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Tecnología de fabricación de máquinas expendedoras con preparación y dosificación integradas


Oferta Tecnológica
Una empresa rusa ha desarrollado un tecnología de fabricación de máquinas expendedoras para la preparación, dosificación y venta independiente de agua embotellada. La novedad de la tecnología es el método de preparación de agua de deshielo y su envasado en botellas para máquinas expendedoras. La tecnología permite purificar agua sin utilizar filtros artificiales ni aditivos químicos. El know-how tecnológico se basa en el principio de purificación de agua natural como resultado del proceso de congelación y descongelación. La empresa está interesada en establecer acuerdos de licencia y cooperación técnica para fabricar las máquinas expendedoras.


Technology of production of vending machines with built-in preparation and the storage.
A Russian company has developed a technology for the production of vending machines for stand-alone preparation, storage and batch sale of melt drinking bottled water. The novelty of the technology is hidden in method of preparation of melt water and its packaging into bottles for vending. The company is interested in the license agreement and technical cooperation agreement for the production of vending machines.
Useful properties of melt water are described in numerous popular science publications. The Russian company active in development and launch of water purifying technologies, has developed a technology for production of melt water in vending machines. The proposed technology allows for an autonomous preparation and sale of melt water in devices designed for mass consumption in offices, shops, sports facilities and others. The operational principle of the device is very simple: the working tank is filled with raw water; the device automatically analyses its parameters, such as temperature, pollution, salinity, etc., and selects the appropriate mode of preparation of melt water. In the process of freezing the appliance specifies the stage where harmful impurities are separated (to form brine); they have a lower freezing point. They are dispatched into a separate tray for contaminated water. The remaining ice is free of impurities is subjected to soft, gradual defrosting, resulting in meltwater. The device has an automatic washing function, which allows for maintaining the hydraulic system clean. The proposed technology allows for water purification without the use of artificial filters and chemical additives. Technological "know-how" is based on the principle of natural water purification, as a result of freezing and thawing. Among analogues one can name conventional vending machines for bottled water. The difference is in the purification process and batch sale. If compared with home installations for melt water preparation, the difference is that the proposed technology offers a solution for mass consumption. The proposed technology is comprised of:
1. Complete set of intellectual property.
2. Complete set of design documentation.
3. Complete set of technical documentation for assembly operations.
4. Specification and a detailed listing of components and parts of the vending machine with prices and suppliers.
5. A set of original software.
6. Test hardware.
7. Operation and maintenance manual.
8. Equipment passport and certificate (declaration of conformity for the customs union) for the vending machine.
9. A working prototype of the vending machine, after the open field trials and laboratory studies.
10. An industrial prototype of the vending machine, after closed field trials and laboratory studies.
11. Official reports and conclusions on the results of laboratory tests.
12. Marketing and promotional video presentation.
The Russian company is interested in license agreement and technical cooperation agreement. Under the license agreement the Russian company is interested in technology sale for its subsequent introduction to the market and transfer of all rights to the technology. Under the technical cooperation agreement the company is ready to provide further assistance for the implementation of the project and staff training.
Advantages and Innovations:
The novelty lies in the preparation method involves the using of tap water, its subsequent freezing and thawing in nonchemical environment. The developed device is fully automated. It is capable of analysing the level of contamination and the temperature of the source (raw) water as well as the temperature in the room where installed. Using a software algorithm it automatically adjusts the time, speed and mode of the process. The vending device is designed for 220 bottles of 250 ml. each. Daily it produces 70 litres of clean melt water. The advantage is a completely new way of providing mass consumers (office staff, sport centres and exhibitions visitors, etc.) with purified water. Purified drinking water is comparable to the cost of conventional bottled water. As of August 2015, the cost of 1 litre of melt water with all of the expenses accounted (water, sewer, electricity, display, etc.) is less than RUB 1, which is 0.01 EUR. Another advantage is low energy consumption. An integrated module consumes 375 watts, which is less than energy consumption of other vending machines with heating (e.g., coffee-making). This is possible because heating and melting are implemented by hot gases, so it does not affect the power consumption.
Stage of Development:
Field tested/evaluated
Patents granted
CommeR Statunts Regarding IPR Status:
The company has an extensive portfolio of intellectual property rights and technical information, including Eurasian, Russian applications and patents (the last obtained in 2015), as well as the PCT international application (passed all the stages of the international phase). A total of 15 items of intellectual property. The patentee is a legal entity.

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
Type: SME, R-Y-D, industry.
Area of activity: vending company, a retailer on the market of artificial drinking water.
Tasks: buy the technology, use the Russian SME technical competences.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
03001 Otras tecnologías industriales