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Drones/minihelicópteros para distintos sectores


Demanda Tecnológica
Una empresa italiana ha desarrollado un dron autónomo de un solo rotor con motor de combustión interna que puede adaptarse a diversos sectores, como inspección industrial y mantenimiento de plataformas, mantenimiento e inspección de parcelas agrícolas y monitorización de infraestructuras críticas y áreas inaccesibles. El dron puede pulverizar fertilizantes o productos fitosanitarios, realizar inspecciones aéreas para monitorizar la salud del suelo y realizar dos operaciones simultáneamente para fines de agricultura de precisión, por ejemplo, distribuir pesticidas solo en los lugares necesarios. Se buscan socios europeos interesados en continuar con el desarrollo y equipos para fabricar drones listos para usar destinados a sectores específicos.


Italian innovative company seeks partners for technical cooperation in Europe for further development of drones/mini helicopters usable in a wide range of sectors
Italian company builds autonomous, internal combustion engine, single-rotor drone that can be adapted to use in several sector, such as industrial inspection and maintenance of platforms, maintenance and inspection of agricultural fields, monitoring of critical infrastructures and inaccessible areas. The Italian company is looking for European partners able to collaborate for the further development and equipment of this products, in order to develop ready to use drones for specific sectors.
Italian innovative company active as custom-oriented drones builders since 2007. These drones can be considered as mini helicopters to underline how these products, despite their small dimensions, share most of the main features of piloted helicopters. First of all for their internal combustion engines, that allow both great power and a long flight time, and then for the single rotor´s aerodynamic characteristics which make them really efficient for vertical take-off devices and also able to fly with wind and without.
The drones are custom built according to the particular application´s needs build autonomous, internal combustion engine, single-rotor drone. Its main features are structural soundness, mechanical reliability, efficiency and flight performances, but above all it is able to carry a considerable payload for long flight times. This is the most distinctive prerogative with respect to electric-propulsion vehicles, allowing the drone to be employed within different application fields where today conventional piloted helicopters are used (implying incomparable costs and risks): pipelines and power lines inspection, long-distance transportation of humanitarian aids, permanent surveillance of oil plants or factories. One of the sectors that benefits most from this type of drones is the agricultural one. This drone can spray fertilizers or crop protection products, it can perform aerial surveys to monitor soil and plantation´s health, moreover it allows to carry on the two operations at the same time to pursue precision agriculture purposes, for example distributing pesticides only where needed. All this with a much lower environmental impact and with the greatest flexibility. The standard configuration, featuring a 30 cc two-stroke engine, accepts a 5 kg payload and with 1 kg of common gasoline it achieves 1 h of flight time; obviously this proportion can be adjusted, for example reducing the load to 2 kg whenever possible and increasing the carried fuel to 4 kg, the flight time jumps to 4 hours.
The helicopter has anti-vibration mounts beneath the autopilot. These mounts are manufactured according to our technical specifications, which are determined by instrumentally recognized vibration frequencies affecting the helicopter. Without measures that eliminate on-board vibration, sensitive sensors, such as the gyroscopes and accelerometers, are compromised. Power supply is sized to ensure operation for a full day, eliminating the need to interrupt work to recharge or replace batteries. For increased reliability, each device on board has a dedicated independent power supply. In normal operating conditions, the circuit keeps the load balanced between the two lines. If one of the circuits stops working, for example due to battery failure, the circuit is excluded. This maintains smooth operation by switching its power supply to the other battery. Batteries installed on the helicopter are based on lithium-polymer technology because of its unbeatable charge capacity/weight, power output capacity, and the absence of any memory effect. Like all electronics, they are mounted on vibration dampers to isolate them from vibrations and shocks from the helicopter´s structure.
The Italian company is young, but they already had international contract overseas (South Africa).
The company produces these drones that are adaptable to several situations/sectors: once the client explain his needs than the drones needs to be adapted for that specific use. Now the company would like to develop new drones that are ready to use for a range of specific situations. In order to do so, the company seeks partners in Europe willing to reach a technical cooperation agreement in order to jointly develop a new and specific kind of drone, ready to use in a specific situation/sector.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought:
The potential partner should have the technology and the expertise to adapt the drones´ technology for emplyment in the following sectors:
- sensor development
- farming
- rescue/first aid in developing countries or war zones
- infrared camera
- environment protection
- civil protection
- security

Partner sought

Type and Role of Partner Sought:
The potential partner should be an entity willing to cooperate with the Italian company through a technical cooperation agreement. The potential partner should provide expertise and technical solutions (sensor, technology, etc) to the drone manufacturer in order to create a "ready to use" drone for specific sector/situation


Type and Size of Client:
Industry SME <= 10
Already Engaged in Trans-National Cooperation:
Languages Spoken: