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Terapia robótica para rehabilitación de la marcha


Oferta Tecnológica
12 TR 98OA 3PAQ
Una empresa turca ha desarrollado sistemas de rehabilitación de la marcha que ocupan una posición importante en rehabilitación neurológica. El objetivo de los andadores robóticos es mejorar la sensibilidad al caminar. Los movimientos al caminar mejoran la actividad de la columna vertebral y del cerebro gracias a una nueva forma de estimulación en personas con patrones de marcha afectados. Sus productos ofrecen información e informes estadísticos a los profesionales médicos, ventaja importante para favorecer la coordinación entre especialistas y pacientes. La empresa busca institutos de investigación y socios industriales interesados en continuar con el desarrollo.


Robot Assisted Walking Therapy Devices
A Turkish company based in Ankara developed walking rehabilitation systems which have a significant position in the neurological rehabilitation. The aim of the robotic walkers is to act the sensitiveness in walking. Walking movement assists the activity of spine and brain by following a new stimulation way in people with affected walking patterns. The company is looking for industrial partners interested in further development and in research institutes.
Locomotors training is a technique used in gait rehabilitation and it simply means to apply a walking motion pattern to a patient. Audio-visual interaction is proved additional technique to enhance the therapy. The company is developing robotic walking systems to combine these techniques and providing practical solutions. The firm, being specialized in gait phenomenon and software supported patient feedback systems developed two products. First one was an automatic locomotors training orthosis combined with weight support and audio-visual patient motivation systems. This product stands out among its rivals with its wide adjustability range that includes both adults and children. Second product was a gait exercise system that was decorated with a limb motion detection system and an audio-visual interface. This hardware comes forward with its open ended capability to apply motivation and coordination environments to different groups of patients. Moreover, both of the products provide feedback and statistical reporting advantages to the medical professionals who is important for coordination among patients and specialists, thus enhance motivated work space in this context.

Current and Potential Domain of Application: The current domain of the application is the rehabilitation centers that are carrying on business in Turkey and the potential domain is the rehabilitation centers worldwide.
Advantages and Innovations:
Product modules are all designed in the company all the know-how is developed and kept inside. This brings the opportunity of not paying extra know-how bills for outsourced modules. Moreover, mechanical parts of the systems are designed for the production techniques that provide in fast and precise results. Consequently, production costs are as minimal as possible.
Besides, possessing the low-level know-how, gives us the ability to easily create new products by variating the application modules for different customer profiles. This is also an economical degree of freedom which can be used positively.
Especially in our area, our company pioneer in terms of producing different product which is not available in the marketplace. The main advantage of the company is that they can create innovative products within their own new market.
Stage of Development:
Already on the market
Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The company is looking for a global distributor to develop its products and wishes to widen its business network by collaborating international partners that are willing to offer technical solutions in specific matters. Besides, the company is seeking distributors primarily located in Middle East region and secondly in Europe region. Furthermore, they seek to collaborate with the company that wants to be an investor partner with the company. In other words, the company that wishes to cooperate, after everything is fixed down, they are willing to contribute technological infrastructure and sign a monetary purchase agreement. In short, the company is looking for business partners, joint ventures, trade intermediaries and new actors or clients.


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
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Technology Keywords:
06001 Medicina, salud humana