrofood sector and ready to provide a set of documents related to the technology of production of vegetables and herbaceous crops with the use of the controlled atmosphere within the framework of commercial agreement with technical assistance. As a result of partnership the company plans to entry into foreign markets, make a contribution to the agriculture of the europien countries.
Advantages and Innovations:
The market of such products has already achieved $ 95 mln and is constantly expanding, while their ever-increasing consumption is beyond any doubt.
Application of controlled atmosphere, generated by solid composition, makes it possible to meet a wide range of challenges, associated with the organic production of plants. This and nutrition in pre-adjusted concentrations and proportions between them, creating an atmosphere maintaining preventive medium by means of controlling of the ambient air composition in order to combat vermins and plant diseases.
This is ensured by the chemical composition of the generated nitrogen, containing in mg/m3: Boron -0.013*10-3; Copper - 0.13*10-3; Zinc - 0.22*10-3; Potassium - 0.033; Magnesium - 0.22*10-3; Molybdenum - 0.66*10-3; Manganese - 0.12*10-3, as well as phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, iodine compounds, gaseous nitrogen, carbon dioxide. The controlled atmosphere has a number of essential parameters for vegetable production. These elements are necessary in order to activate metabolism and gaseous exchange of plants. Presence in the composition of the controlled atmosphere of such elements as boron, molybdenum, copper, manganese, iodine ensures activation of processes within the plants.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Secret Know-how,Patents granted,Trade Marks,Exclusive Rights,Copyright
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
Patents: Russia, 2008, 2009, 2011, 1999

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type of partner: SMEs.
Field of activity: agriculture.
Role of partner: to use the technology under the commercial agreement with technical assistance.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME 11-49
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07001001 Maquinaria agrícola / tecnología